10 Fall Lip Shades Everyone Needs

10 Fall Lip Shades Everyone Needs

Fall is here and its my absolute favorite time of the year! It signifies positivity, beauty and freedom and I love that.

Sri Lanka’s idea of fall (or Autumn as we know it here) is rainy days(which I am enjoying too) so I can’t wait to get out and enjoy real autumn with pancakes & maple syrup with red leaves falling around me. Didnt I tell you that in 50 things that make me happy posts. Click to read Part 1 & 2.

Like I said I love rain which is why I have been so lazy cozying up with a book in hand missing all my scheduled blog posts.Ive been really restless lately and I think I’m falling sick as I type which perhaps will explain why I am rambling.

One other thing I look forward to in fall is rocking that fall makeup especially lips! It’s the season for the dark hues, the berries and the purples.

IMG_4537 So here is my list of best fall lipsticks.

1. MICA Beauty Cosmetics Tinted Lip Balm in Velvet Rose – When all you need is some tinted balm

This deep burgundy tinted lip balm by is just perfect when you just need a swipe of balm on your lips.


2. MAC Flat Out Fabulous – when you need the day to be a bit more brighter

MAC’s Flat Out Fabulous is one of my earliest members of my MAC collection and I love it.  Everytime I need a bright lipstick especially during the fall/winter times this comes in to rescue. The purple undertones give out a fun vibe. (Find my review of this lipstick HERE).


3. Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color in Violet Addict – When you need a brighter & glossier day!

This Milani Liquid Color in are best for those daring days when you wan to just go all out. Its bright, in your face yet gorgeous.


4. Diorific Diorama by Dior -When you want to feel like a million

Every girl needs a lipstick for every season that can make her feel so much better in  second. This Dior lipstick in this deep berry shade is luxurious, creamy and perfect.

5. L’oreal infallible Lipcolor in Mulberry – When you feel a bit less berry and more mauve-y.

The first liquid lipstick I had crossed paths with is this by Loreal. The mauve and berry mix like color is perfect for the more subtle days in fall. I mean it’s called mulberry! 😀


6. Estee Lauder Kissable Lip Shine in Venice Kiss – For that starry night out

This sparkly Estee Lauder lipstick is just perfect blend of color and shine.



7. Maybelline RD605 – When you feel more lip a red lips kind a girl yet want to do your fall lips right

This red with strong orange undertones is purrrfect. One of my oldest lipsticks and I love everything about it. It screams fall from the roof.


8. Revlon Moisture Stay Lip Color in Crimson- When your lips are too dry for matte but you still want to matte.

This satin finish lipstick by Revlon contains that keep your lips hydrated yet giving a matte look. The color is just soo gorgeous.




9. MAC Mocha – When you feel like Nude Lips even in fall.

We all are nude lipstick obsessed so once our fall deep berry lip obsession dies down we run back to our nudes. My MAC Mocha is an absolute saviour (Read Review HERE). It’s the fall version of Velvet Teddy. 😀


10. Be A Bombshell Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Hooked

I got this from my August lip monthly bag. The color is so unique, a mixture of red, mauve,burgundy and pink. I love the texture of it and like the name it sure does keep you ‘hooked’.

What is your go-to fall lip shade? Let me know in a comment below.

Thanks for reading! Xx







19 thoughts on “10 Fall Lip Shades Everyone Needs

  1. These are definitely must have lip shades and most are flattering on all skin tones. My favorite is the Maybelline RD605. Reds with orange tones don’t usually look good on me but I like how it leans more on the terracotta shade than the usual bright red orange lip shade. I think this shade is more wearable for people with darker skin tones than the usual bright red orange color.

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    1. I love bright shades! The MAC flat out fabulous is one of my all time favs; I wear them all year. The dark shades are a different story, I am not most comfortable wearing yet like them so I stick to doing so only during fall, blending with the season and all! 😉

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  2. Love how you included the Milani shade. Although I’d usually go with darker tones during fall, the nice bright color was definitely a refreshing surprise to see. I foresee myself in that shade today, haha.

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