IMG_5386Exfoliate! Exfoliate! That’s the only thing extra or fancy in my almost non-existent skin care routine( I’m getting better trust me! ). Lip scrubs have kept me quite sane or rather my lips quite sane for awhile now especially since my skin just suddenly decided to go from normal to extremely dry. *sigh*
The last time I wanted something really bad from Lush was their valentines limited edition lip scrub that I missed so when I saw they had the holiday one out I jumped and grabbed it off the shelf so rapidly that left my bestie wondering what creature she has befriended. 😀
The packaging for this is just like for all other lip scrubs by Lush. We get 25g of product which is a good amount for 1000 yen (about $8).IMG_5387

The scrub itself is cola flavored and you all know cola is my bae. I had previously used the infamous bubble gum flavor which I really wasn’t a fan of so this is pleasant.IMG_5389

But just like the valentines one this one too has cute little heart sprinkles(which are edible) in them which is sooooo cute.IMG_5390
I checked the ingredients and I am very impressed, there enough kinds of oils to hydrate my chapped lips. I mean They predominantly made of castor sugar,extracts of dates and cherry in organic jojoba oil, coconut milk powder and extra virgin coconut oil along with more oils and stuff. How can you not like that?
There is also a minty ness to the scrub once one the lips.This lip scrub is mentioned as a vegetarian product which is also a plus since I am quite particular about it.

All Lush products have an expiry date so always ensure to check that beforehand. 🙂

IMG_5396I have been intending to post this up for like the past 10 days nevertheless I made it up in time I guess.
Did you guys get your hands on this one? Or are you planning to? What do you think of it?







  1. First impression is always the best impression and the first time I saw this scrub, I just fell in love with the ravishing colour at first then to those gorgeous natural goodness of jojoba oil and coconut powder as I officially use freshly grated coconut as a natural body scrub sometimes if I fine plenty of time to pamper myself. All in all, I found it very interesting.

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  2. I asked for this on my Christmas wish list! I also LOVE cola flavoured stuff so I wanted this so bad. I had the Lush limited edition holiday scrub from a few years ago which had pop rock candy bits in it – that one was awesome! Cross my fingers that I receive this!

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