One Big NYX Haul

One Big NYX Haul

A NYX store situated right in front of your hotel does no good for anyone. The chic and sleek interior screaming for attention and all that makeup. That is exactly what happened a few months back while I was traveling. Do I have to even explain what followed?!

Instead of me beating around the bush and giving you an excuse or two for my shopaholic tendencies, let me get straight to my not so little haul.

When Nyx launched their lip lingerie everyone wanted to try them out. I was no different but my reason was more to find out whats so lingerie-ish about them? *realizes she still has no clue* . Jokes aside, I loved their color choice and settled with ‘Embellishment’, a cool – toned mauve shade that was quite unique compared to my regular selections. I wore this all along my honeymoon because I am all about the puns*puts on imaginative sunglasses for coming up with that last line while sitting in front of a laptop past midnight* 😉

Next is this cute little nude matte shadow called ‘lap dance’ that I spent more hours choosing than it should be allowed. I am all for a good nude shade and this one is another feather in the collection. Also this packaging!! Is anyone else falling for it as much as I am?

I had mentioned in my Stila Haul how I was in a lookout for eyeliners a few months back and ended up with enough for my entire family. I had seen ‘The Curved’ Nyx eyeliner around and had always wondered whether it was really as ergonomic as its expected to be. Given how I was in the lookout for a good raccoon eye maker how could I not pick this up. Lookout for a much review soon.

I am all about that glitter since forever. I don’t care what you think of it but I would forever be in love with anything and everything shiny. And I have only genetics to blame for it. 😀 Grabbed a few glitters from the Nyx store because I can’t have enough.

I also got two blush pans. One on the mauve side and the other a very pigmented pink. Both have sparkles in them. I also got an empty blush palette to insert the pans into. #ThatOrganizedLife 😉

Have you tried out any of these products? Whats your favorite Nyx product?




Dubai Mall Haul Trilogy: Kate Spade, Nyx, Lifestyle and more

Dubai Mall Haul Trilogy: Kate Spade, Nyx, Lifestyle and more

Hello Lovelies!! Hope you all had an awesome weekend. If you follow me on Instagram you may probably already know that I was pretty busy dressing myself for my cousins engagement and then I just flew up to my favorite place in the world; Japan. I spent the second half of last week jet lagged and extremely exhausted.

Halloween just passed by and November has already arrived. Time sure does fly.

So finally I have come to lift my lazy bum and do the second part of my Dubai Mall Haul trilogy. Catch the first post where I did a MAC haul HERE.

So here we go….

Kate Spade has always been a store that has screamed ‘ME’ and therefore really fascinated me. I had been looking for a bag I like from them for more than a year now but clearly my picky fussy ways took all this while to find the right handbag.

I think I am officially on a Kate Spade phase in life. I don’t know how long that’d last for but its happening right now and  I am loving it.

Here’s my baby of the season….

Kate Spade Small Phoebe Emerson Place Smooth in the color ‘Spa Blue’ (quite the mouthful…)


It’s no big news that my favorite colors are blue and hard to find therefore when I set my eyes on these I was in love. Bags come and bags go but the last time I was this much in love was when I had gifted myself the Michael Kors Saffiano Satchel for my university graduation.

Also I picked up a few other cool stuff including these Johnson’s facial wipes. I just got it at the drugstore just to keep with me during all the travelling but it turned out the best thing ever to remove makeup. It does such a fantastic job in comparison to all the expensive makeup removers I have tried. I wish I had picked up a few more of them since I am already down to probably the last wipe.

Then I got this quote canvas from Hallmark for my room that is obviously themed ‘ME’ *just kidding 😉 *, and a bright blue Nyx mascara which I am not so impressed by.

I was looking for a good planner and found the cutest one at Accessorize.

While being on a Kate Spade phase I am also on a Argan Oil and Tea tree kind of phase. I had heard so much about the Ogx hair products so picked up this shampoo and condition to try. I will be reviewing them as soon as I can,


That was all for this haul but watch out for my huge crazy Sephora haul which will conclude this Haul Trilogy.

Let me know what you think of this haul and if you have used any of these products in the comments below.

Have a great week and stay happy! :*





A Teeny-weeny Nyx and Makeup Geek Haul (Review & Swatches)

A Teeny-weeny Nyx and Makeup Geek Haul (Review & Swatches)

I always hear people raving about Nyx products on how good yet cheap it is. So I’ve been wanting to try it for a while now. So Surprise! surprise! I did a little online shopping. I’m not entirely thrilled about this haul but yeah let me just get into it and tell you all about it.

These are the 3 things I got:


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