Birthday Haul Part 2 (Haute Hijab and Sleek Makeup)

Birthday Haul Part 2 (Haute Hijab and Sleek Makeup)

This is the part 2 of my Birthday Haul which is being posted 2 months after my birthday. I split this haul into two because not all what I ordered online arrived around the same time. In fact my last parcel arrived just last 2 Thursdays ago. I tried to have this post scheduled for last week as I had promised however I was on a 10 day long holiday out of the country and I just couldn’t finish this post before I left and thus failed 😦   Sorry about that especially since I promised to post this up in my last post. Also if you havent read Part 1 of this post, click HERE to read so you’d be redirected to a new tab/page.

If you are all up to date on Part 1, let’s get started on Part 2. Its kinda weird that I am still hung up on my birthday that was 2.5 months ago. Anyways this is the rest of my haul:


Haute Hijab

If anyones looking for dressy, quality wraps and scarfs I would totally recommend to check Haute Hijab out. I am actually very impressed at how good the materials they use are. I havent actually worn any one of them yet but I am sort of planning to write a proper ‘review’ on it. They ship fast, have good customer service and the products are carefully packed.

I got two colors, Tangerine and Peach which I sort of kind of need.




Sleek Makeup Valentine’s Day Gift Set

 No I did not gift myself a valentine’s day gift ( I don’t care much for the day itself) but I haven’t tried any sleek makeup until this so I was quite confused on what to get so the best option was to try a bit of everything. I kind of the color palette used in the valentines gift set so I opted for it.

I have mixed feelings about this one. For $30 I get an eyeshadow palette,highlighting palette, blush, lipstick and a makeup purse. The shipping took long which is always a a bit of a ugh from my point of view but i didnt have to pay much so I cant really complain. I love how carefully packed the products were and despite being on route for soo long they arrived safe and sound.

Anyhow, It comes with a makeup purse, it’s quite spacious despite how it looks. Its made of synthetic black and had gold details that I think are quite cute. It’s great for travel or for use as that emergency makeup bag in your handbag everyday. It’s very light weight too.


The i-divine: Oh so special palette

IMG_0805I really don’t like this one. The colors feel very dry and some don’t even show up on the skin.

A closer look at the colors:



See how the colors ‘Pamper’ and ‘The Mail’ dont really show. :/ However, there are some colors that can be used especially the darker ones for a smoky eye.

True Color Lipstick in Pink Freeze


This lipstick can be bought separately too so I left a link on top for you guys if you are interested.

I really like the color, it’s a fuschia pink with coral undertones therefore making it less bright and the perfect pink. It is quite aptly named. Its matte which I really like but like most of their other product, very dry which I don’t like. Maybe I should mix it with the Nyx lipsticks from my earlier haul to see if they make a perfect matte. 🙂


Blush in Pomegranate

If I had to pick what I liked the most (if not just like) it would be the blush. It does have a bit of the dryness that every product from Sleek seems to have *sigh* but it’s not as bad . The color is quite pigmented and deep. I never use such a dark color as my blush so im not really sure if I would use this as blush or end up using it as an eye shadow.



Highlighting Palette


The packaging is pretty nice (in fact all their packaging is good).


Swatch: Apologies on the bad lighting.


I’ve never used a cream highlighter before ( that too the shiny kind) so I really can’t comment much on this product. Maybe once I have used this palette a couple of times I might review it. 1,2 and 3 have a creamy texture. However the 4th one which is a bronzer powder and I really really like it. I’m actually waiting to use it.

The palette comes with this applicator, which isn’t too bad. It can come quite handy I guess.


I’m still pretty jet lagged while I write this post so I really am hoping it didn’t turn out too lousy.

Hope you guys had a good spring break! I just got back from mine and have sooo much hauls and reviews and stuff to share with you gorgeous people!

Press ‘Like’ if you enjoyed this post. Also tell me if you guys have used Sleek Makeup Products? Do you have a favorite? Please let me know in a comment below, I love to know! 🙂

Also any hijabis out there with any online store recommendations? Also if you guys would like to see hijab hauls?






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