Benefit they’re Real Push-up Liner Review| Black & Beyond Brown Swatches

Benefit they’re Real Push-up Liner Review| Black & Beyond Brown Swatches

I have so many reviews to write-up and share with you lovelies. I have been slacking lately but now I am pretty determined to get them all done. So you shall be bombarded with a few back to back reviews in the weeks to come. I usually don’t like posting similar kinds of posts especially reviews back to back since I feel they make the blog very monotonous but there’s so many reviews to do however I shall try to always do a mix of everything and keep it fun.

Today I shall be reviewing a  product that featured in my August Favorites: the Benefit they’re Real Push-up Liner I got from a recent tiny Benefit Cosmetics haul which also was in my wish list for the longest time.
IMG_3995 I have a full size in black and a deluxe sample of ‘beyond brown’ and this has to be the best wing creating eyeliner I have ever used. I think this is supposed to make the best wing and it does or what!? I LOVE IT!

9 out of 10 times my eyeliner is always winged out, its my signature look to an extent where doing a liner look without a wing is really difficult and stressful so you can imagine how much I really am digging this product.

It does take a while to get to used to I must admit. The uniquely shaped applicator tip and the gel product is very different to the usual eye liners therefore needs practice. However after a few attempts I did get the hang of it and really love it.

IMG_3996 The consistency of the product is very gel like. You have to do the twist-twist thing to get the product to come out which kind of lets you keep control of how much you want to work with instead of ending up with too much product on your lids.

I personally like both the shades of black and brown. The black is not the darkest one ever yet works fine. I have never used a brown liner to line up eyelid however I am really loving how the brown looks. I opt for the brown whenever I don’t feel like having a defined harsh black liner look.


IMG_4001 The only complain which I know so many other people have experienced too with this product is how it breaks off blobs of product while application. It is a hassle, can smudge if you don’t carefully take it out and really annoying. I wish this did not happen because then this would make this product perfect. I noticed that this breaking off nonsense happens more with the deluxe size than the full size one. Not sure if that’s a random thing or has some logic behind it. If you can see past this its a product worth trying out.

This is what I meant by the blob…IMG_4002 It doesn’t budge an inch when trying to wash off with water. It comes off clean and dry using the Benefit they’re Real eye makeup remover. I prefer using this to my MAC eye& lip remover since its not at all messy in comparison.

The packaging is pretty classy too considering how you can’t do much to an eyeliner or at least no company really does much to their eyeliner packaging.

Check out my review on the Benefit they’re Real mascara HERE.

Have you tried this product? Have you tried any other colors apart from these two? Do you love it or hate it? Let me know in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading! X






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