Too Faced Primed & Poreless Pure | A Review

Too Faced Primed & Poreless Pure | A Review

I finally feel ready to review my face primer that I have been using for close to an year now. Primer unlike most other makeup products (atleast for me) is soemthing that I neeed to try out for a long period of time in order to truly understand how it works on my skin. I wanted this review to be as thorough and as deatiled as possible therefore I waited all this while to do this.

The primer in question is ,as the title suggests, the Primed & Poreless Pure by Too Faced. It was a highly spoken about primer at the time I purchased this especially in regard to minimizing pores. My real need for primer was at that point to minimize pores and this was one of the few primers that were being raved about most people.

I have a love-hate relationship with this product so keep reading to find out all about that. 😀

To start off, lets talk packaging. I love the box it comes in and like all Too Faced products this too has a vintage yet modern oxymoron-ish appeal to it which speaks right to me. The white and gold combo is just so pretty. It comes in a white tube that you squish for the product to come out. It’s easy to use and that’s really important.

The texture of the product itself is very thick, gooey and rubbery( I really can’t think of any sophisticated terms to describe that at the moment). I believe this like most pores minimizing primers is silicon-based and thus the texture.img_6508

The product is significantly thick in texture therefore goes on as a transparent yet apparent layer on the skin.img_6510

It does make my pores appear less significant and also help with smooth application of my makeup. It is a great base and helps keep my makeup on for hours ( I have gone a good 6-9 hours without a budge).

I do not use it all over my face and limit it just to areas that I feel need it which is usually my T-zone.

The product promises to do these:img_6513

At the time I purchased this I hadn’t realised my skin had made a shift from normal-combination to dry however this primer worked just fine for me. The silicon-y feel of the product does not dry out my skin and make it flaky, also my T zone is not as dry as the rest of the face which perhaps might be the case.

My only problem with this product and which makes me not want to use it is the SMELL. I don’t know if it’s the silicone or one of the other gazillion complicated chemical names listed on the ingredients but it has a strong, chemical, ewww-ey smell that I really can’t stand. It does die out once I get the rest of my makeup on but I wish that smell was not there. It really bothers me but otherwise it works fine for me which is why I keep going back to it despite the stench.

It is priced at $30 if any one is interested.

Have you tried this primer? what do you think of it? Have you tried the other Too faced primer(the pink one) ? What is your favorite primer?

Thank you for reading! Xx






9 thoughts on “Too Faced Primed & Poreless Pure | A Review

  1. I love this review! Finding a good primer is so important for your make up look, and I think this one looks good despite the smell- maybe I can get past that! The texture of the primer looks good in the photos too, so hopefully it is that good! I will have to try this out 😀
    Hatsy xx

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