Another Sephora Dubai Haul

Another Sephora Dubai Haul

This haul is from early this year(around February if I am not wrong) and like always its taken me forever to put this up. The products in this haul are still relevant and available so I tell myself there should be no problem posting it up after a good 6 months 😀

My two current beauty blenders are pretty battered but still works really well. I still wanted to stock up on another one for when one dies. I saw this value set and grabbed it. Read my thoughts in this set HERE.

I am obsessed with nose strips because they solve pretty much my biggest skin issue. I keep trying using different methods all the time. I grabbed a couple of these Sephora nose strip and I really like them. The only downside is I feel it’s too pricey for one strip and when I got them they didn’t have packs(but I believe they have them now).

I have more highlighters than I would possibly ever need and the only explanation I can give is I like shiny things. Champagne Pop (Becca X  Jaclyn Hill) has been hyped and how. I felt it was a gorgeous shade and wanted to have it. Now the collectors limited edition version of this highlighter is available. I wont be getting my hands on those but if you are planning on this highlighter this would be a great opportunity.

I love my Kat Von D liquid lipsticks and this one has become a favorite since I got it. This is the new Lolita II and is a gorgeous rusty orangey red.I also had to restock my Nars Creamy Concealer because I was running out of it.

I also picked up an urban Decay liner. They are oh so gorgeous I could resist.

I am very picky when it comes to a blush. I keep using the same one all the time whereas I chose all my other makeup according mood and occasion.Read my favoritest blush review HERE. However I have looked to wander out of my comfort zone(something I have spoken in my various posts before). This Marc Jacobs Air blush is pure indulgence and I had to treat myself to it.

This was my Sephora Haul early this year. Await my new one in a few weeks. 😉

Have you tried any of these? Is any of these your favorites? Let me know below 🙂




One Big NYX Haul

One Big NYX Haul

A NYX store situated right in front of your hotel does no good for anyone. The chic and sleek interior screaming for attention and all that makeup. That is exactly what happened a few months back while I was traveling. Do I have to even explain what followed?!

Instead of me beating around the bush and giving you an excuse or two for my shopaholic tendencies, let me get straight to my not so little haul.

When Nyx launched their lip lingerie everyone wanted to try them out. I was no different but my reason was more to find out whats so lingerie-ish about them? *realizes she still has no clue* . Jokes aside, I loved their color choice and settled with ‘Embellishment’, a cool – toned mauve shade that was quite unique compared to my regular selections. I wore this all along my honeymoon because I am all about the puns*puts on imaginative sunglasses for coming up with that last line while sitting in front of a laptop past midnight* 😉

Next is this cute little nude matte shadow called ‘lap dance’ that I spent more hours choosing than it should be allowed. I am all for a good nude shade and this one is another feather in the collection. Also this packaging!! Is anyone else falling for it as much as I am?

I had mentioned in my Stila Haul how I was in a lookout for eyeliners a few months back and ended up with enough for my entire family. I had seen ‘The Curved’ Nyx eyeliner around and had always wondered whether it was really as ergonomic as its expected to be. Given how I was in the lookout for a good raccoon eye maker how could I not pick this up. Lookout for a much review soon.

I am all about that glitter since forever. I don’t care what you think of it but I would forever be in love with anything and everything shiny. And I have only genetics to blame for it. 😀 Grabbed a few glitters from the Nyx store because I can’t have enough.

I also got two blush pans. One on the mauve side and the other a very pigmented pink. Both have sparkles in them. I also got an empty blush palette to insert the pans into. #ThatOrganizedLife 😉

Have you tried out any of these products? Whats your favorite Nyx product?




The Carli Bybel Deluxe Palette| Review

The Carli Bybel Deluxe Palette| Review

Makeup is an addiction that I never thought I’d have. But then here I am sharing my thoughts on another new palette. Like always this post is long due and so are all those sitting in my draft box waiting to be edited.

I have eyed the Carli Bybel Deluxe Palette ever since I saw the first swatches out on social media. I marked the date and secured my palette in the early hours of its pre-launch. It is the first ever palette I pre-ordered and I am glad I did.

The packaging is the exact design as her previous palette with BH Cosmetics and the design itself is pretty cool with the white and grey marble print. This is a bigger palette than the earlier one and includes some shades from the old palette and a few new shades. This diversity kind of interested me because I didn’t buy her previous palette.

To be honest, I don’t want to bore you all and myself with the not so important details. Also there’s so many reviews out there stating the obvious.

This is how the inside of the palette looks like:

I think the palette is really pretty and has nice vary of shades. My first thought on top of my head when I held open the palette was that I can totally create 4 different looks at least from this palette without putting much thought. Versatility is a  pretty cool to have in a palette.

The palette consists of 21 eyeshadows and highlighters. There are 11 original shades(from her previous palette) and 10 new shadows and highlighters.

Moreover, I love how the shades itself are complimentary to a very wide range of skin tones. Personally, I a medium skin toned woman find it super hard to find an entire palette that can complement my skin tone however this one was a nice difference from the usual.

The eyeshadow are super buttery, I really don’t know how she does it especially the shimmer shadows are a treat to swatch. They are also extremely pigmented and the color payoff is amazing given the price. The staying power is beyond amazing.

This is priced at $22.50 (exc. shipping) and can be purchased from the BH Cosmetics website. I preordered it for $19.50 (exc. shipping).


1st Row (from the top)2nd row

3rd Row

4th Row

5th Row

Did you get your hands on this palette? Are you interested?What do you think of it? Whats your current favorite palette?




July Book Haul

July Book Haul

I have a TBR of a few books and a half read book from my last haul yet I just really wanted to go out and get a few more books. The thing is I like ready what I would like to call as ‘heavy’ books both in mass and plot/writing style yet I really need to change things up and read a light or gripping book so I can keep reading without getting all lazy about it.

This month I found 2 books I have eyed for a while and 2 just because they looked interesting.

Here are they:

  1. How To Be A Bawse By Lilly Singh

Having followed her on YouTube since my days in university, when Superwoman decided to write a book I needed it in my life. It took me awhile to get my hands on it because most places don’t ship to where I live and finding a place that did was taking forever. Finally last week I saw it at a local bookshop, and id I am not wrong I fetched the last copy they had. Are you a Superwoman fan? Did you buy this book? Did you like it? Do you like non-fiction in general?

2. The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty

I’ve read Big Little Lies by the same author and realized that I loved her way of story-telling. Its domesticated, filled with emotions, imperfections yet does not go so deep that she scars you. When I saw she had another book I needed to have it.

On the other hand, my husband keeps wondering what on earth I am reading. 😀

3. Manuscript Found in Acca By Paulo Coelho

Another one of his books because I love them!

4. The Secret by  Katerina Diamond

It seems to be a crime/thriller and the reviews looked good. 🙂

That was my book haul this month. What are you reading currently?







My Fundamental Principles of Skincare

My Fundamental Principles of Skincare

I love my makeup. I do hauls more than its necessary. It’s an art-form that really has become a passion over time. However I am a stronger believer of loving yourself with and without makeup. I believe in investing time in looking after my health and especially my skin.

The thing about skin however is that it’s never the same. It’s a roller coaster ride and you go through so many ups and downs, good days and bad days and its a constant struggle.

I have a few fundamental principles of skin care that I follow religiously. These are simple and I have gathered them over the years trying to understand how skin my works.

So here they are:

  1. Know Your skin – The first thing to having a skin care routine is to understand your skin. Is it oily/dry or combination? What is it sensitive to? You really have to find the basics.
  2. Drink Water – I may love my coca cola but nothing compares to good old water. It helps to flush out the bad stuff.
  3. If It Ain’t Broken, Don’t Fix It!- Don’t pack your face with products you don’t need. You are just feeding unnecessary chemicals.
  4. Use a Mild Face Wash – Because why slap your face with all those harsh chemicals.
  5. Always Take Off Your Makeup Properly – Even the stubborn eyeliner and mascara 😀
  6. Moisturize- Just do it!
  7. Eat Healthy- This is something I constantly struggle with however I have realized they aren’t kidding when they say “you are what you eat”. 😉

These are my go-to solutions to try keep my skin healthy. What do you resort to? What are your basic set of rules you follow in keeping your skin glowing?





My Evening Skincare Routine

My Evening Skincare Routine

As I typed in that title I knew that this is something I really need to talk about. If I was someone who spends an awful lot of time carrying out a routine of anything this post would sound a whole lot different. But I am what I am and I struggle with life-like anybody out there stumbling along trying to make everything work.

One such thing I am painfully particular is my skin and taking care of it. I in my own rudimentary way make sure I keep my skin healthy. I mean being makeup obsessed is fun and its an absolutely beautiful expression of art but you gotta have that canvas well.

I have a very simple skin care routine before bed just because I am not someone who can follow something too elaborate every day.

These have my absolute must-do before bed:

  1. Take Off My Makeup– No matter how sleepy or tired I am I take off my makeup with a makeup remover that is not too harsh on my skin.
  2. Cleanse Face– This is a no-brainer. I wash my face with a mild face wash.
  3. Moisturize– I try to make it a point to moisturize my face before bed.
  4. Use a Sleep Mask– This is an on/off thing I do when my face really needs some extra moisturizing. I slather a good sleep mask before I doze off. My favorite is the ones from Sephora.

5.Beauty Sleep– One other thing as important as my routine is a good nights sleep. They don’t call it beauty sleep for no reason.Not having good and enough sleep can mess up your skin big time. It is very important for me to have the right amount sleep and a comfortable one while at it. For instance, I had to switch up my pillow the other day because it would make my neck ache. Similarly it is very important you choose your mattress right.

What is your skincare routine like? I’d love to know! 😀





An Eyeliner Guide: Finding the Best Ones

An Eyeliner Guide: Finding the Best Ones

The eyeliner is key when it comes to my makeup. It was the first thing ever that I learnt to do makeup-wise. A confession would be that I can’t do my eyeliner without a wing. I just don’t know how to. Now I can on best days create a wing so sharp that I am pretty much left with awe. But getting here took time and effort.

I have constantly been on a look out for good eyeliner. I have tried on so many. Some a hit and some a miss. It’s a constant quest and I am always looking for better ones.

Someone recently shared with me an amazing guide on eyeliners made by a team of experts.

Since I always share anything and everything I find interesting and useful with you guys, I decided to share this too.

What really caught my eye was a list of “six overall best eyeliners” based on different factors. A narrowed down list from the gazillion eyeliners out in the market makes our search so much easier. The list consists both high-end and drug store so everyone has a choice.

Here are the six:

  1. Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil($20)
  2. stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner($22)
  3. Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner($31)
  4. Maybelline New York Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner($7)
  5. Almay Amazing Lasting 16 Hour Eyeliner($7)
  6. Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner($6)

I have used at least 4 out of these liners and found them really good. I am currently obsessed with the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner.

You can find the link to the ‘Eyeliner Guide’ HERE. There are reviews and more details of each eyeliner and why each one made it to the list. Please have a look if  interested because it is pretty useful. 🙂

Hope you have a fabulous week! Xx





My longest TBR ever| May Book Haul

My longest TBR ever| May Book Haul

I’ve been reading going quite steady with my reading and have even found a way to beat around readers block most times. I have read more good books and anyone who loves reading would know how much pleasure that can trigger.

This month, I have had the biggest haul for the year, thanks to the husband for quipping in to do some book shopping for me.  As a result I have a to-read list that has me excited and frustrated at the same time. Excited because I have so much to read. Frustrated because I can’t read them all at once. Can someone offer me a super power deal maybe? 😉

Without much adieu, let me share my haul with you.

1.  THE MESSENGER BY MARKUS ZUSAKThe Book Thief was one of the best books I have read in recent times. My lingering feelings for it made me pick up (this) another Marcus Zusak book.


This was spontaneous purchase since it was in the best-selling group and had a really pretty cover. I loved this one and I would totally recommend picking it up next time you’re book hunting.


Still not the biggest fan of his writing style but after reading his newest novel, ‘One Indian Girl’ I really wanted to explore more of his work. He has a funny way of making you relate to his characters.


It’s a long book and its filled with clichés but I like am all about happy endings so I sat through it.



I have tried to discover and foray further into the world of books. These books are tiny steps. I wonder how Durjoy datta books are?


It’s the shortest and cutest story I have ever read!


This one is to satisfy the hidden nerd in me 😀


I have heard way too much sound about Salman Rushdie books so I really want to find out for myself what its all about. Has anyone read any of his work? Whats your opinion?


Jhumpa Lahiri is a genius. A fact I discovered while reading her latest book, ‘In Other Words’. She made me have a totally new perspective on reading , writing and even travelling to a certain extent. Somewhere in my head we are best friends and we share a pizza in some corner restaurant in the streets of room talking some seriously deep stuff 😉


I am dying to read this one. Its one of those books I knew I had to read.


I just finished reading this book a few days back. I wonder if the tv show is worth getting addicted? Let me know if you follow it and what you thought of it?

I am still only 4 books down from this haul and with Ramadan my reading pace has reduced but hopefully I shall be back in pace in full swing next month.

Have you read any of this books? Thought? Also book recommendations are forever welcome 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this post! Xx





Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette First Impression& Swatches

Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette First Impression& Swatches

Having followed Huda Kattan on YouTube for a very long time, I have watched her create Huda Beauty and I love how much heart she puts into her products. They are always path-breaking. I finally have my hands on her highlighter palette. I was waiting for it since she teased us about it on social media. It was all over Instagram and everyone was constantly using and swatching it. I just really wanted it not that I need a another highlighter. But hey who said beauty blogging is about needs. 😉

Once I had my Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette Golden Sands Edition (not-so-subtle product introduction) I really couldn’t wait to share my thoughts with you guys. I have worked on this post for the past three but life got me preoccupied. The hustle is real but I am still learning on that time management thing. 😐

Before we get started on the paragraphs, can we just take a second to appreciate how gorgeous the packaging looks.

Done? Good! Now read along and then leave me your thoughts and opinions below 🙂
The first impression was that it was a big palette. I really didn’t expect it to be so big or to hold so much product.
I purchased the Golden sands edition since I thought it would compliment my skin tone better.

The packaging it beautiful and it comes with the signature Huda Beauty packaging. I have to mention that this packaging is more sleek and kinda prettier than the Rose Gold Palette.The palette comes enclosed by a plastic transparent slip-on cover.The palette top itself has the gorgeous Huda Kattans face with the 3D effect glow on the eyes and cheekbone area.

‘The Golden Sands Edition’ is for medium to deep skin tones while ‘The Pink Sands Edition’ is for light to medium skin tones. I live for golden shades. I LOVE EVERYTHING GOLD!!! 😀
As you flip open you find 4 highlighter shades. The first one Fiji,is a cream based shade that is supposed to act as a base to your highlight. The other 3 Seychelles,Tahiti and Zanzibar are powders. The 4 are named after tropical beaches which I think is pretty cool.

According to her website:

This palette is packed with 2 different textures:

– the Melted Strobe, a pearlescent creamy formula enriched with Karite Butter to create a flawless lit-from-within canvas for layering powders.

– 3 light catching pressed pearls staggered in complimentary tones to give you a sculptural, 3D radiance.

Fiji is creamy golden beach sand like shade. Seychelles is a pearlized golden powder with warm undertones. Tahiti is a pearlized bronze powder while Zanzibar is a peachy pink with golden shimmers in them. They are some absolutely gorgeous shades and they really make me wanna try out the pink sands edition too.

You get 7.5 g of Fiji and 8g each of the other three.

The flip cover has ‘how to apply’ directions on it (BELOW).


Left to Right: Fiji, Seychelles, Tahiti and Zanzibar

Each palette is priced at $57 and are on the pricey side.

I am super excited to put this palette to use. Have you tried this one out? Are you planning to buy it? Will you? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Two.BB.Clean| Review

Two.BB.Clean| Review

I am the girl who isn’t happy paying for shipping in the countless online orders that she makes everyday. I am the girl who doesn’t want to buy unnecessary gimmicky stuff although has dozens of lipsticks that look painfully alike. I am that girl! So it shouldn’t be a surprise when I say I jumped into the Beauty blender bandwagon when it was priced twice as much as it is now. However I am also the one who refused to check out the liquid blender cleanser when it came out. Cleaning my beauty blender has been a fuss but I always thought why pay for a beauty blender cleanser when hand wash/face wash/shampoo would all pretty much do the same thing. It’s all detergent at the end of the day.

Cut to couple of years later to now, here I am reviewing it with an opinion to tell.

I was at my wallet’s hell, Sephora (2 months back I guess) looking to pick up another beauty blender (because they are life) when I saw this value pack.

It’s priced at $40. It was a deal and I had to have it.

The set has two original beauty blenders and one 5 oz. liquid blender cleanser.

I am all about the beauty blender(you’d know if you have been following my blog) so I will not rave anymore of it here but I will link my beauty blender review HERE.

The two beauty blenders in the set are slightly smaller and oval than my regular ones. However I don’t see any problem in it. It does not make any real difference and the only reason I spotted it was because I was comparing them while photographing.

The liquid blender cleanser is formulated without Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates. I may not be huge chemistry buff but I like when products don’t have these.

Ingredients of the liquid blender cleanser:

Water, Potassium Palm Kernelate, Potassium Oleate, Glycerin, Potassium Cocoate, Potassium Citrate, Maris Salts, Lavandula Angustifolia Oil, Citric Acid.

I have to be honest and say that I was not really expecting much from the cleanser. I just thought it was just another gimmicky product but bhoy was I wrong.

Being formulated specifically to clean beauty blenders this cleanser is good. It gets the job done with ease and not time-consuming like it usually is with the beauty blender.

They have a fancy pump that is shaped for the beauty blender. You place your blender there and push for the product.

It really does clean 90% of the stains with very little effort and time.

Here is a before and after using the liquid cleaner.

They say stubborn stains can be cleaned by soaking the blender in cleanser for a day or so. Although I’ve never tried it, I can totally see it working.

Also a little goes a long way so I can see it lasting for a while.

I don’t know yet if I would repurchase a single liquid cleanser however I am very much enjoying how clean my beauty blenders’ look now. 🙂

Have you tried these? What is your favorite method of face makeup application? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂