October Favorites: The month where I hibernated.

October Favorites: The month where I hibernated.

October went by so quickly I didn’t even realize how that it has ended and we are halfway through november. This post is a bit late but nevertheless it is still here. Good stuff happened and brought along so much positive vibes. It was a month of lots of gifts, shopping, happiness, peace and goodness. So as always I am here I’m with my favorites list of last month.
You guys already know I was in Dubai for a very brief holiday where I went berserk shopping (wait till you see my Sephora haul, you’d understand you have been following a blog owned by a really crazy shopaholic).
I get bored easy so I am on a constant lookout for new things that can hold my interests. I was once a Michael Kors obsessed university student. Many bags and shoes later I am not a MK obsessed person nor am I a university student. Now I am on a self-imposed Kate Spade phase in life. I have always loved their quirky stuff but never found the perfect bag until I saw this Spa blue Extravagance. My friends and family approve it as the perfect ME bag and it’s been a favorite. I have been carrying it everywhere and I really think I should get their leather cleaner since its being used so roughly. Anyone used their leather cleaner? Any words you might want to say about it?IMG_4669

I think I have found my most favorite palette ever!!! I picked this up at Sephora (I promise I will stop teasing about the haul and post it soon! ) and I LOVE IT. The palette has all the neutral essentials but what has got me besotted is how buttery it feels. I have literally swatched these shadows on m hands every single day since I got it. It feels sooo soft. Is that weird? Am I weird? *You don’t have to really answer that 😀 * I will also do a detail review soon.


One other thing I was doing mostly over last month was watching ‘How to get away with murder’ while binge eating chocolates curled up in my bed. What else does a girl need from life? It’s a great show but I just can’t get over how everyone’s a murderer and everyone’s cheating on their partner. That’s not cool.

P.s: I did eat that whole bucket of maltesers if anyones wondering.IMG_4686That was all for my October favorites. What made you october fav list? let me know in the comments below.

I woke up to my Facebook feed filled with so much grief. My heart goes out to the victims and their families. I pray for Paris, I pray for Beirut, I pray for Japan, I pray for humanity and I pray for our world.

Like I always say a little kindness is all it takes.






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