What’s in my honeymoon (travel) beauty bag!

What’s in my honeymoon (travel) beauty bag!

If you’ve been following me on my Instagram page you’d be aware that I just got back from my honeymoon, if you don’t follow me yet you should 😉

Anyways, one of the toughest decisions I had to make while packing was choosing the beauty products I need to take with me. Especially since it was my honeymoon I for probably the first time ever gave soo much importance to my beauty bag. With all the brain twisting decisions I was making in regards to foundations, lotions and other important bottles of wonder I thought why don’t I share it you amazing people so in case you’re having two thoughts about packing or leaving back something this might help. Also you guys give me some amazing ideas, feedback and advice that I can always use the next time I travel.


1. Base
I usually carry my Chanel Aqua Vitalumiere foundation when I travel. It’s my everyday foundation with very light coverage. It comes in a perfect size for travel and is not a glass bottle so I don’t have the fear of it breaking.
I also carry the Chanel Vitalumiere in compact which is a substitute when I don’t want even the lightest layer of liquid foundation on my skin.
I don’t personally prefer a heavy face base of makeup when I travel since I strongly believe letting the skin breathe some fresh never hurt.

2. Eyeliner
I like winging everything in life and I wing my eyes with ease with my Benefit they’re Real push-up liner. It’s waterproof and easy to use so I carry it while I travel.
For the waterline I prefer something with the right amount of pigmentation. However the only one I had at home was my Marc Jacobs Highliner gel crayon, everything else I had run out of so I grabbed it. I’m looking to write a full review on this one soon.

3. Mascara
My bestie always told me to wear some mascara and flutter my eyelashes and how could I not take that valuable piece of advice as I pack for my honeymoon. I chose my Estée Lauder Sumptous Infinite mascara. It gives me the right amount of lash without having to mix it with another one.

4. Eyeshadow
While traveling a good matte natural shadow palette is ideal. I would usually opt for my Too Faced Matte Natural palette however I chose the Dior in sample size this time since it’s so much smaller and has all matte neutral shades.

5.Beauty Blender
This phenomenon known to mankind is what I swear by and I never go anywhere without one. Read my full review on the BeautyBlender HERE.

6. Blush
I obviously took my most beloved blush of all time with me. You can have a look at my review on the MAC Blush in Pinch O’ Peach HERE.

7. Highlighter
Because it’s important to highlight everything important so I could not leave back this limited edition highlighter from NARS.

8. Lipstick
I carried a few different lipsticks so I can keep changing my look everyday.


9. The jump from summer to fall/winter weather never did good to my skin ever despite my favorite season being fall. I carried this travel size body lotion from The Body Shop in Sakura. Its one of the most important products you need to carry with you whenever you fly.

10. I believe if  there’s no lip balm in your handbag at any given time of the day, you are doing life wrong. So how can I not take one with me on the most important holiday of my life. With no one to compete it’s always my Maybelline Baby lips. 🙂

What do you carry when you travel in your beauty bag? Let me know in the comments section below.

Happy Wednesday!






Forgotten Makeup & Skin Care Samples| Dior, MAC, Estée Lauder,Sonia Rykel & Chanel

Forgotten Makeup & Skin Care Samples| Dior, MAC, Estée Lauder,Sonia Rykel & Chanel

Hi my lovelies!!

So I was in Dubai over the weekend literally shopping till I dropped without any wi-fi. Trust me when I say life without wi-fi sucks and stone age does not feel good the least bit*urgh*.  I managed to get a few pictures up on my Instagram after successfully managing to share my cousin’s hotspot for a good 10 minutes. I will be posting all my Dubai hauls and stuff over the next few weeks.

Today however I am going to share with some samples of high-end makeup and skin care products I had totally forgotten I had. I did share on my instagram a week ago how I was cleaning my stash which was when I spotted these minions.

I haven’t really used any of these and if you guys have used a sample or a full size of any of these products I would love to know how your experience went. 🙂



I received two Studio Fix foundation compact powder in the shade N30


I took this compact foundation with me to Dubai and I must say I quite liked it. I used to use MAC powders as a teenager and a slightly darker shade since the sun always managed to kiss me real good. However, the MAC lady (yes her!) managed to give me the right shade and I couldn’t be happier. I love me some free stuff you nah! 😉


CHANEL LE LIFT ANTI-WRINKLE CREAMIMG_4122Ok let me be honest I was a bit offended when I saw I got this because someone thought I needed anti-wrinkle cream while I walk around believing I am at my youthful best. Then I stopped thinking like a silly little chipmunk when I realized how important it is to look after your skin in your 20s to look decent in latter years. Anyways, anyone used this babe here?




I think the color is tad bit too light for me however since it’s a compact powder we can work around it right! 😉 Anyone a fan of this product?


Ok confession time, I don’t know what a serum is supposed to do so I just never really used this one.


For the above reason again I refrained from using this one too. Help a fellow blogger out with your expertise, anyone out there?



I am pretty intrigued to find out the ‘gel’ part of this foundation. Compact powder samples are really the cutest things ever, I feel bad to start using them and ruin all their prettiness. 😛



All these and the tiny green bottle pictured in the first photograph above. I really want to try their eye cream and the rest I don’t know much about. Have you tried any of this?

Thanks for reading! Xx






My Top 10 Beauty Products of 2014

My Top 10 Beauty Products of 2014


Last year I found some really good makeup. They have become my go-to beauty products since I’ve discovered them and they are not going anywhere anytime soon. They would be used, abused and restocked. 😉

So I decided to make a list of all of my best beauty finds of 2014 and share it with you guys because I’m nice like that! 😀 Read more

A Review: Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss Collection (Travel Exclusive)

A Review: Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss Collection (Travel Exclusive)

I am not a lipgloss person. But then on a day when I want to really go out there and dress up I would dab some over my lipstick just to add some shine and seal the color for the next couple of hours.

The prime reason I run away from gloss is because of their sticky nature. I hate having that feeling where you can’t talk properly cuz your gloss is glueing your lips together. Am I the only one this happens to? -_-

Anyways this travel exclusive Pure Color Gloss Collection from Estee Lauder was one of the many products I’ve picked up while travelling. And I am really very happy I did bring this one home unlike most of the other products I have in the past (*sigh*). This is really a must have in my opinion.


Read more

My Name on a Lipstick

My Name on a Lipstick

I got my name engraved on my lipstick. On a more honest note, I spent hours and money on a lipstick shade so I can have my name engraved on it!!! #girlproblems
I was out on a rather almost embarrassing shopping spree. I was shopping like an animal! No, a crazy woman. I was shopping like a crazy woman, because I’m a woman and crazy!
I had to stop by at Estée Lauder to get my mom something when I spotted a display of engraved lipsticks.
Despite language barriers I made the sales woman(who was superbly sweet) explain to me how it worked and how long it took. She said I just had to pay for the lipstick I wanted and the engraving was free and it would only take a minute to do so.
I knew I wanted my name on a lipstick (I like my name on everything I own in fact… Quite a territorial human) so I spent almost 30 minutes finding the shade I wanted and got mine done. It’s oh so adorable… 😀

There’s an option to have hearts, stars, Halloween pumpkins, clovers or just these ~ on either side of your name. I chose the hearts.


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