An Eyeliner Guide: Finding the Best Ones

An Eyeliner Guide: Finding the Best Ones

The eyeliner is key when it comes to my makeup. It was the first thing ever that I learnt to do makeup-wise. A confession would be that I can’t do my eyeliner without a wing. I just don’t know how to. Now I can on best days create a wing so sharp that I am pretty much left with awe. But getting here took time and effort.

I have constantly been on a look out for good eyeliner. I have tried on so many. Some a hit and some a miss. It’s a constant quest and I am always looking for better ones.

Someone recently shared with me an amazing guide on eyeliners made by a team of experts.

Since I always share anything and everything I find interesting and useful with you guys, I decided to share this too.

What really caught my eye was a list of “six overall best eyeliners” based on different factors. A narrowed down list from the gazillion eyeliners out in the market makes our search so much easier. The list consists both high-end and drug store so everyone has a choice.

Here are the six:

  1. Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil($20)
  2. stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner($22)
  3. Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner($31)
  4. Maybelline New York Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner($7)
  5. Almay Amazing Lasting 16 Hour Eyeliner($7)
  6. Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner($6)

I have used at least 4 out of these liners and found them really good. I am currently obsessed with the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner.

You can find the link to the ‘Eyeliner Guide’ HERE. There are reviews and more details of each eyeliner and why each one made it to the list. Please have a look if  interested because it is pretty useful. 🙂

Hope you have a fabulous week! Xx





My longest TBR ever| May Book Haul

My longest TBR ever| May Book Haul

I’ve been reading going quite steady with my reading and have even found a way to beat around readers block most times. I have read more good books and anyone who loves reading would know how much pleasure that can trigger.

This month, I have had the biggest haul for the year, thanks to the husband for quipping in to do some book shopping for me.  As a result I have a to-read list that has me excited and frustrated at the same time. Excited because I have so much to read. Frustrated because I can’t read them all at once. Can someone offer me a super power deal maybe? 😉

Without much adieu, let me share my haul with you.

1.  THE MESSENGER BY MARKUS ZUSAKThe Book Thief was one of the best books I have read in recent times. My lingering feelings for it made me pick up (this) another Marcus Zusak book.


This was spontaneous purchase since it was in the best-selling group and had a really pretty cover. I loved this one and I would totally recommend picking it up next time you’re book hunting.


Still not the biggest fan of his writing style but after reading his newest novel, ‘One Indian Girl’ I really wanted to explore more of his work. He has a funny way of making you relate to his characters.


It’s a long book and its filled with clichés but I like am all about happy endings so I sat through it.



I have tried to discover and foray further into the world of books. These books are tiny steps. I wonder how Durjoy datta books are?


It’s the shortest and cutest story I have ever read!


This one is to satisfy the hidden nerd in me 😀


I have heard way too much sound about Salman Rushdie books so I really want to find out for myself what its all about. Has anyone read any of his work? Whats your opinion?


Jhumpa Lahiri is a genius. A fact I discovered while reading her latest book, ‘In Other Words’. She made me have a totally new perspective on reading , writing and even travelling to a certain extent. Somewhere in my head we are best friends and we share a pizza in some corner restaurant in the streets of room talking some seriously deep stuff 😉


I am dying to read this one. Its one of those books I knew I had to read.


I just finished reading this book a few days back. I wonder if the tv show is worth getting addicted? Let me know if you follow it and what you thought of it?

I am still only 4 books down from this haul and with Ramadan my reading pace has reduced but hopefully I shall be back in pace in full swing next month.

Have you read any of this books? Thought? Also book recommendations are forever welcome 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this post! Xx





Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette First Impression& Swatches

Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette First Impression& Swatches

Having followed Huda Kattan on YouTube for a very long time, I have watched her create Huda Beauty and I love how much heart she puts into her products. They are always path-breaking. I finally have my hands on her highlighter palette. I was waiting for it since she teased us about it on social media. It was all over Instagram and everyone was constantly using and swatching it. I just really wanted it not that I need a another highlighter. But hey who said beauty blogging is about needs. 😉

Once I had my Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette Golden Sands Edition (not-so-subtle product introduction) I really couldn’t wait to share my thoughts with you guys. I have worked on this post for the past three but life got me preoccupied. The hustle is real but I am still learning on that time management thing. 😐

Before we get started on the paragraphs, can we just take a second to appreciate how gorgeous the packaging looks.

Done? Good! Now read along and then leave me your thoughts and opinions below 🙂
The first impression was that it was a big palette. I really didn’t expect it to be so big or to hold so much product.
I purchased the Golden sands edition since I thought it would compliment my skin tone better.

The packaging it beautiful and it comes with the signature Huda Beauty packaging. I have to mention that this packaging is more sleek and kinda prettier than the Rose Gold Palette.The palette comes enclosed by a plastic transparent slip-on cover.The palette top itself has the gorgeous Huda Kattans face with the 3D effect glow on the eyes and cheekbone area.

‘The Golden Sands Edition’ is for medium to deep skin tones while ‘The Pink Sands Edition’ is for light to medium skin tones. I live for golden shades. I LOVE EVERYTHING GOLD!!! 😀
As you flip open you find 4 highlighter shades. The first one Fiji,is a cream based shade that is supposed to act as a base to your highlight. The other 3 Seychelles,Tahiti and Zanzibar are powders. The 4 are named after tropical beaches which I think is pretty cool.

According to her website:

This palette is packed with 2 different textures:

– the Melted Strobe, a pearlescent creamy formula enriched with Karite Butter to create a flawless lit-from-within canvas for layering powders.

– 3 light catching pressed pearls staggered in complimentary tones to give you a sculptural, 3D radiance.

Fiji is creamy golden beach sand like shade. Seychelles is a pearlized golden powder with warm undertones. Tahiti is a pearlized bronze powder while Zanzibar is a peachy pink with golden shimmers in them. They are some absolutely gorgeous shades and they really make me wanna try out the pink sands edition too.

You get 7.5 g of Fiji and 8g each of the other three.

The flip cover has ‘how to apply’ directions on it (BELOW).


Left to Right: Fiji, Seychelles, Tahiti and Zanzibar

Each palette is priced at $57 and are on the pricey side.

I am super excited to put this palette to use. Have you tried this one out? Are you planning to buy it? Will you? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Two.BB.Clean| Review

Two.BB.Clean| Review

I am the girl who isn’t happy paying for shipping in the countless online orders that she makes everyday. I am the girl who doesn’t want to buy unnecessary gimmicky stuff although has dozens of lipsticks that look painfully alike. I am that girl! So it shouldn’t be a surprise when I say I jumped into the Beauty blender bandwagon when it was priced twice as much as it is now. However I am also the one who refused to check out the liquid blender cleanser when it came out. Cleaning my beauty blender has been a fuss but I always thought why pay for a beauty blender cleanser when hand wash/face wash/shampoo would all pretty much do the same thing. It’s all detergent at the end of the day.

Cut to couple of years later to now, here I am reviewing it with an opinion to tell.

I was at my wallet’s hell, Sephora (2 months back I guess) looking to pick up another beauty blender (because they are life) when I saw this value pack.

It’s priced at $40. It was a deal and I had to have it.

The set has two original beauty blenders and one 5 oz. liquid blender cleanser.

I am all about the beauty blender(you’d know if you have been following my blog) so I will not rave anymore of it here but I will link my beauty blender review HERE.

The two beauty blenders in the set are slightly smaller and oval than my regular ones. However I don’t see any problem in it. It does not make any real difference and the only reason I spotted it was because I was comparing them while photographing.

The liquid blender cleanser is formulated without Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates. I may not be huge chemistry buff but I like when products don’t have these.

Ingredients of the liquid blender cleanser:

Water, Potassium Palm Kernelate, Potassium Oleate, Glycerin, Potassium Cocoate, Potassium Citrate, Maris Salts, Lavandula Angustifolia Oil, Citric Acid.

I have to be honest and say that I was not really expecting much from the cleanser. I just thought it was just another gimmicky product but bhoy was I wrong.

Being formulated specifically to clean beauty blenders this cleanser is good. It gets the job done with ease and not time-consuming like it usually is with the beauty blender.

They have a fancy pump that is shaped for the beauty blender. You place your blender there and push for the product.

It really does clean 90% of the stains with very little effort and time.

Here is a before and after using the liquid cleaner.

They say stubborn stains can be cleaned by soaking the blender in cleanser for a day or so. Although I’ve never tried it, I can totally see it working.

Also a little goes a long way so I can see it lasting for a while.

I don’t know yet if I would repurchase a single liquid cleanser however I am very much enjoying how clean my beauty blenders’ look now. 🙂

Have you tried these? What is your favorite method of face makeup application? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂





What’s in my current everyday makeup bag

What’s in my current everyday makeup bag

Everytime I have to travel somewhere within the country for a few days and pack my makeup bag for the same I’m in a dilemma. I mean I can carry more than I can during an international travel since there’s no weight restrictions however I still don’t want to be carrying half my stash so a tough decision has to be made. This is when I realized that I always reach out for my everyday favorites. These are the ones I use a lot during that time period. The makeup I can’t live without.
Since I just got back from my staycation this weekend I thought I’ll put together this post with what makeup I carried with me.
These are my everyday absolute favorites that I reach out for every time I need to do my makeup.


Huda Beauty Palette
I genuinely love and use this palette a lot. The colors are warm toned and suit my style. However what I love most about it is that it has everything you need for an eye look in one palette. I could make many looks using just the shades in this one palette and that’s ideal while traveling. You can read my full review of this palette HERE. Also I wanted some sparkly eyes during the holidays so I chose this one instead of my all time too faced natural matte palette which is smaller in size and travel friendly too.

Chanel foundation
This is my go-to everyday foundation. Given that I don’t wear foundation everyday or any day I don’t have to, this is the one I reach out for when I just want a light base to do my makeup on. It’s super light-weight and gives a sheen light coverage that can be built up on which I hardly ever do.

Too Faced Primed & Poreless Pure Primer
This again is one of my all time favorites. I don’t like wearing makeup without it because it lets me deal with less foundation and a flawless finish. Link to my detailed review of this primer HERE.

Bobbi Brown Brow Gel
Just to keep those hairs in place so I don’t have an ugly brow.

Nyx ‘The Curved’ Eyeliner
I am felt liner kinda girl and this one is a hit with me. I always reach out for this Nyx liner to do my wing. Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy.

Beauty Blender
I legit have no idea how to do my makeup without this beauty. You can always read my rave on it HERE.

Champagne Pop by Becca Cosmetics
I joined the bandwagon late on this Becca x Jaclyn Hill Collab and I am addicted now. The glow is real and my current favorite for sure. This girl is all about the glitter and glow! 🤗

Stila Smudge Stick Eyeliner in ‘Stingray’
I picked this up during my little adventure at Boots. This one is my trustworthy waterline companion for a long summer day. We good like that! 😛

MAC Fix+
My dry skin issues are dealt with spritz of mac fix++. I love this one to the moon and back. Cannot imagine life without.

These are some of my current favorites? What are yours?





My encounter with change; the only constant.

My encounter with change; the only constant.

Change is the only constant.
Everyone and everything goes through a change or hundreds.
While I thought I was successfully avoiding it for many years,it did catch up with me eventually. I gasped and groaned then let it pass through me tearing and whisking away the skin I had to shed. The time had come. It was my turn and I was little over voting age still slightly hangover from believing I knew everything.
Ah ignorance truly is bliss.
But the most insane thing about change or its fancier and intelligent cousin ‘evolve’ is that they hit you most when you don’t feel it.

You don’t realize they are working on you until it’s too late, often when they are done.

The stubborn minds wages war, the heart flustered paces back and forth in confusion.

However the beauty of it all is when the storm has passed. Its ruffled a few feathers on its way yet you approach with friendship. You make baby steps not-so confidently. The time for change has come and gone leaving you bewildered in the course.

Your intellect fathoms whats come over you, tears at the forgotten you.
And with the flowing tears does enlightenment come. You realize the new you. You hold out your hand in self-doubt. You try to embrace it with arms open yet your heart panics in silent. You hug it tightly. You are in certitude but you can go on.

And that’s how one day you realize you’ve grown up…

This is the cycle that has no halt, it traps you and many others once or often as it marches around while the earth takes its laps around the sun.





The Body Shop Aloe Calming Cleansing Foam| Review

The Body Shop Aloe Calming Cleansing Foam| Review

As I reach the last bits of foam from this cleansing product I thought of letting you guys know how the journey has been.

I was looking for a face cleanser that would be moisturizing and also calm my skin (dry skin issues ya know). I came across this one from The Body Shop and decided to give it a try.
I knew this wasn’t necessarily going to moisturize my face but I want something that didn’t dry my face at least.
To brief up this review I would say that this product delivers what it promises and that is always a nice thing.
I love when face skin care product are fragrance -free because that means less chances of it irritating my skin thereby making breakouts happen and then also frees us from month-long waiting sessions.

Another phrase that makes me sigh with relief on a skin care product is when they are “alcohol-free” because skin. Not an expert on this but I just know its horrible for my skin so anyone interested please feel free to spend hours on google. You’re welcome! 🙂

The product has The Body Shop signature cleansing foam packaging which super nice. Its plastic bottle with the most ideal pump. The liquid magically transforms into foam somewhere between its journey from the bottle to mouth of the pump. It’s just super easy to use.

I feel this cleanser would suit any skin type.It says it’s “formulated for sensitive skin” and I can see that.Its so calming to the skin and it feels like some of those products for babies, so soothing. It does cool the skin thanks to all that Aloe in there.

This is a cleanser I would use when I want to just soothe and calm my skin and pamper it with a lot of care but not really looking for anything extravagant. However right now I am looking for my face wash to moisturize thus my newest haul. Check my latest haul HERE.





April Book Haul

April Book Haul

I am so happy with myself 😀 . As we dived into the fourth month this year, I have been able to stick to reading and I am loving it. Being able to get lost in so many worlds is so beautiful and it saddens me how I hadn’t read much in the last couple of years.

I picked up interesting books this month of different genres to keep my short attention spanned self solicitous.

I have read Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and loved it. However I never followed up on his other work.

I randomly picked up ‘The Spy’ from his work and one of the deciding factors was that this was the only book with a hardcover. I have read this already, took me a few hours only, it’s a brief book and I am glad I did. It’s such a beautiful piece of work and its residue lies in my heart now.

I write how I liked each book I read on my Instagram page, so follow me there! 🙂

To quench my thirst for thrillers involving detectives and murder scenes is the book below.

Sometimes you gotta judge a book by its cover. And judging by this cover I feel I am going to be good reading this.

For the love of non-fiction and a rock solid feeling that its going to be good read were the reasons for the following purchase.

“In Other Words” by Jhumpa Lahiri. Has anyone read any of her other works? Recommendations?

While we are at it satisfying egos of all these genre how does one leave back romance and fantasy and a good old drama.

I picked up “Promises,Promises” by Erica James and something about the title makes me want to find out what these promises are. I hope it’s a good book.

That was my book purchase this month.

What are you reading currently? What is on your to-read list next?

Thanks for reading! Xx





A Body Shop Vitamin E Skincare Haul

A Body Shop Vitamin E Skincare Haul

The hottest and most dry season of the year has arrived along with the festivities and holidays. The scorching sun is drinking up my skin and there’s so much sales and offers going around where shopping is concerned. Everyones’ shopping, the atmosphere gets to you( definitely got to me :P).

So impromptu I decided to get some essentials I have been eyeing for a while from The Body Shop.

I had been wondering about The Body Shop Vitamin E line for a while now. I’ve always used their skin care line and I’ve tried most of the lines but never really fell in love with any for my dry skin. A few people told me to give the vitamin E ones a try once again. Since all the revamping and look that’s happened to the brand itself I thought why not.

I am currently using their cleansing foam from the ‘Aloe Vera’ line but I feel need more moisturizing. Therefore I picked up the ‘Vitamin E Gentle Face Wash. I am kinda excited for this one. My skin needs some moisture so bad. 

Then I picked up the ‘Vitamin E Hydrating Toner’ too. I’ve never used a toner although everyone time and again advised I should. I always thought it might dry out my skin. However I finally decided to have a go and the ‘hydrating’ in product name definitely helped make the purchase much easier.

Finally when I saw the ‘Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet’ I was happy dancing (in my mind of course! pfft). I’ve been wanting an aqua based moisturizer desperately and this one feels really cooling on the skin.

They also gave me a freebie, this deluxe size ‘Frosted  Cranberry Shower Gel’ with my goodies. I always love getting these tiny ones so you can try out a fragrance for a short while without being bored.

There was a 15% off offer(who’s complaing!? not me! :D)  since I got 3 products so anyone interested living in Sri Lanka can go take a look. 🙂

Do you have any favorite line from The Body Shop? Are you looking to buy any of above mentioned products? Do you already own any of them? Do you like them? Do you think they do a good job moisturizing? Let me know in the comments below! 😀

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend! Xx





A Limited Stila Haul

A Limited Stila Haul

That huge Boots store somewhere between Oxford street and regents street terrified me even a notch higher than how Sephora makes me feel. They just seem to have all the right stuff, after rummaging through thee ground floor with a full basket, horror-struck me and I just pulled myself out of the damn store but only of course after picking up some makeup too. So as always I wanted to share the makeup I got so here it is…

I have never used anything from Stila before because nothing really stood out or made it to my wish-list. However I always wondered what they’d be like…

I was out of eye liner of any kind at this point so I had made a note to pick a good eyeliner or two during this trip. So i went ahead and picked up 6 eyeliners since. 😛

I started with this pack of 3 eyeliners from Stila. It was one of those ‘I need a new eyeliner and I get 3 for a good price so why not buy them without too much thought’ kind of purchase.

This value set is called ‘morning to moonlight’ and has two smudge stick eyeliners’ in ‘Stingray’ and ‘Lionfish’, and a Stay All Day liquid eyeliner in ‘Intense Black’.
I ended up loving them so much that I wish I had stocked up more(although even Eeyore would know the next time I will run out of eyeliner would at least be after a good 5 years).

Next I also picked up their ‘Stay All Day’ liquid lipstick set in “naturally nude”.

I have never used any of their lipsticks naturally and hadn’t tried many liquid lipsticks too. I taught buying the set would let me experiment them in 3 different shades. I went in for the nude set as opposed to the pink and the red one was since I felt this was just safe and there was more chances of me making use of them. The 3 liquid lipsticks come in the mini-size.

If I am not wrong both these were 2016 holiday sets. I had purchased them when they had first come out in November last year.I purchased each of the above for 18 pounds.  I know limited editions, not available anymore, is an annoying thing to make a post about. However these lipsticks and eyeliners’ are available in full size on the Sephora and Boots website for anyone interested. 🙂