The MAC Sharon & Kelly Osbourne Sharon sub-collection and Review on the Powerpoint Pencil

The MAC Sharon & Kelly Osbourne Sharon sub-collection and Review on the Powerpoint Pencil

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

MAC Cosmetics recently released their new limited edition collection by Sharon and Kelly Osbourne. Now let me be honest and tell you I have no idea who these people are. Some reading tells me that the mother (Sharon) has her own TV show but then obviously I don’t follow it. Now I am too ill(literally!) to want to read their biography but that didn’t stop me from finding out everything about their limited edition makeup.

I had told you guys I was on a holiday a week ago and I did visit the MAC thrice during the span of 10 days. This was when I stumbled upon this collection. I did swatch a lot of their products but unfortunately I don’t remember which was what (also the MAC store’s I went yo didn’t have the entire collection). However I can tell you guys one thing and that it that they were all GORGEOUS. Its rare times when an entire collection is droolworthy.

Let me start from the packaging, Sharon’s collection is in red plastic while Kelly’s is in purple and I think they both are beautiful in their own way.

Sharon Osbourne’s Collection

Source: Pinterest

This comprises of (clockwise) :

  • Eyeshadow in Duchess Quad including the colors Sweet Eyes, Sexy Eyes,Femme Fatale and Embark.
  • Lipglass in Pussywillow (light beige gold)
  • Lipglass in Bijou (light coral pink)
  • Lip pencil in Innocent (nude shade)
  • Lip pencil in patent pink
  • Lip pencil in French Kiss (caramel shade)
  • Lip pencil in Ruby (red of course!)
  • Blush in Peaches and Cream (Satiny and pink, I swatched it at the store and it super gorgeous)
  • Mineralize Skinfinish Duo in Refresh
  • Lip Pencil in Cranberry
  • Powerpoint eyeliner in Bountiful Brown
  • Brush in 275SE (angled brush)
  • Brush in 167SE (Face blending brush)

Kelly Osbourne’s Collection

Source: Pinterest

This comprises of (clockwise again):

  • Bloody Brilliant Quad including the colors Spoonful of Sugar, Fizzy Rose, Tickety Boo and Shadowy Lady.
  • Morning Mister Magpie (Eyebrow Duo Shadow)
  • Lip Pencil in ‘In Synch’
  • Eye Kohl in Smolder
  • Jumbo Penulimate in Rapid Black
  • Powder Blush in Cheek Bugger ( A Satiny peach brown)
  • Mineralize Skin Finish Duo in Jolly Good (light-cool beige and a soft-pale pink)
  • Lip Stick in
    • Dodgy Girl (Light Lavender)
    • Kelly Yum Yum (Bright pink with blue undertones)
    • Riot House (light vivid orange)
    • Strip Poker (Light matte nude)
  • Brush in 219SE (pencil)
  • Brush in 183SE (Flat Buffer)


Packaging: Like I mentioned earlier I kinda am digging the red color and the fancy signature that stamps it a limited edition.

The pencil itself is made of plastic which means no sharpening but less product for the price you pay.

Color: It’s a gorgeous shimmery copper color and since I don’t own a similar shade I just grabbed it.

It’s quite a versatile color especially to use on the waterline and would suit all skin tones.

I would love to have an eyeshadow pencil in this color, it’s THAT pretty!

Application: It glides on very smooth and nice.


Left to Right: 3 Strokes, 2 light strokes, 1 stroke


The price.

Also it is on the MAC permanent collection (which I wasn’t aware of) therefore not really worth spending that extra moolah on.

It’s not waterproof. Water washes it off in a rub. Except the 3 strokes took a bit of soap to completely take off.

Have you got anything from this collection? What would you want to purchase or check out from this collection? I’d love to know! 🙂








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