Another Sephora Dubai Haul

Another Sephora Dubai Haul

This haul is from early this year(around February if I am not wrong) and like always its taken me forever to put this up. The products in this haul are still relevant and available so I tell myself there should be no problem posting it up after a good 6 months 😀

My two current beauty blenders are pretty battered but still works really well. I still wanted to stock up on another one for when one dies. I saw this value set and grabbed it. Read my thoughts in this set HERE.

I am obsessed with nose strips because they solve pretty much my biggest skin issue. I keep trying using different methods all the time. I grabbed a couple of these Sephora nose strip and I really like them. The only downside is I feel it’s too pricey for one strip and when I got them they didn’t have packs(but I believe they have them now).

I have more highlighters than I would possibly ever need and the only explanation I can give is I like shiny things. Champagne Pop (Becca X  Jaclyn Hill) has been hyped and how. I felt it was a gorgeous shade and wanted to have it. Now the collectors limited edition version of this highlighter is available. I wont be getting my hands on those but if you are planning on this highlighter this would be a great opportunity.

I love my Kat Von D liquid lipsticks and this one has become a favorite since I got it. This is the new Lolita II and is a gorgeous rusty orangey red.I also had to restock my Nars Creamy Concealer because I was running out of it.

I also picked up an urban Decay liner. They are oh so gorgeous I could resist.

I am very picky when it comes to a blush. I keep using the same one all the time whereas I chose all my other makeup according mood and occasion.Read my favoritest blush review HERE. However I have looked to wander out of my comfort zone(something I have spoken in my various posts before). This Marc Jacobs Air blush is pure indulgence and I had to treat myself to it.

This was my Sephora Haul early this year. Await my new one in a few weeks. 😉

Have you tried any of these? Is any of these your favorites? Let me know below 🙂




The Time I Went Crazy At Sephora

The Time I Went Crazy At Sephora

So it was my first time shopping at Sephora and this happened…IMG_5946

No seriously, that happened. Like I had a huge cloud blocking the logically thinking part of my brain.

This is the final part of the Dubai Mall Haul Trilogy (Have you read the mac haul and the collective haul? )and the haul I have been very excited to share with you guys but I have to admit that one reason I have been putting it off for a while now is because of how embarrassed I am. I am a bit (ok, A LOT) of a shopaholic but I never just go crazy at stores. I mean I usually tend to be a bit more sorted or so I believe.

But then I went back home with all of these…

IMG_4300…and a broken bank account. *sigh*

I had made up my mind only to pick up products/brands that are not readily available online or the ones that require me to pay too much for shopping. I had a small (um…long) mental list of things I was looking to get which I was happy I could find most of except maybe like 2 products.

The makeup products I picked up were the following.IMG_43031. Too faced Natural Palette – This has to be my most favorite palette till date, so glad I picked it up. This was a total impulsive pick and it worked out pretty great. I am planning to do a review on it soon.

2. Two smashbox primers just because they are soo hard to find online. I also wanted to figure out which one would suit my skin better.

3. Nars Creamy Concealer- It has been talked about too much and I needed to find out for myself if it was all what it’s raved about as.

4.Chanel Vitalumere Aqua – If you guys have been following my posts for a while you would know that this has been my most wanted foundation since the beginning of this year and my shade never is available. surprisingly it was available this time so I got it.

5. I had tried out samples of all four of the UD primer potions and zeroed in on the original one to get a full size of. (check out my review on UD primer potion in Eden ).

6. Nars blush in Tribulation – It is gorgeous multi purpose champagne color that was also an impulse shop.

Skin Care & Beauty AccessoriesIMG_4307

7. Huda Lashes in Naomi – Am I glad I bought these or not! These are just soooooo gorgeous.

8. The Beauty blender pro because you know how much I love my beauty blender. My old one is so dirty and even has a tear.

9. A Sephora Kabuki brush.

10. Glamglow mud mask – I have heard such mixed reviews so I wanted to check it out before getting the full size.

11. Sephora Green Tea Mask which I am yet to use.

12. Sephora fan brush because you never know when you need a light hand.

13& 14. Sephora blending brush and a crease brush because you can never have too many.

15. Beauty blender mini

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know in a comment below.

Hope your holidays are going great!