Reviewing My Go-to Palette| Too Faced Natural Matte

Reviewing My Go-to Palette| Too Faced Natural Matte

Today I have finally decided to review my go-to, love-palette of my life. 😀 **fireworks** **because I am finally updating something** 😛


The first thing I ever thought of this palette was how soft and buttery the shadows felt on my fingers and then I knew I’m gonna really really like this one. Me at Sephora is a very nerve-wrecking scenario. I mean I am usually smart(or I would like to believe) but every time I am at that makeup heaven (for the lack of a better word) I have my head spinning with lust that I forget my wish list and end up creating a whole new one on the spot ( y’all can imagine what that leaves me at).
I looked at the sample of this palette with puppy eyes at the already crowded counter and as I outstretched my arm to grab myself a palette, there were 2 other ladies who grabbed it at almost the same time as me. Thank god they had stock and these two random ladies and the salesperson saying “that seems popular” gave me enough reason to take it all the way to the cash counter and purchase this palette.
To be honest this has been the only palette I’ve never regret buying. I’ve used it so much that I might hit pan soon and that is a rare for me. The colors are so basic and in the real world that’s what you need mostly.

The tin packaging is very cute, the lingerie inspired design is chic and overall easy to use.


The palette has 3 highlighter shades and 6 eyeshadows. All are matte shades therefore even the supposed highlighters can be used as you like.

Whoever is coming up with the names for the Too-Faced palette shadows needs to be high-fived like over and over again. I’d say give her(or him) a raise but I don’t want to be putting people in the spot here.
Anyways I love them.
There is almost no fall off, the shadows feel soo buttery I can’t get over it.
The palette is a combination of both warm and cool-toned shades however has more cool shaded ones. The pigmentation is really good but I feel the warm toned shadows have more pigmentation than the cool toned ones. However I really don’t mind that since I like using my cool-toned shades light-handedly.

My absolute favorite is ‘honey butter’ which is obviously also the most used shadow in my palette followed by ‘chocolate cookie’, ‘strapless’ and ‘sexpresso’. Such cheesy names by the way.

This is one palette that I can use more than half he shadows during one makeup look which is so versatile.

With the right many shades packed very practically into a light packaging of the right size, this one is perfect to carry with you when travelling too.

The palette comes with a 3-steps guide and is designed to give 3 different kinds of makeup looks; ‘Day’, ‘Classic’ and ‘Fashion’.

The price point is at $34 when I purchased it last year and I as far as I know it’s still the same.



Top : Heaven, Cashmere Bunny and Sexpresso

Middle: Lace Teddy, Strapless and Risque

Bottom: Nude, Honey Butter and Chocolate cookie

Do you have this palette? Is it on your wish list? What do you think of it? Let me know in a comment below. 🙂

Have a great weekend. Xx






5 thoughts on “Reviewing My Go-to Palette| Too Faced Natural Matte

  1. This was one of the first TooFaced palettes I bought and I still use it and love it. It’s a great neutral palette! I also like their Romantic palette. I missed out on the PB&J one – and I’m thinking about getting Funfetti. I just feel like I have so many palettes… I forget I have them or forget to use them. LOL

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