My MAC Eyeshadow Collection + Swatches

My MAC Eyeshadow Collection + Swatches

img_6612Whatever fancy brands and products your makeup stash may have there’s no way you don’t have a MAC product tucked away somewhere safe in it or its definitely on  your wish list. It’s a makeup junkies’ must have. I am very finicky with what I add to my stash. I mean don’t get me wrong I am as unreasonable as all of you out there and I want almost everything out there in the market. But I am very very fussy with the colors I invest in be it my eyeshadow or my lipstick stash. I mean I don’t want to spend the money on something I won’t probably wear instead of something I would. The business student in me ironically wants to have the maximum return in investment in this uncanny situation.

So let me cut to the chase now and introduce you to my small yet loved pots of MAC shadows.img_6618-1

In no particular order…


Finish: Veluxe Pearl

This is the eyeshadow for the ultimate feminine pink lids with the right amount of pearly metallic shimmer. I love pink on my lids and this is just soo soo romantic on the eyes.


Finish: Frost

The MAC website describes this as ‘Red-plum with pink shimmer’ and I would say this is the most versatile shade I’ve come across. It would suit most skin tones, looks amazing as a transition shade, just flat on the lids or to create that unconventional smoky eye. It definitely has to be my most favorite in terms of practicality out of my little collection.img_6617


Finish: Satin

This was a lovely gift from my beloved Aunt because she just knows what I like best. The color is soooo pretty and my love for blue just overpowers in this case. The color itself is very bold and highly pigmented. Also I just keep thinking how it feels somewhere between satiny and chalky.


Finish: Dazzleshadow

This shadow was a limited edition that released sometime back. It is a dazzleshadow which is I believe the most recent “finish” by MAC. It is described as “An eye shadow with rich, stay-true pigments that impart a beautiful, twinkling sheen” and is basically a very tone-down pigment pressed into a pan. I picked this up while I was in Dubai and am I glad or what that I did. As I mentioned earlier I love my pink eyes and this is the most playful, twinkly shade I’ve ever seen. It is soooo pretty that it hurts! 😉


Finish: Mineralized

If I am not mistaken this was a limited edition shade duo and came out just when mineralized shadows were introduced. I have to be honest and say the only reason I own this is because its my favorite color. Also I graduated uni using this to cover my racoon eyes after every sleepless nights writing away assignments or studying for exams. I just love everything about this one and the pigmentation is at some other level(its mineralized so yeah..).img_6613








12 thoughts on “My MAC Eyeshadow Collection + Swatches

  1. So colourful! I have lots of MAC shadows and I don’t own a single one you have! 😛 Mine are honestly all taupes, browns and the occasional purple! I’m thinking I might like Cranberry… putting it on my wish list!

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    1. You’d love cranberry, it’s so versatile. I really have one random selection of colors hehe. I need to invest in more Browns and taupes and beiges. I mean I really don’t need them but the heart wants what it wants😁😉
      Hope you have a great weekend 💖

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