Review: Body Shop Eye Definer in Brilliant Blue

Review: Body Shop Eye Definer in Brilliant Blue


I am a huge fan of the color blue and it’s no big secret. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it but I like Body Shop’s skin care but am not a huge fan of their makeup. I used to use their compact powder and eye makeup as a teenager but I now know better and I’ve moved past except I just haven’t been able to take this eye liner pencil off my stash.
My first one of this pencil had fallen inside my parents vehicle and gone into oblivion so I had replaced this one a few years back.
It isn’t the best eye liner out there but I haven’t found any other company that makes this gorgeous shade of blue metal. The color is to die for.IMG_0074
Apart from being the prettiest shade of blue liner ever it is also highly pigmented and glides so smoothly which is huge plus and so not like my Dior eyeliner.I mean no one wants to be scrapping through the delicate skin around the eye right.


Left; One streak , Right; A few streaks

It is just a regular liner pencil with no fancy or fuss attached to it so I don’t believe it right to be holding high standards for it.
My only problem with it is that it creases big time and the longevity of the liner is very low because of that. But now we have all figured out how to prevent that thanks to all the advancement in the makeup science. 😉






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