Another Sephora Dubai Haul

Another Sephora Dubai Haul

This haul is from early this year(around February if I am not wrong) and like always its taken me forever to put this up. The products in this haul are still relevant and available so I tell myself there should be no problem posting it up after a good 6 months 😀

My two current beauty blenders are pretty battered but still works really well. I still wanted to stock up on another one for when one dies. I saw this value set and grabbed it. Read my thoughts in this set HERE.

I am obsessed with nose strips because they solve pretty much my biggest skin issue. I keep trying using different methods all the time. I grabbed a couple of these Sephora nose strip and I really like them. The only downside is I feel it’s too pricey for one strip and when I got them they didn’t have packs(but I believe they have them now).

I have more highlighters than I would possibly ever need and the only explanation I can give is I like shiny things. Champagne Pop (Becca X  Jaclyn Hill) has been hyped and how. I felt it was a gorgeous shade and wanted to have it. Now the collectors limited edition version of this highlighter is available. I wont be getting my hands on those but if you are planning on this highlighter this would be a great opportunity.

I love my Kat Von D liquid lipsticks and this one has become a favorite since I got it. This is the new Lolita II and is a gorgeous rusty orangey red.I also had to restock my Nars Creamy Concealer because I was running out of it.

I also picked up an urban Decay liner. They are oh so gorgeous I could resist.

I am very picky when it comes to a blush. I keep using the same one all the time whereas I chose all my other makeup according mood and occasion.Read my favoritest blush review HERE. However I have looked to wander out of my comfort zone(something I have spoken in my various posts before). This Marc Jacobs Air blush is pure indulgence and I had to treat myself to it.

This was my Sephora Haul early this year. Await my new one in a few weeks. 😉

Have you tried any of these? Is any of these your favorites? Let me know below 🙂





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