Final Exam Practical Activity

The final practical for this class. As much as its nostalgic ,I need to get to work now….

The activity option I chose is :

The chairman of the Intergalactic Board of Education (IBE) is trying to decide whether CIS0835 should continue next semester or be terminated. The IBE has asked for your opinion, as a recent student of the class, as to what to do. Please write a persuasive letter to the Intergalactic Board of Education stating your opinion on the matter.

Laptop computer by npslibrarian

Photo details :I used the photo “Computer Laptop” by npslibrarian uploaded on flickr and is licensed under a Creative Commons  Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic  License for this post. The author of the image does not endorse any of my work.

I chose this picture as it had a laptop with a webpage about education on its screen. I thought this would relate to my topic as I would also be talking of education and cyberspace too. 🙂

So now to the “persuasive” letter:

To the Chairman of the Intergalactic Board of Education,

This is a letter in order to state my opinion on why the CIS0835 class should be continued next semester. I am Hajara Asad Ali and I have been a student of this class during the spring 2012 semester. Apart from being a fun and interesting class ,I believe, it is a very fresh approach to learning.

This class has an interesting approach to learning which is quite similar in the path of Gardner Campbell’s version of “progress” in his article “A personal cyberinfrastructure”. In a world where higher education is limited to only slide shows, writing assignments using a word processing software and emailing or printing it, this course has given me to explore the creativity in me. Instead of writing a boring long essay stating facts off some database for assignments ,we have the ds106 assignments. This enables us to study and learn at the same time. I have learnt photo editing, how to use a a blog, use information around the web without being guilty of plagiarism and have been exposed to a crazy number of sites that are so useful along with learning about the history of the internet,the benefits of it and all the dangers from the internet we as a society, face. I would not be even wrong to say it has given me a lot of confidence in managing myself in the cyber world. So what else should a Cyberspace and society class need to achieve.

This class is a required General education course. And I think it should remain as it is a very essential general education course. The confidence gained by this class in handling and using the internet effectively in the society, can be easily transferred into and used in other courses in college.

Therefore I strongly believe that this class should remain and continue next semester. I would request you to consider my reasons and opinions while making your decision.

Yours Sincerely,

Hajara Asad Ali

I am not an awesome formal writer. Hopefully this letter would do 🙂

My last post for this class….Had a blast being in here and hopefully this class continues so that others in TUJ can see how fun learning can be sometimes.

Thank you scott for an awesome class.


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