Reviewing My Go-to Palette| Too Faced Natural Matte

Reviewing My Go-to Palette| Too Faced Natural Matte

Today I have finally decided to review my go-to, love-palette of my life. 😀 **fireworks** **because I am finally updating something** 😛


The first thing I ever thought of this palette was how soft and buttery the shadows felt on my fingers and then I knew I’m gonna really really like this one. Me at Sephora is a very nerve-wrecking scenario. I mean I am usually smart(or I would like to believe) but every time I am at that makeup heaven (for the lack of a better word) I have my head spinning with lust that I forget my wish list and end up creating a whole new one on the spot ( y’all can imagine what that leaves me at).
I looked at the sample of this palette with puppy eyes at the already crowded counter and as I outstretched my arm to grab myself a palette, there were 2 other ladies who grabbed it at almost the same time as me. Thank god they had stock and these two random ladies and the salesperson saying “that seems popular” gave me enough reason to take it all the way to the cash counter and purchase this palette.
To be honest this has been the only palette I’ve never regret buying. I’ve used it so much that I might hit pan soon and that is a rare for me. The colors are so basic and in the real world that’s what you need mostly.

The tin packaging is very cute, the lingerie inspired design is chic and overall easy to use.


The palette has 3 highlighter shades and 6 eyeshadows. All are matte shades therefore even the supposed highlighters can be used as you like.

Whoever is coming up with the names for the Too-Faced palette shadows needs to be high-fived like over and over again. I’d say give her(or him) a raise but I don’t want to be putting people in the spot here.
Anyways I love them.
There is almost no fall off, the shadows feel soo buttery I can’t get over it.
The palette is a combination of both warm and cool-toned shades however has more cool shaded ones. The pigmentation is really good but I feel the warm toned shadows have more pigmentation than the cool toned ones. However I really don’t mind that since I like using my cool-toned shades light-handedly.

My absolute favorite is ‘honey butter’ which is obviously also the most used shadow in my palette followed by ‘chocolate cookie’, ‘strapless’ and ‘sexpresso’. Such cheesy names by the way.

This is one palette that I can use more than half he shadows during one makeup look which is so versatile.

With the right many shades packed very practically into a light packaging of the right size, this one is perfect to carry with you when travelling too.

The palette comes with a 3-steps guide and is designed to give 3 different kinds of makeup looks; ‘Day’, ‘Classic’ and ‘Fashion’.

The price point is at $34 when I purchased it last year and I as far as I know it’s still the same.



Top : Heaven, Cashmere Bunny and Sexpresso

Middle: Lace Teddy, Strapless and Risque

Bottom: Nude, Honey Butter and Chocolate cookie

Do you have this palette? Is it on your wish list? What do you think of it? Let me know in a comment below. 🙂

Have a great weekend. Xx





January Favorites 2016

January Favorites 2016

img_6706I’ve been sick since the 31st night! So much for a new year -_- . Also my wi-fi was acting out for the last two weeks (or more like I had consumed my GB limit because for some odd reason unlimited wi-fi doesn’t seem like a good idea for companies to offer *pffft*) making it almost impossible for me to do anything therefore banishing me into a life of the stone age kinds where I used compact discs and cable tv for entertainment. My apologies for being MIA but I am back with a scheduled list of posts that I hope you all will enjoy reading.

Being sick constantly for an entire month was a significant catalyst in what became my January favorites. To find out all about them, please keep reading. 🙂

I shared with you guys my recent book haul and told you about how I was still deciding on which one to start reading first. Guess what!?! I made up my mind and I started with the Mindy Kaling book. This is so so entertaining and I really enjoyed it.


One important thing we all tend to master when we get sick is the no-makeup makeup. I mean it’s an effort we are forced to take just so we dont look like zombie babies. Helping me look more human-woman has been my Too-faced primer. I have had such a long-standing love-hate realtionship with this one, to know more ypu can read my review HERE.img_6517

This cake place here in Colombo has me hooked on their cookies and cream cake jars and it is delicious. I have had it so many times over the month and I just cant seem to stop. Skinny is good but this one is better. 😉img_6680

Like I had mentioned, no wi-fi means no online streaming so I sat watching the first two seasons of Criminal Minds on DVD with my little sister whose eyes I had to close every time I thought something not so appropriate came on given the shows all about the serial crimes and blood. I mean being big sister gives you that responsibility to not give your sister nightmares or a phobia so I was doing a lot of those closing eyes and my sister thinks I am bonkers. 😛img_6736

So yes that was all that made top list of favorites last month. Let me know what were yours?

Thanks for reading! Xx







Too Faced Primed & Poreless Pure | A Review

Too Faced Primed & Poreless Pure | A Review

I finally feel ready to review my face primer that I have been using for close to an year now. Primer unlike most other makeup products (atleast for me) is soemthing that I neeed to try out for a long period of time in order to truly understand how it works on my skin. I wanted this review to be as thorough and as deatiled as possible therefore I waited all this while to do this.

The primer in question is ,as the title suggests, the Primed & Poreless Pure by Too Faced. It was a highly spoken about primer at the time I purchased this especially in regard to minimizing pores. My real need for primer was at that point to minimize pores and this was one of the few primers that were being raved about most people.

I have a love-hate relationship with this product so keep reading to find out all about that. 😀

To start off, lets talk packaging. I love the box it comes in and like all Too Faced products this too has a vintage yet modern oxymoron-ish appeal to it which speaks right to me. The white and gold combo is just so pretty. It comes in a white tube that you squish for the product to come out. It’s easy to use and that’s really important.

The texture of the product itself is very thick, gooey and rubbery( I really can’t think of any sophisticated terms to describe that at the moment). I believe this like most pores minimizing primers is silicon-based and thus the texture.img_6508

The product is significantly thick in texture therefore goes on as a transparent yet apparent layer on the skin.img_6510

It does make my pores appear less significant and also help with smooth application of my makeup. It is a great base and helps keep my makeup on for hours ( I have gone a good 6-9 hours without a budge).

I do not use it all over my face and limit it just to areas that I feel need it which is usually my T-zone.

The product promises to do these:img_6513

At the time I purchased this I hadn’t realised my skin had made a shift from normal-combination to dry however this primer worked just fine for me. The silicon-y feel of the product does not dry out my skin and make it flaky, also my T zone is not as dry as the rest of the face which perhaps might be the case.

My only problem with this product and which makes me not want to use it is the SMELL. I don’t know if it’s the silicone or one of the other gazillion complicated chemical names listed on the ingredients but it has a strong, chemical, ewww-ey smell that I really can’t stand. It does die out once I get the rest of my makeup on but I wish that smell was not there. It really bothers me but otherwise it works fine for me which is why I keep going back to it despite the stench.

It is priced at $30 if any one is interested.

Have you tried this primer? what do you think of it? Have you tried the other Too faced primer(the pink one) ? What is your favorite primer?

Thank you for reading! Xx





The Time I Went Crazy At Sephora

The Time I Went Crazy At Sephora

So it was my first time shopping at Sephora and this happened…IMG_5946

No seriously, that happened. Like I had a huge cloud blocking the logically thinking part of my brain.

This is the final part of the Dubai Mall Haul Trilogy (Have you read the mac haul and the collective haul? )and the haul I have been very excited to share with you guys but I have to admit that one reason I have been putting it off for a while now is because of how embarrassed I am. I am a bit (ok, A LOT) of a shopaholic but I never just go crazy at stores. I mean I usually tend to be a bit more sorted or so I believe.

But then I went back home with all of these…

IMG_4300…and a broken bank account. *sigh*

I had made up my mind only to pick up products/brands that are not readily available online or the ones that require me to pay too much for shopping. I had a small (um…long) mental list of things I was looking to get which I was happy I could find most of except maybe like 2 products.

The makeup products I picked up were the following.IMG_43031. Too faced Natural Palette – This has to be my most favorite palette till date, so glad I picked it up. This was a total impulsive pick and it worked out pretty great. I am planning to do a review on it soon.

2. Two smashbox primers just because they are soo hard to find online. I also wanted to figure out which one would suit my skin better.

3. Nars Creamy Concealer- It has been talked about too much and I needed to find out for myself if it was all what it’s raved about as.

4.Chanel Vitalumere Aqua – If you guys have been following my posts for a while you would know that this has been my most wanted foundation since the beginning of this year and my shade never is available. surprisingly it was available this time so I got it.

5. I had tried out samples of all four of the UD primer potions and zeroed in on the original one to get a full size of. (check out my review on UD primer potion in Eden ).

6. Nars blush in Tribulation – It is gorgeous multi purpose champagne color that was also an impulse shop.

Skin Care & Beauty AccessoriesIMG_4307

7. Huda Lashes in Naomi – Am I glad I bought these or not! These are just soooooo gorgeous.

8. The Beauty blender pro because you know how much I love my beauty blender. My old one is so dirty and even has a tear.

9. A Sephora Kabuki brush.

10. Glamglow mud mask – I have heard such mixed reviews so I wanted to check it out before getting the full size.

11. Sephora Green Tea Mask which I am yet to use.

12. Sephora fan brush because you never know when you need a light hand.

13& 14. Sephora blending brush and a crease brush because you can never have too many.

15. Beauty blender mini

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know in a comment below.

Hope your holidays are going great!