My encounter with change; the only constant.

My encounter with change; the only constant.

Change is the only constant.
Everyone and everything goes through a change or hundreds.
While I thought I was successfully avoiding it for many years,it did catch up with me eventually. I gasped and groaned then let it pass through me tearing and whisking away the skin I had to shed. The time had come. It was my turn and I was little over voting age still slightly hangover from believing I knew everything.
Ah ignorance truly is bliss.
But the most insane thing about change or its fancier and intelligent cousin ‘evolve’ is that they hit you most when you don’t feel it.

You don’t realize they are working on you until it’s too late, often when they are done.

The stubborn minds wages war, the heart flustered paces back and forth in confusion.

However the beauty of it all is when the storm has passed. Its ruffled a few feathers on its way yet you approach with friendship. You make baby steps not-so confidently. The time for change has come and gone leaving you bewildered in the course.

Your intellect fathoms whats come over you, tears at the forgotten you.
And with the flowing tears does enlightenment come. You realize the new you. You hold out your hand in self-doubt. You try to embrace it with arms open yet your heart panics in silent. You hug it tightly. You are in certitude but you can go on.

And that’s how one day you realize you’ve grown up…

This is the cycle that has no halt, it traps you and many others once or often as it marches around while the earth takes its laps around the sun.






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