February, March & April Favorites

February, March & April Favorites

I know! I know! I’ve been MIA from my beloved blog for the longest time in so many years. However let me save the excuses, the rants and other things for a completely different post/s and go right into sharing some of the amazing products that I’ve been enjoying over the last 3 months.img_7964

Starting from left to right…
I did mention during my Sephora Haul how finding the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation was hard. It was a foundation I’ve wanted for the longest time and every single time I did find it at the store my shade was always out of stock. It took some time to lay my hands on it but the wait was sure worth it. It’s extremely light weight, very light coverage can can be built up for a more medium-ish coverage if you would want. It’s just the way I like my foundation to be; there but not there. 😏 It’s been my saving grace for the times(which is most of the times) when I needed to use a base on my face for the rest of my makeup to flow through but didn’t want anything heavy and thick.IMG_3996

I’ve been on a serious mastering my signature light makeup look over the last few months and what I’ve found compliments this look in all honesty is this gorgeous shade of brown from the Benefit its real eye liner line. Every time I want to go for an eye look that is not the regular intense black I see myself reaching out to this fab product. Head over HERE to read my full review on this one.

One of my bestie from uni used to always tell me threaten me to wear some mascara and bat those lashes and I was always lazy just because I hate having to take over mascara. Honestly guys it’s one of the most annoying things to do especially when you end up plucking off half your feathery grown lashes on the process. However being the true makeup lover that I am I ended up convincing myself the true value of mascara. Enough of this rant, the Maybelline Big Eyes mascara ,is something ive had in my stash for a long time but never really gave much credit, in its remaining glory has been very much helpful in designing my lashes the way I need it to be lately. Love ! Love!IMG_5720

Follow my blog or my Instagram you’ve probably figured out my love for MAC lipsticks. I find them so justifiable for their price and the product they offer in comparison to some of the others I end up flushing my money on. Mocha from MAC has probably been featured on my favorites post time and again and I couldn’t help but share once more my love for it. It’s just too perfect and I will soon need a replacement.

Removing makeup is a task and this raved about product is as awesome as it gets. The Bioderma makeup removing solution is so gentle and easy to use and I’m glad I found it. It is a drugstore product but since I purchased it in Japan I had to pay almost as much (or a bit more) as I did for my MAC eye and lip makeup remover so I’m not really digging the price however given the quantity and quality I guess it’s not too bad.

A few weeks back I was gushing on my Instagram on how cute this Jimmy Choo sample size bottle is. A few weeks later I’m gushing not just about its cuteness but also about how amazing it smells. It’s slightly more muskier than the usual smells I tend to go for but it sure is interesting and I’ve been loving the change. I’m still not sure if I’d want a full size given my tendency to get bored with scents too soon but right now I’m totally loving it.img_7223

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts on them? Let me know in a comment below, you know I love to hear! 😀

With a promise to myself of getting back to my usual schedule of posting 3 times a week or at least 6 posts a month heres me signing off this post.

Toodles lovelies! Xx






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