BB: Stay Calm and Keep Dreaming! πŸ€—

BB: Stay Calm and Keep Dreaming! πŸ€—


This is a monthly series I write on my blog on topics that go beyond beauty and makeup. Although I do post that fall under the ‘lifestyle’ category, I felt that it would be wonderful to put out my thoughts on subjects that are deep and a reflection of life. Read the idea behind this series in detail HERE. I believe it would allow conversation and discussion to happen over topics that we might otherwise not do so.Β 

I am what most would call “starting out ” in life. A young adult in possession of a piece of paper that cost me a little more 124 credits and a lifetime of ‘calculating return on investment’ to her bandwagon, stuck in the big bad world confused as heck. Born first to parents who tested every formula on earth to ensure I grew up obsessed with perfection I have always had a plan. My earliest memories remind me that I had my life planned out or so I believed, I knew what I wanted to be when I was 20 and I spent my 2 decades on earth working towards it. But that’s where it stopped. My naive brain hadn’t comprehended that life didn’t stop there.walt-disney-dream-quote
I was a happy child, I didn’t push myself too much and as long as I did what I wanted to do I was in a happy place. I was ambitious but not competitive. I made goals for myself and I worked towards it but I never really looked at what others did and that quality as I look back now perhaps kept me a happy child. To a 6-year-old going to a university looked like the ultimate thing to do and that’s all I wanted from life.

Exams and battles passed and as I sat on plane to attend the Student Orientation two weeks prior to my first fall semester at Temple University Japan, my dad asked me “So what are your new life goals?”.

I stared back dumbfounded. Trust me that doesn’t happen quite often. I always have an answer, always a plan but that 14 hour journey nor did the 4 years after have an answer to that question.dreams-quotes-08

I had spent way too much time preparing to get to a university I had not really thought much into what I would be doing after. I had been obsessing about one thing for so long I had forgotten how to keep dreaming, how to fish for more out of life.

I spent 3 years of my life living my dream to know how amazing it feels to live your dream.
I was always a dreamer.Β I knew that I needed that high all my life, I had realized that life goes on and that change is the only constant. I understood it but accepting it and enforcing it never is the most easiest thing to do.

I had to remind myself something that got me here in the first place, something I had forgotten over the years; that I dared to dream and believed in it enough to fight for it.

Therefore with time I needed to change my goals, my priorities and my dreams. It took me a confused whole year after graduation to dream again because I know with dream comes goals and with goals come purpose. Today I am a galaxy of dreams being polished into a gazillion goals with Gods grace enough for a lifetime.quote-wallpaper_1280x800_0000_Group-33

Dreams keep you going, dreams keep you from just existing.

I am dreamer, I was born to be a dreamer, I am today a galaxy of dreams and I teach myself to remember that every single day πŸ™‚

This post is to remind you and myself of course to never quit dreaming because as Walt Disney once famously said, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”.

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Thanks for reading! I love to know your thoughts so don’t forget to leave them below. πŸ˜‰






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