April Favorites: The month when my skin acted like a blood drained vampire! 

April Favorites: The month when my skin acted like a blood drained vampire! 

Yea so my skin decided it wanted to be a blood drained vampire (closely inspired by Vampitchs(I just made that up)  Damon’s mom wants to let loose – VD reference y’all) this whole month. Anyways that disgusted me and was rather painful. A twitter conversation enlightened me that I wasnt the only one with combination skin dealing with a severe case of dryness ( which sort of helped). Moreover, being in the middle of a dessert obviously wasn’t appreciated by my tropical bred skin. Anyways this month’s favorites list has products that I am absolutely grateful for. My saviors!! ❤

So here we go….

1. Maybelline Baby Lips in Mixed Berry


I know this has been in my favorites list before but I can’t tell you enough of how grateful I am to this balm. While everyone had chapped lips, mine stayed soft and plump through the dry weather! 😀 Also I’ve been following a lip care routine that I am pleased to say has worked so well that I can’t wait to share with you guys!

2. Shisheido Perfect UV Protector

This Shiseido sunscreen has been my most trusted and loved sunscreen ever! Absolute fav and works like a baby! I use it like almost everyday and I cant believe I’ve never mentioned it in a favorites post before.

3. Chanel Hydra Beauty Nutrition

   This absolutely worth the investment! *In love* More on this in a post soon!! So much to reveal! 😀

4. Dove Purely Pampering Body Cream

I’m still deciding whether I like the smell but its interesting and grows on you. It moisturizer skin without feeling icky sticky which is always a plus. I just always assume anything with almonds just works better. 😉

Have you used any of these products? What are you April favorites? Let me know, I love to hear! 🙂






9 thoughts on “April Favorites: The month when my skin acted like a blood drained vampire! 

    1. Thanks for reading! Yes, the Shiheido UV Protector is for face (although you can use it on your hands too) and I’d be writing a detailed review on it on this new series I am introducing soon where I speak about my most loved and trusted beauty products. This is one sunscreen I would totally recommmend having~true to its name its not just a sunscreen but a total perfect.
      You HAVE to try the Chanel Cream~ Its absolute perfection!

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  1. Sorry to hear about your skin mishaps huni 😦 However lovely product picks, would love to try the Dove body cream, I seem to be really getting into their products this weather 😀 XXXX

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    1. I used to be obsessed with Dove a long time ago~ then when I saw that they had almond in this cream I had to get it. It has a great consistency, not greasy and smells interesting in a good way. You should check it out. It really does smooth the skin. Thanks for reading Karen! :*

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