September Favorites

September Favorites

September was full of rushing, traveling and of course shopping. It was also a month I stuck on to my holy grail never fail products because I just didn’t have the time (or energy to be experimenting). I didn’t want to keep repeating the products that I have mentioned as favorites before so this months favorites list took some extra brainstorming and is quite short unlike last month where I had soo much new products I had come to love.

Anyways to start off is this mascara by Maybelline called BIG EYES(or something along those lines). I had picked this up quite awhile back to use on my lower lashes. This mascara is dual ended with 2 brushes one tiny one for the lower lashes and regular sized one for the upper lashes. I never used the upper lash one until recently and I really like it. It adds volume to the lashes but not length yet gives a full lash like look which I am really digging currently.  Next is this lip butter by City Colors in Parfait. It is really buttery, lasts long and I have been using it quite a lot this month. It had a  very passion fruit like smell initially but eventually faded away to a crayon like smell which I am not really appreciating.
This is one of my favorite fall lip products. It’s a tinted balm so isn’t heavy and the color is soo gorgeous. I have been using it while travelling most often.IMG_2883 Lastly Puff Off by Benefit Cosmetics. This was a sample, so it’s not much to judge by although I had enough to use a few times (surprisingly!). I love how it feels very cooling on my eyelids, I am seriously considering getting a full size on this. That was it for my September favorites.

Thanks for reading you awesome lovelies! 😀






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