BB: O confidence! Where art thou? ;)

BB: O confidence! Where art thou? ;)

Hi my lovelies!

I am back with another Beyond Beauty post that I have up once every month. I missed a post last month though… 😦


The Beyond Beauty series is something I started in an attempt to talk some real stuff that stretch far beyond makeup, shopping etc. I post up my opinions on an issue or something that I feel strongly about in attempt to discuss and share. Read more about this series HERE.

The world ever so lightly puts out suggestions that may end up giving us grave consequences if ever we do follow it. Sometimes they come in the form of #YOLO or the other times its telling us to find our confidence by doing things that gets us a validation from others.

Where should I seek my confidence from? Where is it found? Where does the world think I should find it? Where do I really always find it? These questions are deep and I attempt to answer.

I have believed always that confidence lies inside of oneself but way too many people have always given me advice without having asked for it of course that too to find it outside, from others people. In other words, some else needs to verify and validate my confidence. The amount of times the world subtly tells me this damn too high.

We often hear why don’t you go out more, do thus more and that more as advice. I am not saying its all wrong or false but I wanted discuss if this very thing is making us feel dependent and more of a people pleasure than just a confident person. I have swayed from my original stance way too many times, took advice and then realized no one has my confidence. No one takes care of it for me thus prompting me to return to my orginal thought process. My trial error let me think, learn and share and here I do the same.tumblr_m67dmdx4BV1qgjidho1_500

I strongly feel why do I need find my confidence from elsewhere. Am I not strong enough to provide myself the confidence I need in life. I really don’t know what -ism (along with some good lesson invoking life instances) my thought is from but it got me thinking, that too quite deeply.

Do I need the world to approve of me to feel confident ? Isn’t that the one way to destroy my confidence instead?

My confidence does not and never has been rooted from what others see in me but rather of what I see in myself.

Except I hear people expecting otherwise. Do I strive to focus on my path or look up to see if my paths making the world happy? Should I even need to think to answer that!

Do you know whats the one thing that I as a human strive never to become?

A person who seeks validation in others. I was not brought up that way and I am grateful. The world around forces you to seek validation around you, from it yet the only person that has the right to give you any validation is yourself.

After walking this earth for the time we have, we have hopefully enough values and ethics to be able to do this. No, you need not be a Narscisst to do this.You can definitely be an achiever in your eyes doing this.

I strongly believe if some compliment can make me so much happy it also means that someone’s insult would hurt me that bad. I refuse to let anyone have that sort of power over me. Then how can this do any good for your confidence when it can have two outcomes.

I am not delusional to not know that I am not perfect but I have accepted myself for what I am. I am at peace with myself. I am confident in myself. Shouldn’t we all

With every sun rise, I look within me for my little dose of confidence and you know what my little is all that I need. 🙂

I know I am rambling, but I hope I make sense.

Thanks for reading! Xx






4 thoughts on “BB: O confidence! Where art thou? ;)

  1. Loved this line: “I strongly believe if some compliment can make me so much happy it also means that someone’s insult would hurt me that bad.” Really enjoyed reading this and I relate to it a great deal.

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