MAC Nutcracker Sweet Copper Face Compact| Review

MAC Nutcracker Sweet Copper Face Compact| Review

Mac Cosmetics is on a roll. They are coming up with some really fab products and collections. They are putting in so much effort into packaging lately which is a very rare for MAC given how they usually stick to their classic no fuss ones. The Nutcracker collection that’s out and everywhere makes this fact evident.
This collection is just sooo beautiful I must say.img_4481

The packaging is a whole new thing and the range of colors and product is so feminine, young and everything I love in makeup.
I would have swooped up the whole collection if only I didn’t have 10 others of very similar shades.
The colors they’ve worked with are very feminine and very workable so it’s something you’d actually use after the whole hype has died down.
Quality wise I don’t need to say much when MAC is concerned since they always nail it.
However despite not really needing anymore makeup I could not resist picking up the Sweet Copper Face Compact from the Nutcracker collection which I decided to give you lovelies a review on.
Let me start from the packaging… The bright pink and purple packaging with the gold and black details is beyond beautiful. I’m more than impressed and in love with how pretty the packaging is. They’ve got this golden embroidery of the nutcracker collection logo on the compact top (see below!) and  how cute is that! 😀img_4482
Now that, that is out-of-the-way, let me explain a bit about the product itself.
This product consists of two gorgeous products: Whisper of Gilt and Pleasure Model. img_4483

You get 4.5g(0.16oz) product of each for $35.

Whisper of Gilt is an extra dimension skin-finish of a warm golden shimmery shade with a frost-like finish.  It is highly pigmented so always use with a light-hand.

The only reason I made this purchase (apart from the packaging of course) is for whisper of gilt. When this highlighter came out as a limited edition a couple of years back I couldn’t get my hands on them and somehow knew it would come back (geez, I need to get a crystal ball and try make a living with all this non-gross gut stuff going on).
This would probably be my first gold based highlighter and I’m pretty excited to try it out. I’m sure it would compliment my skin tone very well.

Pleasure Model is an extra dimension blush shade which is of a coppery shade with a satin finish. This blush reflects in five shimmering shades which gives out a metallic effect. It is a very buildable shade with warm undertones. Initially I wasn’t sure Id have much use with this one especially since I stick to my all time favorite blush which is a matte.However this one literally just blends into my skin and has a natural finish.


img_4480Left:Whisper of Gilt, Right: Pleasure Model

 Have you tried this? Have you got anything from The Nutcracker Collection? How do you like it? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to know 🙂






10 thoughts on “MAC Nutcracker Sweet Copper Face Compact| Review

  1. I remember the hype around Whisper of Gilt! I’m glad you got your hands on it finally! It’s true through, MAC limited edition shades often come back round…
    I’ve looked at the Nutcracker collection a few times but nothing is compelling me to part with my cash!

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