Holiday 2017 Gift Haul/Guide

Holiday 2017 Gift Haul/Guide

The holidays have officially hit and every brand on the planet is out with their incredibly fabulous holiday collections and deals. Its soo soo hard to resist swiping every offer/new product into your basket. Since I don’t celebrate Christmas I don’t have to buy gifts but with a self-control as flimsy as mine I gift myself all that I would buy as gifts(at least some of these).

On a more serious note, these are some products I thought were really nice. You could either use this post as a guide if your shopping for friends and family and check these products out or buy them for yourself (like moi). 😀


Huda Beauty came out with their 4 obsessions palettes. These cute little palettes that fit right into your palms cost $28, have 9 shades in each with the same pan size as their original (bigger) palettes.

Gift your makeup obsessed friend/family this and they’d love you forever! 😀

I picked up the electric obsessions palette because they stood out the most in terms of color for me. since I have both the Rose Gold Palette and the Dessert Dusk Palette I felt this was the perfect choice with all the bright colors. Also that teal shimmer is life! So gorgeous.


I also picked up this bon-bon by Caudalie. I have been looking for a moisturizer and got curious about this Caudalie one so wanted try it. This one comes with a deluxe size makeup cleanser, a moisture serum and a moisturizer.


This is such a cute gift idea. I’ve been eyeing Charlotte Tilbury but they are so expensive so I wanted to try them out before getting full-sized products. Since I mostly shop makeup online, this was an amazing opportunity to check out these products. Also how cute is this packaging, so luxurious and chic.

This gift set comes with 3 deluxe size products,Goddess Skin Clay Mask, Magic Cream  and Wonder Glow Primer.


I still haven’t received this one yet but I feel like this ones a deal for $59. I will talk more on it once I have it hand.

Also dont forget to stop over for some Candles because ’tis the season and the Sephora favorites are amazing if your looking to build a collection! 😀

Have a great holiday! ❤




A Limited Stila Haul

A Limited Stila Haul

That huge Boots store somewhere between Oxford street and regents street terrified me even a notch higher than how Sephora makes me feel. They just seem to have all the right stuff, after rummaging through thee ground floor with a full basket, horror-struck me and I just pulled myself out of the damn store but only of course after picking up some makeup too. So as always I wanted to share the makeup I got so here it is…

I have never used anything from Stila before because nothing really stood out or made it to my wish-list. However I always wondered what they’d be like…

I was out of eye liner of any kind at this point so I had made a note to pick a good eyeliner or two during this trip. So i went ahead and picked up 6 eyeliners since. 😛

I started with this pack of 3 eyeliners from Stila. It was one of those ‘I need a new eyeliner and I get 3 for a good price so why not buy them without too much thought’ kind of purchase.

This value set is called ‘morning to moonlight’ and has two smudge stick eyeliners’ in ‘Stingray’ and ‘Lionfish’, and a Stay All Day liquid eyeliner in ‘Intense Black’.
I ended up loving them so much that I wish I had stocked up more(although even Eeyore would know the next time I will run out of eyeliner would at least be after a good 5 years).

Next I also picked up their ‘Stay All Day’ liquid lipstick set in “naturally nude”.

I have never used any of their lipsticks naturally and hadn’t tried many liquid lipsticks too. I taught buying the set would let me experiment them in 3 different shades. I went in for the nude set as opposed to the pink and the red one was since I felt this was just safe and there was more chances of me making use of them. The 3 liquid lipsticks come in the mini-size.

If I am not wrong both these were 2016 holiday sets. I had purchased them when they had first come out in November last year.I purchased each of the above for 18 pounds.  I know limited editions, not available anymore, is an annoying thing to make a post about. However these lipsticks and eyeliners’ are available in full size on the Sephora and Boots website for anyone interested. 🙂