August Favorites | Beauty, Fragrance, Clothing & Accessories

August Favorites | Beauty, Fragrance, Clothing & Accessories

August was like the most busiest month in a very long time. Apart from launching my online store and working on it, I was out and about meeting people contrary to what I usually do that is stay safe and sound at home. #HomebodyAlert πŸ˜‰

Anyways since this was the case, I was constantly experimenting on my makeup especially since I didn’t want to seem repetitive and also been trying my luck with some new products from some of my recent hauls. I rediscovered love for some old accessories and found love for some new ones. Overall, its been busy but GREAT! πŸ˜€

So let me get right on to my August favorites and let me warn you already, it is longer than my usual.


1. Benefit they’re Real Push-up liner

I am obsessed with how easy this makes the perfect wing. I am pretty excited to review this. Also I mentioned how the they’re Real mascara is a favorite last month, its been going pretty steady this month too. Read my mascara review HERE.

2. Artist of Makeup HD Eyeshadow in Marrakech

This has been my go-to transition color throughput this whole month. I love how versatile this color is something I didn’t realize when I had purchased it awhile back. Totally in love!

3. Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals Foil Finish in Rose Gold

I did an eye makeup look using this that I had posted a few posts ago and this is such a gorgeous shade and the sooo much easier to use than it looks. This was totally worth it and I really want to get a few more shades from this collection.

4. Harvey Prince Sincerely Roll- On Fragrance

I received this in my July Lip Monthly bag and I have been hooked since. I had not heard of Harvey Prince prior to this but this particular scent is amaaaahhzing! I have a habit/need to carry a small size fragrance in my handbag all the time, its been something I have been doing for years and this came just in time when my old ZARA roll-on scent was inching towards its last drops.I mean I probably told you guys this already and you all know how much of a perfume buff I am. For those who don’t I did an entire post about my craze and my top 4 fragrances.

I would describe this fragrance as a strong musk scent with hints of floral,vanilla and maybe cinnamon too. I love how feminine yet strong it smells and it does not give me a headache which is a like great!

IMG_38355. Urban Decay Anti-Aging Eyeshadow Primer

I kind of like this better than the Eden. I have only a tiny amount left off this sample and I would do a detailed review soon. This also promises to color correct which is a must to beat my unbeatable dark circles.

6. Estee Lauder Double Wear Lip liner

I have been obsessed with this liner ever since I bought it last year and I don’t understand why I never featured it on any of my favorites posts before. This glides real smooth, has a lip brush on the other end and works soo perfectly with most of my nude lipsticks especially MAC’s Velvet Teddy.

Clothing and Accessories

IMG_38377. My Just Cavalli Watch

I really don’t know what exactly it’s called but I can look it up if you guys want me to. I mentioned earlier how I had rediscovered some old favorites, this watch is one of them. I picked this up I think at the Airport (or on flight) during a trip to Dubai around 2 good years ago. The white leather strap and the gold accents was just too gorgeous not to have. I had forgotten about it for a while until I saw it buried inside my jewelry box. I have been using this almost every day this year.

8. Follie Follie Rose gold-plated ring

This was something again I had purchased awhile back when I was still living in Japan. I used to wear it to uni and everywhere everyday. Once I was back in Sri Lanka I just couldn’t remember where I had put, since all the moving. Found it, fell in love again and I can’t get enough!

9. Winky Face Keychain Duo

This one is from my very own online store CHARISMA. I know since its my store, this is going to sound like some promotion but I really do love this one. These key chains are so cute and quirky that I love using them for my keys. This makes me soo happy.

10. ALDO Novelty Shoulder Bag

How can someone not like this? The gold, the attitude everything is on point. Do you see like the gold theme I have been working this August? πŸ˜‰ It is a bit hard to put stuff into it but I have been really loving how it looks despite that.

11.MANGO Fringed Poncho Top

I can’t find the exact name but I did feature this top on my instagram. I love it tooo much, it’s a dusty red shade and tooo pretty.

That was my list. I would love to know what are yours. So feel free to leave thoughts, comments and links to your August favorites list.

Have a great weekend!

Thanks for reading.






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