What’s in my honeymoon (travel) beauty bag!

What’s in my honeymoon (travel) beauty bag!

If you’ve been following me on my Instagram page you’d be aware that I just got back from my honeymoon, if you don’t follow me yet you should 😉

Anyways, one of the toughest decisions I had to make while packing was choosing the beauty products I need to take with me. Especially since it was my honeymoon I for probably the first time ever gave soo much importance to my beauty bag. With all the brain twisting decisions I was making in regards to foundations, lotions and other important bottles of wonder I thought why don’t I share it you amazing people so in case you’re having two thoughts about packing or leaving back something this might help. Also you guys give me some amazing ideas, feedback and advice that I can always use the next time I travel.


1. Base
I usually carry my Chanel Aqua Vitalumiere foundation when I travel. It’s my everyday foundation with very light coverage. It comes in a perfect size for travel and is not a glass bottle so I don’t have the fear of it breaking.
I also carry the Chanel Vitalumiere in compact which is a substitute when I don’t want even the lightest layer of liquid foundation on my skin.
I don’t personally prefer a heavy face base of makeup when I travel since I strongly believe letting the skin breathe some fresh never hurt.

2. Eyeliner
I like winging everything in life and I wing my eyes with ease with my Benefit they’re Real push-up liner. It’s waterproof and easy to use so I carry it while I travel.
For the waterline I prefer something with the right amount of pigmentation. However the only one I had at home was my Marc Jacobs Highliner gel crayon, everything else I had run out of so I grabbed it. I’m looking to write a full review on this one soon.

3. Mascara
My bestie always told me to wear some mascara and flutter my eyelashes and how could I not take that valuable piece of advice as I pack for my honeymoon. I chose my Estée Lauder Sumptous Infinite mascara. It gives me the right amount of lash without having to mix it with another one.

4. Eyeshadow
While traveling a good matte natural shadow palette is ideal. I would usually opt for my Too Faced Matte Natural palette however I chose the Dior in sample size this time since it’s so much smaller and has all matte neutral shades.

5.Beauty Blender
This phenomenon known to mankind is what I swear by and I never go anywhere without one. Read my full review on the BeautyBlender HERE.

6. Blush
I obviously took my most beloved blush of all time with me. You can have a look at my review on the MAC Blush in Pinch O’ Peach HERE.

7. Highlighter
Because it’s important to highlight everything important so I could not leave back this limited edition highlighter from NARS.

8. Lipstick
I carried a few different lipsticks so I can keep changing my look everyday.


9. The jump from summer to fall/winter weather never did good to my skin ever despite my favorite season being fall. I carried this travel size body lotion from The Body Shop in Sakura. Its one of the most important products you need to carry with you whenever you fly.

10. I believe if  there’s no lip balm in your handbag at any given time of the day, you are doing life wrong. So how can I not take one with me on the most important holiday of my life. With no one to compete it’s always my Maybelline Baby lips. 🙂

What do you carry when you travel in your beauty bag? Let me know in the comments section below.

Happy Wednesday!






My MAC Eyeshadow Collection + Swatches

My MAC Eyeshadow Collection + Swatches

img_6612Whatever fancy brands and products your makeup stash may have there’s no way you don’t have a MAC product tucked away somewhere safe in it or its definitely on  your wish list. It’s a makeup junkies’ must have. I am very finicky with what I add to my stash. I mean don’t get me wrong I am as unreasonable as all of you out there and I want almost everything out there in the market. But I am very very fussy with the colors I invest in be it my eyeshadow or my lipstick stash. I mean I don’t want to spend the money on something I won’t probably wear instead of something I would. The business student in me ironically wants to have the maximum return in investment in this uncanny situation.

So let me cut to the chase now and introduce you to my small yet loved pots of MAC shadows.img_6618-1

In no particular order…


Finish: Veluxe Pearl

This is the eyeshadow for the ultimate feminine pink lids with the right amount of pearly metallic shimmer. I love pink on my lids and this is just soo soo romantic on the eyes.


Finish: Frost

The MAC website describes this as ‘Red-plum with pink shimmer’ and I would say this is the most versatile shade I’ve come across. It would suit most skin tones, looks amazing as a transition shade, just flat on the lids or to create that unconventional smoky eye. It definitely has to be my most favorite in terms of practicality out of my little collection.img_6617


Finish: Satin

This was a lovely gift from my beloved Aunt because she just knows what I like best. The color is soooo pretty and my love for blue just overpowers in this case. The color itself is very bold and highly pigmented. Also I just keep thinking how it feels somewhere between satiny and chalky.


Finish: Dazzleshadow

This shadow was a limited edition that released sometime back. It is a dazzleshadow which is I believe the most recent “finish” by MAC. It is described as “An eye shadow with rich, stay-true pigments that impart a beautiful, twinkling sheen” and is basically a very tone-down pigment pressed into a pan. I picked this up while I was in Dubai and am I glad or what that I did. As I mentioned earlier I love my pink eyes and this is the most playful, twinkly shade I’ve ever seen. It is soooo pretty that it hurts! 😉


Finish: Mineralized

If I am not mistaken this was a limited edition shade duo and came out just when mineralized shadows were introduced. I have to be honest and say the only reason I own this is because its my favorite color. Also I graduated uni using this to cover my racoon eyes after every sleepless nights writing away assignments or studying for exams. I just love everything about this one and the pigmentation is at some other level(its mineralized so yeah..).img_6613







November Favorites

November Favorites

It’s December already! Does anyone else feel like this year just went by too quick?

All you beautiful people following me on Instagram will already know I have been eating and shopping my heart out in Japan all of November so I have some cutesy awesome favorites to share with you all. Also if you don’t follow me on Instagram, you should because I post lots of pictures of good food, aesthetically shot makeup up(or at least I think so) and all of my shopping adventures especially shopping bags made to pose on gunpoint. 😀

At this point in life if you ask me whats the one makeup product you use to make yourself look less like a zombie and more like a human woman I would rapidly answer lipstick. I just feel it can instantly lend some life without the fuss of eye makeup because who wants to keep rubbing them off every night and then get more wrinkles in the process. #Aintnobodygettingyoungerhere

My absolute favorite lipstick this month has been Mehr by MAC which is a pink nude matte shade that I picked up from MAC during my short holiday in Dubai few months back. It is a super gorgeous shade and I have been wearing it like every single day.IMG_4534

Dry skin has been a battle I have been fighting for a while now. I used to have normal/combination skin all through my growing years and then I moved to Japan. Few winters later I was given an un-welcomed gift of dry skin so I have been struggling to find the right skin care products to use. One such discovery was my Chanel Hydra Beauty Nutrition (Review HERE). However I was still testing out a lot of different brands of face wash until I accidentally stumbled upon Burt’s Bees. All I keep thinking about it is why I didn’t know of it sooner. In my opinion it is strictly for people with dry skin because of just how hydrating it is. Finding this product has been a huge relief for me since being under 10 degrees after a whole year needs some extra getting used to.IMG_5876

After graduation I have had the chance to get back to reading (things that do not involve notes and textbooks). I have a huge list to catch up and I have been making slow yet steady progress. I am waiting for an interesting amazon book haul to arrive already because I can’t wait to share it with you guys. Lately, I see myself getting back to reading non-fiction books and I have been thoroughly enjoying it. I am huge sucker for anything and everything that remotely sounds like “intelligence”.

I caught up on this book ‘How Starbucks Saved My Life.” with a cup of Starbuck’s hot mocha because I am awesome like that! 😀 Honestly I wouldn’t say this book is going to get your attention from the word go to the last sentence however if you are anything like me and are interested in reading about imperfect people and imperfect situations bringing in heartwarming moments and lessons that define a life well lived, I would recommend checking this one out. If you did not understand a word of what I just wrote, don’t read it. 😛IMG_5216

When I moved out of Japan last year I had given off all my winter wear except a few favorites so I had to pick some essentials over the month so I did not freeze and die. One of them was this rabbit slippers I got from Forever 21. How cute is that!! Apart from being heart breakingly cute it really keeps my feet warm. It’s a win-win situation. 🙂

I have been bingeing on Mexican food because I had missed it so much. I know going crazy for Mexican food in Japan is pretty odd but there no place to get any back in Sri Lanka so I made use of the opportunity.IMG_5873

Also it is the final week for all you people at school, so if you need some moral support here’s a post I made a while back about how I used junk food as a stress-buster during exam week back in Uni. 😉

Is any of the above a favorite of yours? What has been your favorite lately? Let me know in a comment below.

Keep Smiling lovelies! Xx





MAC Holiday Collection 2015|Enchanted Eve: Essential Brush Bag|Review

MAC Holiday Collection 2015|Enchanted Eve: Essential Brush Bag|Review

IMG_5311MAC has come up with quite an elaborate holiday collection this year; Enchanted Eves. I love the name! The blue toned metallic packaging is the icing on the cake and this cake is running out of the shelves as you watch. It is almost impossible to find these limited edition gems in stock anymore.

This year’s MAC holiday collection, Enchanted Eve, consisted of 3 kinds of brush sets; Basic, Essential and Mineralize.

The Essentials brush kit included 3 brushes I was anyways looking to buy so I felt this was a great deal so I choose it and decided to splurge before they too go out of stock ( this lipstick I wanted went out of stock in a day! :/ ).

This brush kit features 5 ‘bold hued metallic ferrule’ brushes and includes a matching ‘black ribbed’ brush bag.


Let’s talk packaging first guys. This is one of most beautiful packaging MAC has ever come up with. The peacock inspired shades used in the packing is just too beautiful *ahhhh*. Every brush was individually packed and then packed together and together. I just love how delicate they were with these. I don’t have an explanation but I am a huge sucker for packaging and how carefully its done.IMG_5312

Also the quality of everything including the brush bag has not been compromised at any point which I thought was quite impressive.

I feel like the whole holiday collection this year has been pretty awesome. MAC has really done a great job and I just want to take all of them home with me except I have been splurging too much on makeup lately so I am really trying to self-discipline here *hint: I went to Sephora and we all know what happens there.

I may go back to get a thing or two from this collection hopefully if it is still in stock.

This brush kit includes:IMG_5316

  •  168 Large Angled Contour Brush IMG_5322
  • 133 Small Cheek BrushIMG_5321
  • 219 Pencil BrushIMG_5319
  • 239 Eye Shading BrushIMG_5318
  •  221 Mini Tapered Blending BrushIMG_5317

** I don’t know how I didn’t notice that strand of hair on all these pics, its mine and please ignore. *sigh*

It is named the “essentials” brush kit and I feel rightly so, it has all the essential multifunctional brushes beyond the basic ones you need. Although I havent started using them yet since I just got them yesterday, they feel super soft, are so perfectly sized and I can so see them working like a wonder. *They are so pretty, I don’t even feel like using them because I don’t want to ruin them. You get what I mean yeah!?!* *sigh*

They are priced at $52.40 ( 8640 yen including taxes) which is in MAC terms pretty great for 5 brushes. If you are on a lookout for purchasing MAC brushes I would totally recommend checking out these brush kits, one of them should meet your needs and the priced so good. If spending so much on brushes isn’t your cup of tea, there’s so many other cheaper alternatives that you could look at.

The brush bag included is pretty, good quality and compact. I like compact. 😀IMG_5325

That was my thoughts on this brush kit. I have so many hauls and reviews lined up but so little time to sit down and work on them. I know I have been quite off the schedule lately, but all this travelling has given me no time to do them. I will update you guys more and hopefully stick to my post schedule.

Hope everyone’s having a good time. Toodles. Xx






10 Fall Lip Shades Everyone Needs

10 Fall Lip Shades Everyone Needs

Fall is here and its my absolute favorite time of the year! It signifies positivity, beauty and freedom and I love that.

Sri Lanka’s idea of fall (or Autumn as we know it here) is rainy days(which I am enjoying too) so I can’t wait to get out and enjoy real autumn with pancakes & maple syrup with red leaves falling around me. Didnt I tell you that in 50 things that make me happy posts. Click to read Part 1 & 2.

Like I said I love rain which is why I have been so lazy cozying up with a book in hand missing all my scheduled blog posts.Ive been really restless lately and I think I’m falling sick as I type which perhaps will explain why I am rambling.

One other thing I look forward to in fall is rocking that fall makeup especially lips! It’s the season for the dark hues, the berries and the purples.

IMG_4537 So here is my list of best fall lipsticks. Read more

Dubai Mall Haul Trilogy: The Little MAC One

Dubai Mall Haul Trilogy: The Little MAC One

Hi Lovelies!

You guys probably are aware that I was in Dubai a few weeks ago if you follow my instagram. If you don’t, then you totally should follow me so we can be insta friends :D.

Anyways I did a whole lot of makeup shopping and all of them at Dubai Mall(therefore the title). That was pretty much all I had planned to do during my short visit and I was super-duper beauty blogger happy as my bank account weeped.

I love haul posts( I read so much of them that its crazy) which is why I love posting hauls and I know I am not the only one out there who enjoys them. #HighFive

So basically my haul will be a trilogy i.e. in 3 parts. One part would be this little MAC haul, another would be a collective haul of various interesting stuff I found in Dubai Mall and the last part would be my craaazy haul at Sephora.

The lady at MAC was such a sweet person and really helped me out selecting my products. This does not always happen and it was a great start to a day that was of some really crazy shopping. Read more

Forgotten Makeup & Skin Care Samples| Dior, MAC, Estée Lauder,Sonia Rykel & Chanel

Forgotten Makeup & Skin Care Samples| Dior, MAC, Estée Lauder,Sonia Rykel & Chanel

Hi my lovelies!!

So I was in Dubai over the weekend literally shopping till I dropped without any wi-fi. Trust me when I say life without wi-fi sucks and stone age does not feel good the least bit*urgh*.  I managed to get a few pictures up on my Instagram after successfully managing to share my cousin’s hotspot for a good 10 minutes. I will be posting all my Dubai hauls and stuff over the next few weeks.

Today however I am going to share with some samples of high-end makeup and skin care products I had totally forgotten I had. I did share on my instagram a week ago how I was cleaning my stash which was when I spotted these minions.

I haven’t really used any of these and if you guys have used a sample or a full size of any of these products I would love to know how your experience went. 🙂



I received two Studio Fix foundation compact powder in the shade N30


I took this compact foundation with me to Dubai and I must say I quite liked it. I used to use MAC powders as a teenager and a slightly darker shade since the sun always managed to kiss me real good. However, the MAC lady (yes her!) managed to give me the right shade and I couldn’t be happier. I love me some free stuff you nah! 😉


CHANEL LE LIFT ANTI-WRINKLE CREAMIMG_4122Ok let me be honest I was a bit offended when I saw I got this because someone thought I needed anti-wrinkle cream while I walk around believing I am at my youthful best. Then I stopped thinking like a silly little chipmunk when I realized how important it is to look after your skin in your 20s to look decent in latter years. Anyways, anyone used this babe here?




I think the color is tad bit too light for me however since it’s a compact powder we can work around it right! 😉 Anyone a fan of this product?


Ok confession time, I don’t know what a serum is supposed to do so I just never really used this one.


For the above reason again I refrained from using this one too. Help a fellow blogger out with your expertise, anyone out there?



I am pretty intrigued to find out the ‘gel’ part of this foundation. Compact powder samples are really the cutest things ever, I feel bad to start using them and ruin all their prettiness. 😛



All these and the tiny green bottle pictured in the first photograph above. I really want to try their eye cream and the rest I don’t know much about. Have you tried any of this?

Thanks for reading! Xx






Is Velvet Teddy Worth The Hype? |Review

Is Velvet Teddy Worth The Hype? |Review

IMG_0867Today’s post is all about the most(if you may allow) famous MAC lipstick in recent times: Velvet Teddy. I don’t know if it’s Kylie Jenner that MAC needs to thank or the other way round, but there’s no denying that this is one excellent produce by MAC.

But perhaps like most others, before I bought myself this lippy in one of my recent shopping sprees, I asked myself ‘Do I really want ‘Velvet Teddy’ or whether I’m just curious of the hype?”. And of course the answer is an obvious yes for both.

Impulse shopping habit took over and I came home a proud owner to a gorgeous tube of MAC’s Velvet Teddy. Two days and a couple of swatches later I came to the conclusion that the hype is real and this lipstick is definitely worth it. Keep reading as I tell you why. Read more

A Review: Mac Blush in Pinch O’ Peach | Why It’s A Favorite

A Review: Mac Blush in Pinch O’ Peach | Why It’s A Favorite

IMG_2019I hoard a lot of makeup especially since I’ve started blogging. The past 3-4 years has seen a crazy jump in the size of my beauty stash; it’s borderline crazy. I’ve experimented on so many different kinds of products but believe it or not I have been using just one blush for like ever.

This Mac Blush in pinch o peach is one of my holy grail product. I really don’t even remember when or where I got it; it’s been that long! I love it so much that I refuse to try out other brands or shades. I did recently get a sleek blush when I ordered their valentines gift set (check out the haul HERE) however I haven’t used it yet. Also I really don’t think I would use it as a blush but rather an eye shadow. More on that in a later post. Read more

The MAC Sharon & Kelly Osbourne Sharon sub-collection and Review on the Powerpoint Pencil

The MAC Sharon & Kelly Osbourne Sharon sub-collection and Review on the Powerpoint Pencil

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

MAC Cosmetics recently released their new limited edition collection by Sharon and Kelly Osbourne. Now let me be honest and tell you I have no idea who these people are. Some reading tells me that the mother (Sharon) has her own TV show but then obviously I don’t follow it. Now I am too ill(literally!) to want to read their biography but that didn’t stop me from finding out everything about their limited edition makeup. Read more