Daily Create W1

Daily Create #1

Today’s Daily Create was to:

“Create a photograph that represents the happiest or most memorable moment in your life.”
Daily Create #1

The story behind the photo:

I snapped this photo during a rail/road trip I went with my family last winter break(December 2011). It brings back memories of the awesome,crazy fun time we had! I saw so much of my country and traveled in the local train for the first time! 12 hrs on the train and 6 hrs traveling back home via road just was not enough….My uncle made it a point that they went on the trip when I was there too so yea…its special,memorable and one of the happiest moments of my life with the people that mean everything to me!

The waterfall in the picture is the second tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka…I was trying my hands in photography and I think it came out not that bad šŸ™‚

Daily Create #2

Today’s Daily Create was to :

Photograph your own or someone else’s cool tattoo.

This is a picture of a temporary tattoo made of henna.

photo (7)


In this picture is the hand of one of my friends hands when she had got Henna done. Henna is kind of a temporary tattoo which stays on for a few weeks so I thought this picture would be apt for todays daily create! And I really dont know if anyone i know has a tattoo.. šŸ˜‰

Daily Create #3

Today’s Daily Create:

Take a photo of a food being served or eaten in an unconventional way.

Today's Daily Create

I clicked this picture because it amused me how the crackers and chocolate biscuit was served ! I mean seriously….all this trouble for just to biscuit! I thought this picture was apt for Today’s Daily Create as this sure looks unconventional from my point of view! šŸ˜‰


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