Dubai Mall Haul Trilogy: Kate Spade, Nyx, Lifestyle and more

Dubai Mall Haul Trilogy: Kate Spade, Nyx, Lifestyle and more

Hello Lovelies!! Hope you all had an awesome weekend. If you follow me on Instagram you may probably already know that I was pretty busy dressing myself for my cousins engagement and then I just flew up to my favorite place in the world; Japan. I spent the second half of last week jet lagged and extremely exhausted.

Halloween just passed by and November has already arrived. Time sure does fly.

So finally I have come to lift my lazy bum and do the second part of my Dubai Mall Haul trilogy. Catch the first post where I did a MAC haul HERE.

So here we go….

Kate Spade has always been a store that has screamed ‘ME’ and therefore really fascinated me. I had been looking for a bag I like from them for more than a year now but clearly my picky fussy ways took all this while to find the right handbag.

I think I am officially on a Kate Spade phase in life. I don’t know how long that’d last for but its happening right now and  I am loving it.

Here’s my baby of the season….

Kate Spade Small Phoebe Emerson Place Smooth in the color ‘Spa Blue’ (quite the mouthful…)


It’s no big news that my favorite colors are blue and hard to find therefore when I set my eyes on these I was in love. Bags come and bags go but the last time I was this much in love was when I had gifted myself the Michael Kors Saffiano Satchel for my university graduation.

Also I picked up a few other cool stuff including these Johnson’s facial wipes. I just got it at the drugstore just to keep with me during all the travelling but it turned out the best thing ever to remove makeup. It does such a fantastic job in comparison to all the expensive makeup removers I have tried. I wish I had picked up a few more of them since I am already down to probably the last wipe.

Then I got this quote canvas from Hallmark for my room that is obviously themed ‘ME’ *just kidding 😉 *, and a bright blue Nyx mascara which I am not so impressed by.

I was looking for a good planner and found the cutest one at Accessorize.

While being on a Kate Spade phase I am also on a Argan Oil and Tea tree kind of phase. I had heard so much about the Ogx hair products so picked up this shampoo and condition to try. I will be reviewing them as soon as I can,


That was all for this haul but watch out for my huge crazy Sephora haul which will conclude this Haul Trilogy.

Let me know what you think of this haul and if you have used any of these products in the comments below.

Have a great week and stay happy! :*





My Arabian Shopping Spree!

My Arabian Shopping Spree!

Hi lovelies! Happy Monday! I am back with a haul to share with you guys. I had mentioned in my previous posts that I was gone on a 10 day holiday two weeks ago and these are the amazing things I picked up. This was such a relief from my online hauls especially since I got to try out the products before actually buying them. IMG_1543

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Makeup Geek Eye Shadows, Z-Palette And The Beauty Blender! The Most Exciting Haul Ever!

Makeup Geek Eye Shadows, Z-Palette And The Beauty Blender! The Most Exciting Haul Ever!

Source: Pinterest

Finally the order I placed at Makeup Geek arrived. Its only been around 2.5 weeks however the wait felt way too long. I’ve been super excited and awaiting for this box to arrive. Everyone has been raving so much about makeup Geek, the Z-palette and the iconic original beauty blender. I really cant wait to try them all. I’ve already arranged my makeup into the Z-palette and made swatches of eyeshadow on my wrists. *Please oversee the blabber, this girl is extremely happy and excited 😉 *

So Here’s what I ordered: Read more

Shopping Haul : At Forever 21

Shopping Haul : At Forever 21

IMG_5386.JPGUsually when I enter the forever 21 store I go into a daze picking up clothes, a lot of clothes that I don’t really need. I shopped there like every other day while I was in Japan. Don’t blame me but I haven’t found an alternative with that good of a collection and so amazingly priced. But during my last visit there surprisingly I ended up shopping for so many other things and no clothes. These were actually stuff I needed and are quite good (and were very cheap) so I thought I’d share with you what they were and how I like them. Read more

My Name on a Lipstick

My Name on a Lipstick

I got my name engraved on my lipstick. On a more honest note, I spent hours and money on a lipstick shade so I can have my name engraved on it!!! #girlproblems
I was out on a rather almost embarrassing shopping spree. I was shopping like an animal! No, a crazy woman. I was shopping like a crazy woman, because I’m a woman and crazy!
I had to stop by at Estée Lauder to get my mom something when I spotted a display of engraved lipsticks.
Despite language barriers I made the sales woman(who was superbly sweet) explain to me how it worked and how long it took. She said I just had to pay for the lipstick I wanted and the engraving was free and it would only take a minute to do so.
I knew I wanted my name on a lipstick (I like my name on everything I own in fact… Quite a territorial human) so I spent almost 30 minutes finding the shade I wanted and got mine done. It’s oh so adorable… 😀

There’s an option to have hearts, stars, Halloween pumpkins, clovers or just these ~ on either side of your name. I chose the hearts.


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Makeup Haul: Chanel, Bobbi Brown and MAC

Makeup Haul: Chanel, Bobbi Brown and MAC

I spent few hours of last friday evening at Takashimaya in Yokohama amidst the branded stores, shoes, bags and of course a floor full of makeup counters. Not too surprisingly I went on a makeup rampage fit to make this Haul post.

On another note, I found myself the perfect Kate spade bag. It was perfect until I went shopping (yes, again!) with my bestie on Saturday and showed her the bag to get her approval. After a series of discussion we concluded it wasn’t perfect for me. 😛

Back to this the topic, I went a bit crazy on makeup at Takashimaya. But I can proudly say at least I bought things I actually need rather than buy random products simply because they fascinate me.

What I bought…

IMG_5009.JPG Read more

An Evening at the Mall: Food and Mini Shopping Haul

An Evening at the Mall: Food and Mini Shopping Haul

Since I’m in Japan, shopping and food sort of rule my life whenever I’m not lost in oblivion unleashing my creative energy. So yesterday late afternoon was spent at my favourite mall Lalaport Yokohama where I ate food I didn’t have to (someone should be counting the damn calories) and stuff I don’t really need. #shopaholicproblems and I can’t even justify the food because I ain’t even a foodie so I’d just hand over the credit to my crazy family for that one.

So What we Ate:

Nacho Cheese Fries (Cheese and fries in one plate…aint that close to heaven, I shall take a moment to Thank God for this blessing)


New York Style Cheese cake (that we all leapt into and finished off in a jiffy) Read more

Shopping Haul: At the Airport

Shopping Haul: At the Airport

Just a month and a couple of days ago I had a transit at Changi Airport, Singapore. Even after spending an hour each at two different burger joints I still had time to kill. I thought I should sit silently and read. However, it did not take too long before the shopaholic in me made a somersault and made its comeback. On my defense, at least I shopped for essentials (mostly!) 😉

This is my first ever ‘Shopping Haul’ post. I really hope you guys would enjoy it and also hope to make many similar posts in future. Share/Like/Comment and let me know what you think of it.

So back to the haul, these were what I bought


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Ted Baker may have become one of my favorites!

Ted Baker may have become one of my favorites!

It happens quite rarely where you walk into a store, fall in love with something that is dramatically waiting for you with spotlights and prettiness on the shelf( I hate how I sound so materialistic but trust me this was real beauty!) The CIERRA leather round tassel clutch bag from Ted Bakers was/is a showstopper in itself. However, I didn’t need a clutch nor was I looking for (see, need and want are far tangents) therefore I didn’t buy it. However, a dream, a thought and a day later I walked into Takashimaya in Shinjuku to buy it. This was all a part of my ‘leaving Japan shopping spree’ which you would know if you have been following me on Instagram/Twitter (link below).

Apart from having some of the prettiest stuff ever, Ted Bakers has one attractively designed shopping bag 😛 with a ribbon tied too 😛


And I love how they wrap Read more