Current Favorites| August & September

Current Favorites| August & September

To start off if you’re wondering why I don’t have a favorites post for May, June or July let me explain. So I got engaged in mid-may, hosted my art exhibition two weeks later and then got married over the first two weeks in August(yes it took me two weeks to do that; I’m asian) while going mad trying to plan my perfect wedding added to that a month of fasting. The only skin care I did was to keep my skin from becoming too dry and I almost never used makeup over this time just to make sure I had fresh skin on my big day. Therefore, even if I wanted I wouldn’t have much to speak of in a favorites post in terms of makeup or skin care. And honestly, I was soo busy with all the planning, redoing my bedroom and just going crazy with anxiety that I never could take a breather and pen down my thoughts as much as I wanted to.

Anyways now being a new bride, I do my makeup so often enough to make-up for all these months so here’s a list of things I’ve been obsessing over lately.

J’adore by Christian Diorimg_1331

I’m obsessed about perfumes and smelling good for the longest time ever. Its one of those things I panic over. I told you guys about my Top 4 all time favorites fragrances. Currently I’ve been obsessed over this one and I am loving it! 😉

Infamous by Marc Jacobs


My current go-to lipstick. I always carry it with me and its been a life saver-stopping-me-from-looking-dead many times kinda fantastic.

Long-Wear Even Finish Compact Foundation by Bobbi Brown

I am not one for heavy foundation on my skin but this one really helps me in coverage and a clean base whenever I need it. I combine it with another foundation while using,keeping it concentrated only to the problem areas.

Urban Decay Naked Palette


Let me be honest and confess it took me almost 1.5 years since I got it to understand the hype about this one. Initially I wasn’t just feeling it. I always thought it wasn’t buttery enough or there just too much fall out and the hype was for no reason but then I really don’t know what changed but I’m currently so obsessed with it. 😉

Punch Drunk by Smashboximg_1334

I always believe that you need one lipstick with a popping color for emergencies. You never know when you need one. Currently this has been mine. It isn’t the best I’ve used but I have really been using it a lot so it had to make the list.

L.A. Splash Glitter Linerimg_1338

I love love love this one. I really wish I had grabbed a few more colors. This can really save the day and I have quite a few days that need saving.

That was my list of current favorites. What has been yours? Share in a comment below. 😀






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