While I was travelling around Europe I made time for some KIKO shopping in Milan during my honeymoon. I mean to be honest I couldn’t resist although I needed none but wanted everything but boy am I glad or what that I did because these are some fine stuff right here.
I have been wanting to share this for a while now along with some more exciting hauls I made but then i am still trying to get my routine back and do posts on time. That struggle shall continue and I shall keep bulking on hauls after hauls. Although I have managed to get some fulfilling reviews  out there recently I just have to get back to business and I’m a lazy bum.
I have always viewed KIKO as an amazing brand for eye makeup namely eyeliners’ and mascaras. However every time I stepped into a KIKO store I was repeatedly reminded of how much variety they have in terms of all kinds of makeup. Their price point is somewhere in between drugstore and high-end. I kept frantically running around the store trying to make good decisions and all in vain.
I did pick up a few eye liners because at that point I literally had just one liner in my collection and I was looking for some good ones.
I picked up a beautiful berry lipstick and some eyeshadow sticks for experiments sake.


Firstly lets talk about the beautiful berry lipstick that I absolutely didn’t need but picked up anyways. Its matte and I just wanted to check out how their lipsticks are. This one is pigmented,velvety and the color is gorgeous. Its called Passion in case you’re wondering.

I also picked up a very thin kohl pencil in black that I thought would be ideal for my waterline since I like using it very precise and not over the top or have raccoon eyes.

Then I got their fancily named ‘Lasting Precision Automatic Eyeliner and Kohl’ in Mattita Occhi because I am always all about that color.

The final two were a very tough decision to make amidst so many lovely versatile shades.

‘The Long Lasting Stick – 8 hour no transfer eyeshadow’ stick is true to its description. I got a bronzy shade that I felt was neutral enough to use in many ways.

But then as much as I love my neutrals I am a sucker of some color especially blue. I am/was the girl who loved blue. Their Sparkling Trail Eyeshadow stick collection had just launched and of course I couldn’t escape the desire of bringing one with me so I unsurprisingly chose a brilliant blue.

That was all of my KIKO haul I squeezed in. Does it ever happen to any of you guys where you really don’t understand why you had to buy everything you did? Like why? Also have you tried anything from KIKO? If so, what is your absolute favorite? Share it with us all in a comment below. 😀






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