Chanel Hydra Beauty Nutrition Review |Does your skin need to go designer?

Chanel Hydra Beauty Nutrition Review |Does your skin need to go designer?


I raved so much about this hydrating cream by Chanel during my April Favorite’s post. I bought this in a time of extreme face drought. My face was taking the whole “when in Rome do as the Romans do” quite seriously and was behaving like a desert in the desert. 😛
Anyways so many months later I finally feel like I am ready to give my verdict on this Chanel extravagance. Does your skin need designer smothered over it? Is it worth the pocket destroying price? Read on to know what I think.IMG_1242

First things first, it really does feel luxurious on the skin. This Chanel cream feels really light on the skin and has minimum greasy feeling I have encountered. I have stayed away from moisturizers for the longest just because they feel so greasy on the skin especially in the hot weather that my country has. During my years in Japan, apart from summer I could bear with any cream minus the greasy feeling thanks to the colder weather to quench my dry skin.

Despite being non-greasy and light it does moisturize quite well. This is a nutrition cream for dry skin and according to the beefy mis-fit salesperson at Debenhams it is so much better in hydrating dry skin in comparison to the rest of the moisturising creams from Chanel’s skin care range.

Packaging: Just regular Chanel and looked like this.

This has a significant scent like most Chanel products and has a nice fruity scent or as my mom seems to always exclaim “you smell like rotten fruits”.  Nice or rotten depends on your individual noses so test that before you buy to see which one your nose picks up. 😉

Not surprisingly this is on the pricey side. It costs somewhere between $86 -$100 depending on where you buy it and taxes/exchange rate.

Honestly, it’s a great product but if I can get a much cheaper product with the same outcome I would happily opt for it. I don’t mind suggestions so please don’t hesitate to leave some product recommendation.

Thanks for reading! 😀





2 thoughts on “Chanel Hydra Beauty Nutrition Review |Does your skin need to go designer?

  1. That is pretty much a high priced product for an extra bit of hydrating moisturisation and I also know Chanel
    Products are always carried along with a hefty price tag and anyways, have you ever tried oZ naturals Hyaluronic acid moisturising serum as they are sourced with cruetly free components and they are just a quarter of the price of This Chanel product too.


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