Benefit they’re Real Eye-makeup Remover| Review

Benefit they’re Real Eye-makeup Remover| Review

I have been making it a point to review all the products from my recent hauls which I usually procrastinate and take ages to do. With this post reviews on all the products from my Mini Benefit Cosmetics haul will be complete so yay on that. 😀

The eye makeup remover was not something that was on my wish list or had heard of even. It came it the offer pack I decided to buy and it was just that extra thing I got along with the rest of what I really wanted. I hardly had any expectation so I was all prepared to not liking it and being perfectly fine with that. Except that didn’t happen. This was surprisingly a good product especially in combination with the two famous ‘they’re Real’ products; the push-up liner and the mascara.IMG_2453
With regular makeup, this remover does exactly what my MAC eye makeup remover or any remover for the matter does but with the Benefit eye products it works differently.

The biggest complain most people have from the they’re Real mascara(review HERE) and even the push-up liner(review HERE) is that they are hard to remove and this remover is designed to ease that. It takes off these two products with such ease and with the least amount of mess created when taking off eye makeup (I mean we all have at some point looked like the witch of darkness when we try taking that heavy eye makeup off).

Also this is a sort of dry remover product which is like a cream rather than a liquid which I thought was sort of cool. I realized that using this alone to clean off before using water on your face is more effective than other ways. So use this product to take off your eye makeup then you can use water to wash off your face.

So this is basically how it works… (yea..I sort of did a picture tutorial for you guys for some weird reason).

  1. I swatched the push-up liners as shown.


2. Squeeze out a pea-size of the eye remover.


3. Do this ↡


4. Then clean off with a clean tissue


This works exactly the same way with the eye area too.

I personally think this is a great product to have if taking off your other ‘they’re Real’ product is hard because it does the work so well however with just your every day makeup any makeup remover works the same. You get what I am on about right.

Have you used this product? What do you think of it?


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