December Favorites: Food & The Holidays

December Favorites: Food & The Holidays

It’s a new year but then I need to wrap up December with my monthly favorites. Since I had already done 2015 Beauty Favorites post this one will be of non-beauty things(apart from one) that I have enjoyed during December. It was the holidays so there just so much food I enjoyed so this list is going to have a good number of them because they have to shared about. 😀
Here we go…


I was obsessed with trying out so many different kinds of cupcakes the whole month. The best I had was this vegan espresso cupcake that I don’t have a picture of because every time I ended up eating it before I could snap one. The one pictured is a black forest cupcake that ranked a close second. 😛


How does one not loves these Laduree Macarons or even just the store interior. It is delicious and pretty; just the way I like it.


My favorite mayo-corn pizza had to make the list. I love it a bit too much. Life is quite blissful with this pizza and unlimited supply of coca-cola.

This Shoe from Charles& Keith

img_6261It is no secret that I am a shoeholic. I have said numerous times how much I love my shoes and they are my babies. This gold one in particular was something I got a few years back (I don’t remember when exactly) but it has to one of my most used ever. I realised how much I use it last month when I was matching it up with everything and anything. Perhaps it was the color or the fact that I love my gold I was constantly reaching for this pair. Also it is so versatile I could dress down with casuals or dress up for an event. LOVE! LOVE! On that notes, I feel I should be investing more on gold pairs instead of these odd colors I tend to hoard and never use.

MAC Holiday 2015 Enchanted Eve Essentials Brush Set

IMG_5314Ever since I purchases this brush set I was very impatient to try it and see how I like it especially since it’s a travel sized limited edition set. I was quite worried it might not match up to my other regular MAC brushes. However I must say that it is really good and absolutely worth the money. They work so well and the best part is there is no shedding with these brushes (at least not yet) when compared to my other MAC brushes. Also the small size is so easy to use because it helps with precision.Read my review for the brush set HERE.

What has been your favorites lately? If you have a similar post please leave a link I would love to check it out.

Thank you for reading! Xx






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