September Book Haul

September Book Haul

I love reading, I love being able to get lost in an entirely different world. I love how I can drink every emotion the author pens down and I love that especially on a rainy Cody day with a cup of coffee. 😉
With all the wedding chaos coming to a halt, I have finally been able to busy myself in books in whatever free time I get. So I thought why not share a September haul.
So my plan was to read a non-brainer, then a brain gripping story and repeat. #smartme

The first book I read was “Prada and Prejudice” by Katie Oliver.
I am not a huge fan of books in this genre but I’m not completely averse to them either. At the end, it all depends on my mood. The title sort of gave me the idea that the book had some inspiration from the “Pride and the Prejudice” and just wanted to give it a try.
The only reason I’m not a fan of such books is because in general there’s always a messed up girl obsessed with the fashion week trying to find a rich man to buy her everything she wants and I hate that. I love books with a strong female protagonist and a gold-digger isn’t one. Thankfully this book had a much evolved characterization for every character. It was more about growing rather than hoping. It was more about realizing you need to work your butt off to save yourself instead of waiting for someone else to do it for you. The author kinda did put in more than necessary sub-plot towards the end but nevertheless it was a good read.


Good Girls Don’t Die by Isabelle Grey had me at that title.
I mean wouldn’t you want to know more about something like that. The style of writing is magnificent and so gripping. I love how easily the author lets you identify with the characters. Crime and mystery are my all time favorite genre and I couldn’t wait to finish reading this one.


I watched the Confessions of a Shopaholic a very very long time ago that it’s making me feel quite old. I discovered Sophie Kinsella and her books a couple of years ago. Her books always make me laugh and I really like that. So I’m currently trying to make sure she makes me laugh with this one too.


Last but not least is a book I have tried to read since I was in Uni. I had a copy of it for awhile and tried t start reading but with my busy schedule it was all in vain. So now I’m super excitedly looking forward to finally read “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” by Steig Larsson. If anyone of you have read let me know how you liked it…😊

This was my little book haul this last month. Let me know what your currently reading and some must reads that I should catch over the next months. 😃😃

Have a great weekend. Xx






8 thoughts on “September Book Haul

  1. I haven’t read “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” yet either but it’s on my to read list. My friend recommended it to me – she said she couldn’t put it down. First, I want to read “Gone Girl” though.

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  2. I really enjoyed Girl With the Dragon Tattoo! The original Swedish movie was interesting, as well, but I prefer the book. Haven’t seen the English remake.

    I love darker stories. I’m embarrassingly enough not reading anything at the moment. I have been partway through many books for years, though, LOL! I need to finish up Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, for one. Yes, I’m very late with my books.

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