12 Beauty Favorites of 2016

12 Beauty Favorites of 2016

Better late than never! I have been to be posting this up for over 2 weeks now but my laptop charger broke and I couldn’t edit my post until I get it working.

A year has come to and end and we are more than 3 weeks deep into 2017. So I thought it’s kinda high time I post up my beauty favorites for 2016. 2016 was so many things but to me it was quite special with having to plan and plan for my wedding along with the pre and post celebrations. I spent the first half of the year using almost no makeup to very minimum of it since I wanted to prep my skin and let it breathe in preparation for the big day and the next half being decked up as much as one could. It was also the year I travelled a lot to so many different places and had the opportunity to pick up some interesting stuff. So I have a mixture of makeup and skin care products that I thought were worthy of being shared with you lovely people.

1. My Absolute Favorite Natural Matte Palette EVER!! The colors are basic, love the formula and I have hit pan on “honey butter” already. Read my full review on this palette HERE.

2. This Highlighter/blush Compact Duo is Bomb!!! My love for anything gold and shiny is very deep and this just brings that out forcing my to walk out with cheekbones shiny as the disco ball. My full review can be read HERE.img_4483

3. Go-To Lipstick of the Year!! I am in love with the formula. Hands down one of the best ones I have tried. This mauvey-pink shade has been what I pop on every time I stepped out after my wedding with mostly no other makeup on. It just feels wonderful to wear.


4. I have finally understood all the hype around the Naked 1 palette!! I use it more often than ever before (and I have had this palette for over 2 years) especially the left half since those are my kind of colors.

5. My Santa Lip Scrub!! Click HERE for review.IMG_5386

6. My ALL-TIME Favorite perfume. I go through a lot of perfumes and I tend to always try new ones. However this Dior one has held my heart for a good eight years now ever since I found her. I wore her on my wedding day too and it was the best decision ever 😀 . Check out some of my other favorites HERE.IMG_0199

7. Glitter has always been my thing! However 2016 was a year that embraced it so much that I had as much fun with it as I wished. This ones my absolute favorite!img_1338

8. Dior does something very right with their perfumes. J’Adore has been what I have been wearing everyday out and about most of the year.img_1331

9. HUDA BEAUTY PALETTE!! I know this got the most mixed reviews ever but I love it, I love how easily usable the colors are and I love the different textures and formulas. Although this came out late in the year and I had it only for about 3 months it just has become such a favorite that I had to include it in the list.img_5497

10. I think I fell in love with Anastasia Beverly Hills!! I got this pan and I love the formula and how it feels. I have been totally been digging my makeup brushes into this even if I really didn’t need to.img_4160

11. Stila Eyeliners!! Can everyone just go get this and tell me how awesome its made your wing. I will be doing a full review on it soon. :*img_6235

12. When I first tried on Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipsticks I knew there’s no going back. My husband loved ‘bombshell’ so much I wear it like everywhere. I got ‘Gossip Gurl’ too but I wish I had gotten another shade since it looks too similar other lipsticks I have.


What has been your favs last year? If you did a similar post, leave your links below so I can check them out.

Happy New Year guys! (better late than never 😀 )