January Favorites 2016

January Favorites 2016

img_6706I’ve been sick since the 31st night! So much for a new year -_- . Also my wi-fi was acting out for the last two weeks (or more like I had consumed my GB limit because for some odd reason unlimited wi-fi doesn’t seem like a good idea for companies to offer *pffft*) making it almost impossible for me to do anything therefore banishing me into a life of the stone age kinds where I used compact discs and cable tv for entertainment. My apologies for being MIA but I am back with a scheduled list of posts that I hope you all will enjoy reading.

Being sick constantly for an entire month was a significant catalyst in what became my January favorites. To find out all about them, please keep reading. πŸ™‚

I shared with you guys my recent book haul and told you about how I was still deciding on which one to start reading first. Guess what!?! I made up my mind and I started with the Mindy Kaling book. This is so so entertaining and I really enjoyed it.


One important thing we all tend to master when we get sick is the no-makeup makeup. I mean it’s an effort we are forced to take just so we dont look like zombie babies. Helping me look more human-woman has been my Too-faced primer. I have had such a long-standing love-hate realtionship with this one, to know more ypu can read my review HERE.img_6517

This cake place here in Colombo has me hooked on their cookies and cream cake jars and it is delicious. I have had it so many times over the month and I just cant seem to stop. Skinny is good but this one is better. πŸ˜‰img_6680

Like I had mentioned, no wi-fi means no online streaming so I sat watching the first two seasons of Criminal Minds on DVD with my little sister whose eyes I had to close every time I thought something not so appropriate came on given the shows all about the serial crimes and blood. I mean being big sister gives you that responsibility to not give your sister nightmares or a phobia so I was doing a lot of those closing eyes and my sister thinks I am bonkers. πŸ˜›img_6736

So yes that was all that made top list of favorites last month. Let me know what were yours?

Thanks for reading! Xx








6 thoughts on “January Favorites 2016

  1. Aw sucks being sick! I hope you feel better SOON!
    Oooh yes Criminal Minds has some very graphic scenes – how old is your sister? What is crazy is that most of the ideas for the show comes from REAL life crimes! But I do love that show – the characters are great. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks so much Hun. I do feel so much better. I’m just on S2 and I just don’t think I should be letting the sister sit with me anymore lol she’s 9. πŸ™ˆ S1 wasn’t too graphic or anything but now it’s getting more and more real. I didn’t know it was inspired from real life, that is sooo creepy. I agree, the characters are what makes the show so good.


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