February was my birthday month so I had decided to do a more personal post. I have wanted to do this tag for a long time now but that’s what I keep saying all the time anyways. So two months later my abso-punctual *eye-roll* self decides to take this post out of draft and publish it. Ever since I began blogging many years ago the one thing that keeps intriguing me is finding people of similar interests and tags like these make way for that.

So here are my 25 answers to 25 questions! 😀

1.Are you named after anyone?


2. What is the last thing you bought?

Food 😀

3. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?

Yes, if this other person is smart enough 😉

4.Do you use sarcasm a lot?


5.What’s the first thing you notice about people?

Weirdly, this is a hard question to answer for me. I am not the most observant but maybe how they define their personal space.

6.What is your eye color?

Dark dark brown that it looks black (although school taught me no one has black eyes ) so either I mutated against science or I am at the furthest end of the brown eye spectrum.

7.Scary movie or happy endings?

Happy endings

8.Favorite smells?


9.What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home?

Furthest by time and distance would be my 4 years of University spent it Japan.

10.Do you have any special talents?

I’ve never really believe I did. lol I write decently, draw parrots pretty well and have a propensity to keep jumping from one passion to another. Does that count? :/

11. Favourite Colour?


12. Are you married?


13. PC or Mac?

Mac forever

14.What are your hobbies?

Reading, watching tv series (PLL why did have to end!) and swatch makeup.

15. Can you cook?

Yes and I am quite good at it too but it’s not my most favorite thing to do so I hardly cook.

16. Would you Bungee Jump?

Nope, why would I want to die of a self-induced cardiac arrest.

17.Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

Nope, I am lazy af if you havent figured out that already.

18.What was the last thing you ate? 

A whole pizza 😀

19. How many countries have you visited?

Around 10 maybe.

20.What was your favorite/worst subject in High School?

Favorite – Mathematics

Worst- Physics and geography

21.What is your Favorite drink?

Coca Cola baby ;*

22. How would you describe your fashion sense

Extra!!! I need pops of colors and a lot of bling because happiness. Otherwise its the softest Pajamas with inspirational quotes on it.

23. What phone do you have?

iPhone X

24what is your ringtone?

My phone has been on silent since forever so I guess the default one.

25. How many siblings do you have?


I am not tagging anyone specific but please feel free to continue the tag on your blog. Also leave me a link so I can read too.

Keep Smiling Xx





Book Haul Jan’18

I picked up some rather interesting books last month. A great combinations of multiple genres and I am impressed with what I ended up with. I haven’t had a chance to read them yet but I wanted to share it anyways. Also if you don’t follow me on my Instagram you should, because I post brief reviews of all the books I read along with so much more. 😀


This is supposedly a psychological thriller I am quite excited to read it.


I was looking for The Handmaid’s Tale (which is also by the same author) and came across this one. Since the other one was not in stock I picked this one up instead.


This one’s the monthly crime-thriller fix.


I don’t remember why I picked this up but it keeps reminding me of a junior school literature book.


I am currently in a Tasmina Perry phase and this purchase is self-explanatory.


Doesn’t that cover make you wanna read it too?

What is your current read? Let me know in the comments 😀

Have a great day! Xx





My Colourpop Eyeshadow Haul is Here!!! ;)

Colourpop upped their game and how. Everytime they come up with discounts and offers I have yet another reason to place an order with them.

Giving in during Cyber Monday😄 I placed a big ass eyeshadow haul. 😄😅 I didn’t receive it until close to new years and obviously took me 3 weeks to write-up a post because I am lazy. :/

Firstly, I picked up the ‘ My Little Pony’ eyeshadow palette I have eyed for a while now. The colors are gorgeous and a very rare mix of shades. 

Don’t these shades make you skip a beat?


I picked up the Super Shock Shadow in ‘Posey’ also from the ‘My Little Pony’ Colleection.


It’s not sparkly and as pigmented as I  like them to be , but I feel this would work amazing as a topper than by itself.

Next, I got the ‘ All I See Is Magic’ palette which is my absolute favorite.

It released as part of their holiday collection and I love it. I have used it many times already and this is an all-inclusive palette. I could use this only to whip out several looks. This would be ideal to travel with as it has the perfect mix of mattes and shimmers, compact and outright gorgeousness.

I also got the Super Shock Shadow in ‘Cheap Date’ and its fabulous. The pigmentation and color-payoff is amazing.


Finally I got a few single eyeshadows; 3 Mattes and 2 Shimmers.

I got Beach Blanket, Issues, Wait for it, Glass Bull, Snake Eyes and Labyrinth. I am dying over the shimmer shades and all four matte shades are perfect as transition for almost any look. I found Beach Blanket and Labyrinth to be quite powdery and patchy while swatching but I am hoping they do better on the eye.






December 2017 Book Haul

If there’s one thing that I did right last year, it was keeping up with my reading. With an average of 3 books a month it’s something I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.
Here’s sharing with you the books I picked the last month.


I was done reading this book in less than 24 hours. The story is what would be best described as “mind-blowing”. I couldn’t put down the book. This is by far the best thriller I’ve ever read. When I picked it up I had no clue it would be this awesome. I don’t want to give out spoilers but this is a read you’d enjoy throughly. I did.


I just wrapped this book up. And damn I wasn’t expecting the ending. Honestly, half way through the book I was asking myself where was this headed, and almost ha convinced myself that the ending is going to let me down. However, guess what? it didn’t! In fact  I am here impressed and letting you know that this book is worth the read. 🙂


I am a self-professed Tasmina Perry fan!!!! After having found her work around two months ago. This is my 3rd book of hers and cant wait to get started on it!!!

What are you currently reading? Have you read any of these books? Also who is your all time favorite author?




2017 Product Empties


I’ve planned this empties post for over a year now, collecting them all, taking pictures and jotting all what I want to talk about them. So excited to be finally polishing up this post, to publish.

These are a list of makeup/skin care/bath products I emptied in 2017. Some of them I will be re-purchasing and the others not, and some I am still not sure.

1. The Body Shop Aloe Calming Cleansing Foam 

You can read my full review on this HERE. I don’t think I would re-purchase this unless I’m looking for the most calming cleanser ever. I am forever finding a moisturizing one.

2. SOAP & GLORY Clean On Me

I totally love the Soap & Glory shower gels. I wish I had more access to them. Re-purchasing them for sure.

3.The Body Shop Body Lotion 

This is the Sakura/Cherry Blossom one which only releases during spring. The scent is absolutely amazing but I ain’t no lotion fan so I don’t think I would be going back to it unless I get it complimentary or as a gift (like this one).

4. The Body Shop Shower Gel

I’ve been a huge fan of The Body Shop Shower Gels always. I’ve used them ever since my early teens. I prefer trying out different scented shower gels so I go wandering off a lot but when I run out of options I always go back to The Body Shop ones. Argan oil is an absolute favorite of mine.

5. Bioderma Sensibio H2O

This is my go-to holy grail makeup remover. I have already repurchased 2 huge bottles of them because I am paranoid of running out of them. This helps clean my face without having to wage war against my face.


This is a real good one, but hardly use compact powders. I really like this but I want to try other ones out so I am on the fence about re-purchasing.

7. Nivea Pure Cleansing Wipes

This is an absolute treat especially when traveling. Totally repurchasing them wipes.

8.Miss Dior Cherie Blooming Bouquet Eau De Parfum by Christian Dior

This has to be my all time favorite perfume. I wore it on my wedding day. I probably might re-purchase.

9. J’adore – Eau de Parfum by Christian Dior

This is another one of my absolute favorite, a gift from my husband.

I think CD makes such good scents.

10. SOAP & GLORY SUGAR CRUSH Shower foam

Like I mentioned earlier, I love these.

11. Bath & Bodyworks Shower Gel in ‘Endless Weekend’ and ‘Sweet Pea’

These are another golden find. I’ve already re-purchased two.

12. MAC Prep + Prime Fix +

I picked this deluxe bottle in London after vowing to never buy the full size which I dropped and spilt half of. I like this size, its easy to travel with and not drop and spill half the bottle *smiles*. I already replaced it with a lavender-scented one. Holy grail right here.

13. The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet

I’ve re-purchased this sorbet countless times, but I am trying a few new moisturizer so wont be purchasing this one at least for a while.

14.  Chanel Correcteur Perfection – Long lasting concealer

This was my first ever concealer. It’s a glowing concealer with a beautiful finish but the coverage is not that great. I’ve found better options with better coverage so I wont be buying this again.

15. Nars Creamy Concealer

This is another hyped product that’s been a holy grail product. I’ve used this forever. I’ve already replaced it because that makeup is not complete without it. This concealer is quite but gives enough and more coverage.

16. Maybelline NY the Rocket Volum’ Express

This is one of my favorites. Read my full review HERE. I have a jar full of mascaras that I am trying to go through so I wont be getting new mascaras for a while.

17. Marc Jacobs Long wear lipstick in’ Infamous’

Last but not the least, my absolute favorite go-to lipstick of the year. I need to get a new one of this. It’s such an easy color and the formula is amazing.

Have you used any of these products? How do you rate them? Whats your favorite shower gel ever? Let me know in the comments below, Id love to know :*





Holiday 2017 Gift Haul/Guide

The holidays have officially hit and every brand on the planet is out with their incredibly fabulous holiday collections and deals. Its soo soo hard to resist swiping every offer/new product into your basket. Since I don’t celebrate Christmas I don’t have to buy gifts but with a self-control as flimsy as mine I gift myself all that I would buy as gifts(at least some of these).

On a more serious note, these are some products I thought were really nice. You could either use this post as a guide if your shopping for friends and family and check these products out or buy them for yourself (like moi). 😀


Huda Beauty came out with their 4 obsessions palettes. These cute little palettes that fit right into your palms cost $28, have 9 shades in each with the same pan size as their original (bigger) palettes.

Gift your makeup obsessed friend/family this and they’d love you forever! 😀

I picked up the electric obsessions palette because they stood out the most in terms of color for me. since I have both the Rose Gold Palette and the Dessert Dusk Palette I felt this was the perfect choice with all the bright colors. Also that teal shimmer is life! So gorgeous.


I also picked up this bon-bon by Caudalie. I have been looking for a moisturizer and got curious about this Caudalie one so wanted try it. This one comes with a deluxe size makeup cleanser, a moisture serum and a moisturizer.


This is such a cute gift idea. I’ve been eyeing Charlotte Tilbury but they are so expensive so I wanted to try them out before getting full-sized products. Since I mostly shop makeup online, this was an amazing opportunity to check out these products. Also how cute is this packaging, so luxurious and chic.

This gift set comes with 3 deluxe size products,Goddess Skin Clay Mask, Magic Cream  and Wonder Glow Primer.


I still haven’t received this one yet but I feel like this ones a deal for $59. I will talk more on it once I have it hand.

Also dont forget to stop over for some Candles because ’tis the season and the Sephora favorites are amazing if your looking to build a collection! 😀

Have a great holiday! ❤




November 2017 Book Haul

I picked up 4 books from a bookstore and a department store weeks apart this month.

Both the times I was in a hurry and I just picked them out of instinct without even reading the back cover which I usually never do.

But I think this has been a great haul quality-wise because I am stoked about reading all four of them.

Allow follow me on my Instagram because I post brief reviews of the books I read. 🙂


This is the book I am currently reading (or would have finished by the time this goes up). This book has a solid plot, a tried and tested plot but it’s treated so fresh suiting today’s times that it works. The thrill is on point, the pace is perfect and the story flows flawlessly. I loved how the author treats her characters. She does justice to each one of them, keeps them very real. I really loved this book.


I have read two other books by Moriarty(Reminds me of Sherlock Holmes every single time! :O ), “Big Little Liars and The Husbands Secret. I really enjoyed them both so I picked up another one from the same author.

And… don’t you think that cover is super cool? 😉


One look at this book and I knew it was bound to be a good read especially with all the “shortlisted for ….prize” footnote at the bottom.


After reading “The Pool House” I’ve become a fan of Tasmina Perry. So I sat googling all her other books only to find out I already have another one lying at home. I’m already a few chapters in and cant wait to see how it ends.

My november book haul has been a good one with books that I am really looking forward to reading.

What have you been reading lately? Xx




My Marc Jacobs Haul

Sephora Singapore carries Marc Jacobs beauty. I was pretty excited to learn that because I feel most Marc Jacobs products are very dry skin friendly. They are super hydrating, moisturizing and works wonders for me. Honestly I don’t know if it works the same for oil or normal skin types but I really enjoy their products.

I treated myself to a Marc Jacobs haul and I am super excited about thus a whole post dedicated to just this brand. I will be posting the rest of my Sephora haul soon. Yes, this is only half of my Sephora haul. 
I already have a contour powder that does the work and enough setting powders. Yet the packaging for this light filtering contour powder was bomb and I literally just bought it for how it looks. I hope it works well too.
I also picked up something I have eyed for quite a while now. Their undercover coconut primer is safely tucked away in my stash now . Ive heard so much about it being great for dry skin so I cant wait to try it out.

I love the Marc Jacobs lipstick line. They are so easy on the lips. I only wish they would increase their color choice because its limited and very similar to each other. Yet I still managed to grab a new lipstick; ‘ So Sophia’, a beautiful dark pink.

I also grabbed a Longwear lip set . It was super deal. It comes with the deluxe size lipstick “Slowburn” which is a gorgeous pinky-nude so I scored on that one. It also has a deluxe size matching lip-liner.

The best part was that with my purchase I received free goodies.  I got free lip gloss(a lovely nude that can be paired with literally anything) and a sample size hi-liner too. I already have the full size Marc Jacobs hi-liner in black so I would be using this one for when I travel.

Are you a Marc Beauty fan too? Which is your favorite product from the brand? Honestly I can’t choose 😉

Keep Smiling! Xx





October Book Haul

I happen to pick up some books last month. So I thought I’d share it with you guys.


I bought this book because it has blue pages.😎
Therefore I had no idea what it was about until I began reading it. Then a few days back I realized that everyone on the internet thought it was a book to be read. Once I began reading it this blue paged book because one of the most beautifully written book about loss and life. It deals with this oxymoron in such a realistic, raw manner barring abit of fairytale here and there. Because what’s life without an imagination and some fairytales. It’s immature at places, harsh at others, it’s basically everything life can be. However the best part is it’s written in a simple comprehendable manner. It closes with the thought that cherishing is also a way of grieving.
I thought it was a good read🤓 .

2.I bought this because of its title. I haven’t  had a chance to read it yet but given that it looks like a book on management with a sense of humor I think this one’s gonna fuuuun 😀


I have heard so much about this book. Therefore I thought its high-time I find out what hype is all about.

What books have you been reading lately?

Have a great weekend! Xx




My First Colourpop Haul

Colourpop has upped his game and how. I have resisted making an order from them for years and I am glad I waited.

I placed two orders from Colourpop a month (or so) back during that time they were having all these amazeballs offers. Both my orders arrived on the same day so I am combining what was in both in this haul post.

It was a super fun haul and I love when I can get more for less.

Lets dive right into the haul!

I picked up 4 Supershock shadows. I think the formula is pretty cool and the packaging is cute. However you can dry them out if you leave it open and I have a strong feeling one day I am going to do that. I always forget to close my makeup *sigh*

I got the shades ‘Coconut’ (which came damaged in the mail 😦 ), Sailor, Baby Talk and Bill.

The highlighter/blush duos by Colourpop has been spoken about quite a lot so I decided to try one out myself. I picked up ‘The Knockout’ Palette. I think the formula is buttery and pigmented but I just felt the colors in this palette itself were too orangey for my taste. 😐

I also picked up 3 single shadows. The criteria of choice were cute names 😛 They are good pigmented, buttery eyeshadows.

I also got myself a lippie stix in ‘Only You’. The formula again is super pigmented and buttery.

They tossed in two makeup brushes free. They were having an offer where you get 1 brush free when you order two supershock shadows. I ordered four so I received two brushes. I am not complaining. 😀

Also the lovely people at tossed in for me Satin Liquid Lipstick in ‘Magic Wand’. A pinky-peach nude color all free. This gave me chance to try out their satin lipstick formula. 🙂

I love how they are such an affordable brand that does good quality makeup. This was such a pleasant haul that just didn’t break my wallet.

What is your favorite Colourpop product? Have you tried any of the above? What are your thoughts?





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