My Fundamental Principles of Skincare

My Fundamental Principles of Skincare

I love my makeup. I do hauls more than its necessary. It’s an art-form that really has become a passion over time. However I am a stronger believer of loving yourself with and without makeup. I believe in investing time in looking after my health and especially my skin.

The thing about skin however is that it’s never the same. It’s a roller coaster ride and you go through so many ups and downs, good days and bad days and its a constant struggle.

I have a few fundamental principles of skin care that I follow religiously. These are simple and I have gathered them over the years trying to understand how skin my works.

So here they are:

  1. Know Your skin – The first thing to having a skin care routine is to understand your skin. Is it oily/dry or combination? What is it sensitive to? You really have to find the basics.
  2. Drink Water – I may love my coca cola but nothing compares to good old water. It helps to flush out the bad stuff.
  3. If It Ain’t Broken, Don’t Fix It!- Don’t pack your face with products you don’t need. You are just feeding unnecessary chemicals.
  4. Use a Mild Face Wash – Because why slap your face with all those harsh chemicals.
  5. Always Take Off Your Makeup Properly – Even the stubborn eyeliner and mascara 😀
  6. Moisturize- Just do it!
  7. Eat Healthy- This is something I constantly struggle with however I have realized they aren’t kidding when they say “you are what you eat”. 😉

These are my go-to solutions to try keep my skin healthy. What do you resort to? What are your basic set of rules you follow in keeping your skin glowing?





The Body Shop Aloe Calming Cleansing Foam| Review

The Body Shop Aloe Calming Cleansing Foam| Review

As I reach the last bits of foam from this cleansing product I thought of letting you guys know how the journey has been.

I was looking for a face cleanser that would be moisturizing and also calm my skin (dry skin issues ya know). I came across this one from The Body Shop and decided to give it a try.
I knew this wasn’t necessarily going to moisturize my face but I want something that didn’t dry my face at least.
To brief up this review I would say that this product delivers what it promises and that is always a nice thing.
I love when face skin care product are fragrance -free because that means less chances of it irritating my skin thereby making breakouts happen and then also frees us from month-long waiting sessions.

Another phrase that makes me sigh with relief on a skin care product is when they are “alcohol-free” because skin. Not an expert on this but I just know its horrible for my skin so anyone interested please feel free to spend hours on google. You’re welcome! 🙂

The product has The Body Shop signature cleansing foam packaging which super nice. Its plastic bottle with the most ideal pump. The liquid magically transforms into foam somewhere between its journey from the bottle to mouth of the pump. It’s just super easy to use.

I feel this cleanser would suit any skin type.It says it’s “formulated for sensitive skin” and I can see that.Its so calming to the skin and it feels like some of those products for babies, so soothing. It does cool the skin thanks to all that Aloe in there.

This is a cleanser I would use when I want to just soothe and calm my skin and pamper it with a lot of care but not really looking for anything extravagant. However right now I am looking for my face wash to moisturize thus my newest haul. Check my latest haul HERE.





Top Tips for Soft and Beautiful Lips

Top Tips for Soft and Beautiful Lips

Hey Lovelies!!

This perhaps is the longest time I’ve ever been away from blogging and despite my unkept promises and countless times of trying over the last few months it has been impossible for me to keep to my schedule. If you have been following me on my Instagram, you’d have some sort of clue on what I’ve been busy over these months. Anyways over the course of planning my engagement and wedding I have been exhausted. Its just been 3 weeks since the D-day and until I manage to get back on track with my blog schedule I decided to bring you guys some really helpful expert advice.

Dry lips have been a huge problem for me the last few months with so much travelling, unhealthy eating and exhaustion so these tips so essential for me right now and I hope it helps you guys too. 🙂Screenshot-2014-02-16-11.55.12

Healthy and soft lips are every girl’s dream. The color and texture of your lips reveal a lot about your lifestyle and health. Consumption of alcohol, smoking and trying out different cosmetic products on the lips can make them dark and look unhealthy. With a little care, you can get attractive and luscious lips that you have always wanted. Here are 9 tips to get you started:

1. Drink water

Drinking enough water keeps the skin, lips and body well hydrated.

2. Know your lip balms

Look for lip balms with ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E, coconut, jojoba, beeswax and almond oils. The good old petroleum jelly works well t. If you have sensitive skin, you can use a camphor-based medicated lip balm sparingly. Instead, go for a camphor-free one.

3. Use sunscreen

The lips are susceptible to sunburn because they lack melanin, the pigment that helps shield the skin from the sun. Use a layer of a sun-protective product on a daily basis or look for a lipstick that has SPF.

4. Scrub with a toothbrush

Use your toothbrush every night to gently scrub your lips every night after brushing the teeth. Ensure that the toothbrush has soft bristles as this eliminates dry and chapped skin that forms around the lips.

5. Do not lick your lips

Licking the lips damages the protective barrier that can dry out the lips. The saliva has digestive enzymes that break down this barrier. Apply a lip balm regularly to help you avoid smacking the lips.

6. Take a break between matte lipsticks

Matte lipsticks tend to be drying. Use these sparingly especially when the lips are chapped. Alternate them with hydrating lipsticks that have vitamin E or glycerin or add another layer of moisturizing lip balm under.

7. Moisturize your lips often

The skin on your lips has a small amount of sebum to keep the lips moisturized. It is important to apply a little lip balm or petroleum jelly when going outside. When inside, you can use some cocoa butter. Evolution of Smooth products are also known for helping to keep lips moist and juicy!

8. Massage with lemon juice

Cut a thin slice of lemon, sprinkle a little sugar on top and rub on your lips on a regular basis.This works wonders because the lemon acts a natural bleaching agent for your lips. The sugar acts as an exfoliator.

9. Remove makeup before going to bed

The main reason why most people have tedious lips is because they do not remove their makeup before sleeping. Use a little olive oil on a cotton pad and rub the lips gently with it.

There you have it – 9 tips to get you started on the road to lip beauty! Do you have any other favorite techniques? Let us know!

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Forgotten Makeup & Skin Care Samples| Dior, MAC, Estée Lauder,Sonia Rykel & Chanel

Forgotten Makeup & Skin Care Samples| Dior, MAC, Estée Lauder,Sonia Rykel & Chanel

Hi my lovelies!!

So I was in Dubai over the weekend literally shopping till I dropped without any wi-fi. Trust me when I say life without wi-fi sucks and stone age does not feel good the least bit*urgh*.  I managed to get a few pictures up on my Instagram after successfully managing to share my cousin’s hotspot for a good 10 minutes. I will be posting all my Dubai hauls and stuff over the next few weeks.

Today however I am going to share with some samples of high-end makeup and skin care products I had totally forgotten I had. I did share on my instagram a week ago how I was cleaning my stash which was when I spotted these minions.

I haven’t really used any of these and if you guys have used a sample or a full size of any of these products I would love to know how your experience went. 🙂



I received two Studio Fix foundation compact powder in the shade N30


I took this compact foundation with me to Dubai and I must say I quite liked it. I used to use MAC powders as a teenager and a slightly darker shade since the sun always managed to kiss me real good. However, the MAC lady (yes her!) managed to give me the right shade and I couldn’t be happier. I love me some free stuff you nah! 😉


CHANEL LE LIFT ANTI-WRINKLE CREAMIMG_4122Ok let me be honest I was a bit offended when I saw I got this because someone thought I needed anti-wrinkle cream while I walk around believing I am at my youthful best. Then I stopped thinking like a silly little chipmunk when I realized how important it is to look after your skin in your 20s to look decent in latter years. Anyways, anyone used this babe here?




I think the color is tad bit too light for me however since it’s a compact powder we can work around it right! 😉 Anyone a fan of this product?


Ok confession time, I don’t know what a serum is supposed to do so I just never really used this one.


For the above reason again I refrained from using this one too. Help a fellow blogger out with your expertise, anyone out there?



I am pretty intrigued to find out the ‘gel’ part of this foundation. Compact powder samples are really the cutest things ever, I feel bad to start using them and ruin all their prettiness. 😛



All these and the tiny green bottle pictured in the first photograph above. I really want to try their eye cream and the rest I don’t know much about. Have you tried any of this?

Thanks for reading! Xx