My encounter with change; the only constant.

My encounter with change; the only constant.

Change is the only constant.
Everyone and everything goes through a change or hundreds.
While I thought I was successfully avoiding it for many years,it did catch up with me eventually. I gasped and groaned then let it pass through me tearing and whisking away the skin I had to shed. The time had come. It was my turn and I was little over voting age still slightly hangover from believing I knew everything.
Ah ignorance truly is bliss.
But the most insane thing about change or its fancier and intelligent cousin ‘evolve’ is that they hit you most when you don’t feel it.

You don’t realize they are working on you until it’s too late, often when they are done.

The stubborn minds wages war, the heart flustered paces back and forth in confusion.

However the beauty of it all is when the storm has passed. Its ruffled a few feathers on its way yet you approach with friendship. You make baby steps not-so confidently. The time for change has come and gone leaving you bewildered in the course.

Your intellect fathoms whats come over you, tears at the forgotten you.
And with the flowing tears does enlightenment come. You realize the new you. You hold out your hand in self-doubt. You try to embrace it with arms open yet your heart panics in silent. You hug it tightly. You are in certitude but you can go on.

And that’s how one day you realize you’ve grown up…

This is the cycle that has no halt, it traps you and many others once or often as it marches around while the earth takes its laps around the sun.





February & March Book Haul

February & March Book Haul

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”
Dr. Seuss, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!

I’ve been reading a lot lately and I am thrilled by it. It has been something I have consciously wanted to get back to and imbibe into my lifestyle. I read a lot in middle school and high school. I read good books, books that eventually aided me in ways that I perhaps cannot have imagined then and even now. It satisfied the dreamer in me.

Then when university and life happened I did not read as much and the one or two that I did read were in my opinion the more frivolous ones like Sophie Kinsella that made me giggle and chuckle. I needed that laugh amidst all the tests and awaiting to be completed assignments. However somewhere in the back of my head I made a promise to myself quite often that eventually I am going to get back to reading books that somewhere left a little note in my heart and somewhere with the fear of sounding cheesy touched my soul.

Since the beginning of this year I have been making my own little records with a book or three that touched my soul and I am content. And that’s important I guess.

I love haul posts and I am loving these book haul posts because one day long time some one shared with a tiny me a big fat book she read. And that was how I got a friend for life and ‘Anne of Green Gables’ became one of my favorite books ever.

So now let’s get to the haul itself. Since I have combined hauls of two months I will tell you what I thought of the books that I have read already and tell you what I am kind of expecting of the books I still haven’t read.

Also is everyone in awe of how new books feel, look and smell? Or is it just me?

I picked up the new Chetan Bhagat book, ‘ONE INDIAN GIRL’,  in Dubai last month which I ended up reading on my flight back. I have never read any of his books but I have watched a movie or two that was based on his books. The title held out to me and I am all for strong woman so I wanted to give it a try.

I loved the strong, realistic and relatable protagonist. I was in awe of her achievements and even her busy lifestyle. I loved how she loved her numbers and I hated how true the portrayal of sexism was. I was not necessarily thrilled about the style of writing and I quite disliked the direct- translation-like parts in the book. It’s like watching a dubbed version of your favorite cartoon on Nickelodeon.

Next is a book that I have searched the corners of the internet in an attempt to purchase it for over a year now. I have followed some of Twinkle Khanna’s blogs and she has the kind of humor I live for. In a world where most are either funny and stupid or insightful and boring, she is a brilliant crossover.

I love her writing style, satire and the ease in which she tells you all. ‘MRS. FUNNYBONES’ was a fun read.

I also got her second book ‘THE LEGEND OF LAKSHMI PRASAD’ too because why not right?!

The content of this was different yet refreshing. If Mrs. Funnybones was urban, elusive and funny, this one was deep, rooted and intelligent. She has the kind of humor that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. She makes fun of things that people choose to be more uptight and blind towards. I was surprised but I liked it. I also learnt a thing or two about how to make sanitary pads too. 😀

Those were the three books I read in February. Now to my march haul and what I am expecting from them

After having successfully read in ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’, I came across ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’. I was wondering why no one was talking about them and then it slipped out of my mind. I saw it a again at a bookstore recently and wondered why I never read it. Eventually early this week I decided to take the plunge and made an online purchase.

The thing about good memories is that you protect it with all your might and Harry Potter is one such good childhood memory. I’ve sobbed my way through the last two books and the memory was etched deep and I have always wondered what had happened to Harry. I am still half-way through the book so I can’t really say whether I liked it or not but to be really honest I don’t really feel the magic as of yet.

The book is based on Harry’s tribute to Dumblebore and Snape, his son, Albus Severus Potter. Currently I just wanted to wave my wand and throw him to the wall but maybe …just maybe I might end up liking it. Have you read this one yet? If so, I kinda want to know your thoughts.

Next is a book, ‘BEHIND HER EYES’ by Sarah Pinborough’, I bought solely on gut-feeling. Something about the cover and the title was so intriguing that I had to pick up. Doesn’t it look super mysterious?

I had to read a few pages just because I couldn’t resist. So far it sounds like a good thriller and the style of writing is simple and just right.

A couple of years ago I made a little list of books-to-read and then subsequently lost it. Somehow I remember jotting ‘PICTURE PERFECT’ by Jodi Picoult down in my list so when I saw it at the bookstore I thought I should find out why it had made it on my list all that while ago.

I don’t know what I should expect from the book but I am curious. Has anyone read it?

The final book in this haul is ‘THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN’ by Paula Hawkins. This book was recommended to me by at least two people so I wanted to check what the whole deal was about.

I have to be honest that I almost decided not to get it at the bookstore. I really don’t know if this is my cup of tea but I decided to find out anyway so I shall get back to you on my thoughts. (Also don’t forget to follow me on Instagram :* ).

This was one fulfilling post to write and quite long too I must admit! 😀

I am pretty excited to get through reading the rest of my books. What have you been reading? Any recommendations? I’d love to know so please do leave a comment and links to your blogs! 🙂





BB: Stay Calm and Keep Dreaming! 🤗

BB: Stay Calm and Keep Dreaming! 🤗


This is a monthly series I write on my blog on topics that go beyond beauty and makeup. Although I do post that fall under the ‘lifestyle’ category, I felt that it would be wonderful to put out my thoughts on subjects that are deep and a reflection of life. Read the idea behind this series in detail HERE. I believe it would allow conversation and discussion to happen over topics that we might otherwise not do so. 

I am what most would call “starting out ” in life. A young adult in possession of a piece of paper that cost me a little more 124 credits and a lifetime of ‘calculating return on investment’ to her bandwagon, stuck in the big bad world confused as heck. Born first to parents who tested every formula on earth to ensure I grew up obsessed with perfection I have always had a plan. My earliest memories remind me that I had my life planned out or so I believed, I knew what I wanted to be when I was 20 and I spent my 2 decades on earth working towards it. But that’s where it stopped. My naive brain hadn’t comprehended that life didn’t stop there.walt-disney-dream-quote
I was a happy child, I didn’t push myself too much and as long as I did what I wanted to do I was in a happy place. I was ambitious but not competitive. I made goals for myself and I worked towards it but I never really looked at what others did and that quality as I look back now perhaps kept me a happy child. To a 6-year-old going to a university looked like the ultimate thing to do and that’s all I wanted from life.

Exams and battles passed and as I sat on plane to attend the Student Orientation two weeks prior to my first fall semester at Temple University Japan, my dad asked me “So what are your new life goals?”.

I stared back dumbfounded. Trust me that doesn’t happen quite often. I always have an answer, always a plan but that 14 hour journey nor did the 4 years after have an answer to that question.dreams-quotes-08

I had spent way too much time preparing to get to a university I had not really thought much into what I would be doing after. I had been obsessing about one thing for so long I had forgotten how to keep dreaming, how to fish for more out of life.

I spent 3 years of my life living my dream to know how amazing it feels to live your dream.
I was always a dreamer. I knew that I needed that high all my life, I had realized that life goes on and that change is the only constant. I understood it but accepting it and enforcing it never is the most easiest thing to do.

I had to remind myself something that got me here in the first place, something I had forgotten over the years; that I dared to dream and believed in it enough to fight for it.

Therefore with time I needed to change my goals, my priorities and my dreams. It took me a confused whole year after graduation to dream again because I know with dream comes goals and with goals come purpose. Today I am a galaxy of dreams being polished into a gazillion goals with Gods grace enough for a lifetime.quote-wallpaper_1280x800_0000_Group-33

Dreams keep you going, dreams keep you from just existing.

I am dreamer, I was born to be a dreamer, I am today a galaxy of dreams and I teach myself to remember that every single day 🙂

This post is to remind you and myself of course to never quit dreaming because as Walt Disney once famously said, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”.

Check out other posts from this series HERE.

Thanks for reading! I love to know your thoughts so don’t forget to leave them below. 😉





BB: O confidence! Where art thou? ;)

BB: O confidence! Where art thou? ;)

Hi my lovelies!

I am back with another Beyond Beauty post that I have up once every month. I missed a post last month though… 😦


The Beyond Beauty series is something I started in an attempt to talk some real stuff that stretch far beyond makeup, shopping etc. I post up my opinions on an issue or something that I feel strongly about in attempt to discuss and share. Read more about this series HERE.

The world ever so lightly puts out suggestions that may end up giving us grave consequences if ever we do follow it. Sometimes they come in the form of #YOLO or the other times its telling us to find our confidence by doing things that gets us a validation from others.

Where should I seek my confidence from? Where is it found? Where does the world think I should find it? Where do I really always find it? These questions are deep and I attempt to answer.

I have believed always that confidence lies inside of oneself but way too many people have always given me advice without having asked for it of course that too to find it outside, from others people. In other words, some else needs to verify and validate my confidence. The amount of times the world subtly tells me this damn too high.

We often hear why don’t you go out more, do thus more and that more as advice. I am not saying its all wrong or false but I wanted discuss if this very thing is making us feel dependent and more of a people pleasure than just a confident person. I have swayed from my original stance way too many times, took advice and then realized no one has my confidence. No one takes care of it for me thus prompting me to return to my orginal thought process. My trial error let me think, learn and share and here I do the same.tumblr_m67dmdx4BV1qgjidho1_500

I strongly feel why do I need find my confidence from elsewhere. Am I not strong enough to provide myself the confidence I need in life. I really don’t know what -ism (along with some good lesson invoking life instances) my thought is from but it got me thinking, that too quite deeply.

Do I need the world to approve of me to feel confident ? Isn’t that the one way to destroy my confidence instead?

My confidence does not and never has been rooted from what others see in me but rather of what I see in myself.

Except I hear people expecting otherwise. Do I strive to focus on my path or look up to see if my paths making the world happy? Should I even need to think to answer that!

Do you know whats the one thing that I as a human strive never to become?

A person who seeks validation in others. I was not brought up that way and I am grateful. The world around forces you to seek validation around you, from it yet the only person that has the right to give you any validation is yourself.

After walking this earth for the time we have, we have hopefully enough values and ethics to be able to do this. No, you need not be a Narscisst to do this.You can definitely be an achiever in your eyes doing this.

I strongly believe if some compliment can make me so much happy it also means that someone’s insult would hurt me that bad. I refuse to let anyone have that sort of power over me. Then how can this do any good for your confidence when it can have two outcomes.

I am not delusional to not know that I am not perfect but I have accepted myself for what I am. I am at peace with myself. I am confident in myself. Shouldn’t we all

With every sun rise, I look within me for my little dose of confidence and you know what my little is all that I need. 🙂

I know I am rambling, but I hope I make sense.

Thanks for reading! Xx





Beyond Beauty| Dealing With Haters

Beyond Beauty| Dealing With Haters

BBbannerHaters gonna hAte! That was a statement I had been reading for years but never really comprehended. However life happens and we learn.

Last month I told you guys how I have planned on a ‘Beyond Beauty’ series where every month I would be posting a post that is everything but makeup and shopping. This is in an attempt to talk of real issues that haunt the regular human ranging from body image, haters to eating disorders to anything and everything that I feel needs to shared and spoken about. It is my little way of spreading the love. I hope this would help my fellow bloggers and readers interact and converse over these topics because we could just be cheering someone up! 😀 You can read the whole idea behind this series in detail HERE. Read more

Beyond Beauty…

Beyond Beauty…


Hello Lovelies,

During my initial days of blogging, I would write on random things, a wide spectrum of interests and experiences my little existence came across. I was a little that made the world lot. We are all little of the lot and this was something that came to my awareness very early in life and to my comprehension so much later.

I stumbled in on so many things that held my interests(e.g. shopping, makeup ,shoes etc) but often I would want to write, speak and converse with everyone on things that stretch beyond the usual. You can all it philosophy, inner beauty or anything but if i put in much simple words… ‘The thoughts and rambles that dominate our minds often’. I did write a few posts on it but I stopped doing that once I was done with uni, mostly because I thought it didn’t make sense to write on my state of mind, thoughts and fears anymore. I was constantly debating myself as to should I or not continue writing along those lines. Then finally I thought I should because Id rather regret doing it than not. 🙂 I follow some great bloggers and vloggers who do similar stuff and their experiences and ‘talks’ have always really helped me be a bit more stronger, wiser and just a better person. Cutting short the cheese, I don’t promise to be as good but I’ve picked a thing or two on figuring out things that I feel the need to speak on.

So I came up with this idea of doing series posts on my blog on a few topics(which I would reveal eventually). One of them is the “Beyond Beauty” series.

These would be monthly posts where I would be rambling and writing about ‘deeper’ and much ‘serious’ stuff in comparison to what I post. However, I like everything with a sense of humor therefore these post would definitely have a bit of that. And rhetorical questions. (I’ve this thing with rhetorical questions, when I start with one, I just keep on going until I’ve made 3 paragraphs made up of 167 rhetorical questions *sigh*). 😀

I am very much excited for this and would be posting my very first Lets Talk Beyond Beauty post starting this June.

I am hoping to touch on subjects like body image, confidence, work, haters and just about anything that I feel needs to be said.

I really hope you all like it and I am very much open to suggestions, guests post on this topic and any kind of feedback. You can always leave a comment below or email me at

Keep Smiling Xx