Birthday Haul Part 1

Birthday Haul Part 1

It was my birthday last month and I have a habit of buying myself something I really want every year. It’s a gift to me from myself because no one knows me as much and what I want as much as I do. However, since I had gone on a road trip and just got home only 2 hours before it was midnight (and my birthday) I was too tired to really go out shopping the next few days. But that didn’t stop me from filling my cart and checking them out while I’m all comfy in my PJs. The packages did take weeks to reach me so that’s why I’m making the post now. Also I have a few more stuff I’m expecting in the mail soon, I’m hoping to make a part 2 for this post once I receive them.

Anyways the haul:

Let me break down the above photo and talk about each product I purchased:


I can’t begin to explain how much I’ve wanted one of these palettes. Unfortunately most places that sell Urban Decay do not ship internationally. I love their packaging especially the velvet part. The shades are sooo beautiful and I really cant wait to use them. I did suffer quite a bit getting this, paid much more than I should/wanted to. Guys, always be aware of custom duty charges before making online orders. I learnt that the hard way. :/

ALSO THEY SENT ME THIS EYESHADOW PRIMER SAMPLE FREE! I’ve been wanting get the UD eye primer but I just didn’t know which one would suit me the best. I was so happy when I received this since it has a 2 week sample of all 4 primers. Isn’t that just amazing!!! 😀



The Artist of Makeup eye shadows are sooo beautiful. They are very pigmented and come in a very generous pot. This orangey-peachy shade with red undertones is such a gorgeous color especially on the skin.


These eye shadows are sooo pigmented that a little goes a long way and the blend so beautifully into the skin. Ahhh I’m in love!! I really cant wait to wear this shade.



First things first, a shout out to sigma’s fabulous packaging. I love the black and pink this genius of a product comes in! It’s a treat to the eye. I wasn’t sure what brushes to really order or whether I would like them. So to be on a safe side and to kind of test the waters, I got two brushes that I didn’t own. I got a Flat Definer and a Tapered Blending brush. I haven’t used either yet since they arrived just two days ago. I’m obviously dying to use this and see what the hype is all about.

Sigma also sent me a sample of highlighters which I can’t wait to experiment with and tell you guys what I think. 

Overall, as much as I enjoyed some very close to the heart moments this birthday, every time one of these packages arrived home my heart skipped a beat and I was a child reliving that birthday girl feeling each time. I really really can’t wait to try all of these products out and tell you guys more about them! What do you think is a current must-have beauty product? Help me out a bit and let me know in the comments section below since you guys always help me find new fabulous products. :*

Keep Smiling Aways! Xx






16 thoughts on “Birthday Haul Part 1

  1. I’ve picked up the UD eye primer probably 5 different times and always bailed on it before heading top check out- are you liking it? Right now I use maybelleine(sp?) barely branded color tattoo as a primer and it works pretty well but is too shimmery sometimes. I would love for you to share a post at my Tuesday link up!

    Xoxo K


    1. I haven’t used the eye primers yet. I would definitely post what I think once I do. I haven’t used a eye primer before so unfortunately I wouldn’t know to compare. I would love to be part of your Tuesday link up. Xx

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