Daily Create W2

Daily Create #4

Today’s daily create:

“Take a photo of an object that represents how you feel.”

Today's Daily Create!

This pendant semi- sparkly and semi- plain ,for some reason represents the me who wants to stay carefree whereas my birthday keeps coming at jet speed every year which forces me to pretend to be grown up! 😦

Daily Create #5

Today’s(17th Feb) Daily Create :

‘Take a photo of a bird today’

Tokyo has less birds. The few cute ones I saw refused to pose for a photograph( such attitude!). Then I found this pigeon with a less attractive partner( who didn’t make it to the photo) sight seeing near the Shirokane-Takanawa Station.

So here’s presenting my pigeon of the day:

Daily Create!

Daily Create #6
Today’s Daily Create was to:

“Take a photo of your most prized possession.”

All my “prized possessions” are back home! From the stuff I have with me here this watch qualifies ! My dad bought it for me on one of our most memorable family vacations!


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