Dubai Mall Haul Trilogy: Kate Spade, Nyx, Lifestyle and more

Dubai Mall Haul Trilogy: Kate Spade, Nyx, Lifestyle and more

Hello Lovelies!! Hope you all had an awesome weekend. If you follow me on Instagram you may probably already know that I was pretty busy dressing myself for my cousins engagement and then I just flew up to my favorite place in the world; Japan. I spent the second half of last week jet lagged and extremely exhausted.

Halloween just passed by and November has already arrived. Time sure does fly.

So finally I have come to lift my lazy bum and do the second part of my Dubai Mall Haul trilogy. Catch the first post where I did a MAC haul HERE.

So here we go….

Kate Spade has always been a store that has screamed ‘ME’ and therefore really fascinated me. I had been looking for a bag I like from them for more than a year now but clearly my picky fussy ways took all this while to find the right handbag.

I think I am officially on a Kate Spade phase in life. I don’t know how long that’d last for but its happening right now and  I am loving it.

Here’s my baby of the season….

Kate Spade Small Phoebe Emerson Place Smooth in the color ‘Spa Blue’ (quite the mouthful…)


It’s no big news that my favorite colors are blue and hard to find therefore when I set my eyes on these I was in love. Bags come and bags go but the last time I was this much in love was when I had gifted myself the Michael Kors Saffiano Satchel for my university graduation.

Also I picked up a few other cool stuff including these Johnson’s facial wipes. I just got it at the drugstore just to keep with me during all the travelling but it turned out the best thing ever to remove makeup. It does such a fantastic job in comparison to all the expensive makeup removers I have tried. I wish I had picked up a few more of them since I am already down to probably the last wipe.

Then I got this quote canvas from Hallmark for my room that is obviously themed ‘ME’ *just kidding 😉 *, and a bright blue Nyx mascara which I am not so impressed by.

I was looking for a good planner and found the cutest one at Accessorize.

While being on a Kate Spade phase I am also on a Argan Oil and Tea tree kind of phase. I had heard so much about the Ogx hair products so picked up this shampoo and condition to try. I will be reviewing them as soon as I can,


That was all for this haul but watch out for my huge crazy Sephora haul which will conclude this Haul Trilogy.

Let me know what you think of this haul and if you have used any of these products in the comments below.

Have a great week and stay happy! :*





Everything I ‘May’ Wish For This Month! :P

Everything I ‘May’ Wish For This Month! :P

Firstly, if you’re thinking that this post has the saddest excuse of a title, guess what? You’re absolutely right! It’s a long month… So let’s get that out-of-the-way 🙂 #SorryNotSorry

I didn’t get a chance to do a April wish list last month since I was on holiday and spent shopping more than wishing which you would already know about if you caught up on my Arabian shopping spree post ( If you haven’t, I’ve linked it so you can check that out too). However, couple of things I badly wanted was out of stock *ugh* and then I came across some amazing new products that had recently been released.

So here’s my May Wishlist!

1. MUG foiled eyeshadows

Source: MUG
Source: MUG

This is the new line of 10 foiled eyeshadows MUG launched recently. Do I need them? No. Do I want them? Yes. Why? What kind of question is that! pffft! Read more

Birthday Haul Part 2 (Haute Hijab and Sleek Makeup)

Birthday Haul Part 2 (Haute Hijab and Sleek Makeup)

This is the part 2 of my Birthday Haul which is being posted 2 months after my birthday. I split this haul into two because not all what I ordered online arrived around the same time. In fact my last parcel arrived just last 2 Thursdays ago. I tried to have this post scheduled for last week as I had promised however I was on a 10 day long holiday out of the country and I just couldn’t finish this post before I left and thus failed 😦   Sorry about that especially since I promised to post this up in my last post. Also if you havent read Part 1 of this post, click HERE to read so you’d be redirected to a new tab/page.

If you are all up to date on Part 1, let’s get started on Part 2. Its kinda weird that I am still hung up on my birthday that was 2.5 months ago. Anyways this is the rest of my haul:

IMG_0789 Read more

Ted Baker may have become one of my favorites!

Ted Baker may have become one of my favorites!

It happens quite rarely where you walk into a store, fall in love with something that is dramatically waiting for you with spotlights and prettiness on the shelf( I hate how I sound so materialistic but trust me this was real beauty!) The CIERRA leather round tassel clutch bag from Ted Bakers was/is a showstopper in itself. However, I didn’t need a clutch nor was I looking for (see, need and want are far tangents) therefore I didn’t buy it. However, a dream, a thought and a day later I walked into Takashimaya in Shinjuku to buy it. This was all a part of my ‘leaving Japan shopping spree’ which you would know if you have been following me on Instagram/Twitter (link below).

Apart from having some of the prettiest stuff ever, Ted Bakers has one attractively designed shopping bag 😛 with a ribbon tied too 😛


And I love how they wrap Read more

Spring/summer essential: Shoes

Spring/summer essential: Shoes

While I am sitting before my laptop on this day that makes me wonder what happened to spring and why it feels like so much like winter suddenly I ironically decide to write another article that may help you with your spring shopping. Although today I just wanted my winter socks and boots back, it is officially mid spring and summer is not far away therefore everyone is shopping their way into the warmer seasons.Most of what you will be shopping is going to support you through the summer too. I mean since the change of season from spring to summer is too vague and short for the totally new shopping spree therefore it seems only practical to make some rightful choices while shopping during this time.This post focuses on the trend alert on shoes that is apt as a daily wear for both the spring and the summer season.

Most of us girls, including me love shoes. I absolutely adore them and just cannot help myself from noticing them anywhere and everywhere. And if any of you are confused what shoes you should include into your wardrobe this season, it is the wedge sandals. They are everywhere and in every shape and color. They are comfortable yet stylish and perfect for both spring and summer.

Here’s a few pretty one’s I came across.

Roberto Cavalli

Wedge Sole


Read more