Lip Monthly|August 2015 Review

Lip Monthly|August 2015 Review

Hi guys! I was pleasantly surprised when my August Lip Monthly bag arrived in August itself and just around 2-3 weeks after I received my July bag which I reviewed for you lovelies awhile back.It arrived last Thursday I really wanted to post this up by Friday but I have been soo soo busy lately. I mean I was quite jobless at the beginning of the year when I had just graduated (is that irony? or normal? lol) but now I have finally got around to settling back in Sri Lanka and I am working on some really interesting (and taxing) stuff. I really want to keep up my blogging schedule and I am just struggling a bit to find a balance but I am sure I will be more on schedule sooner. Also for those not aware, I usually post on Sundays,Wednesdays and Fridays. 🙂

Now getting back to the ‘Chic Monthly’ bag (yes, that’s what they called it this month :/ ).

I am pretty sure they were going on to something that sounds cool with ‘Chic Monthly’ but it keep reminding me of eating gum for some bizarre reason . *sigh*

What is Lip Monthly?

“…a $12.95 month subscription service for your favourite Lip products! Every month you’ll receive a unique bag of 4-5 items from awesome brands such as Stila, Revlon, Glam Natural, Appeal Cosmetics, Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics and more.”

IMG_3652I am really on the fence about this months bag. I received 4 products and all of them from brands that I have not tried before. I really do like the formula of ALL four at least by first impression but I am not too happy with the color selection this time.

Anyways let me introduce what was inside this months bag.

    Which are these…

IMG_3655I am very happy I got to try out new brands and their products. Like I mentioned earlier, each of the formulas of each of these products are pretty cool. All of them are soooo smooth and have a lovely texture.


(ignore the not so waxed hands like I said I have been really busy the last few weeks 😛 )


I understood that this months’ bag was a hybrid between summer and autumn/fall which is why there’s a combo of both dark and bright colors. I did mention in my July Review that I wished this months would have more nudes and pinks. I am pretty happy with the City Color lip butter and the Starlooks matte lipstick. I really love the texture of the Mirabella product and the color is so fall but I really don’t like the other orangey red lip pencil which is so much similar to the Lord & Berry lip pencil color. I really wish they had sent in another lip



This is a pretty cool lip butter. It has a sheer light pink color to it as you can see from the swatches, it feels smooth on the lips and has a very fruity ‘parfait’ like fragrance to it. It actually smells so much like passion fruit. Verdict: I like! 😉


This is my absolute favorite in this bag. It’s a lovely color and is soo soo smooth. I first thought it was a lip liner until I realized it wasn’t while I was writing this post. It’s actually a matte lipstick apparently or thats what it says on the card, Anyways cant wait to use this one soon.

Verdict: I double like! 😉 😉


This is a rather opaque lip gloss. Its one of those matte yet glossy kinds. I am sooo in love with the formula of this product, very smooth on the lips and is not too tacky. The color looks more deep red on the lips, it’s the perfect vampirish fall lips. I don’t usually do dark lips but I may work around this product just because of how much I love the formula. I wish it was a tee bit lighter in shade but nevertheless its a great product. By the way is this makeup brand called Be a… Bombshell? :O *I didn’t know about them*


This is the most expensive product in this bag priced at $25. Again the formula is great, is very smooth and glides on like a baby (do they glide? 😛 ). But I hate the color. It’s a orangey red and I just can’t wear it. I really wish they had sent in another color. Also last months bag had a Lord & Berry Lip Pencil of a very similar shade. Not impressed.


**Please be aware that using the links I’ve provided probably gets me points on Lip Monthly and can also get me a free box if anyone actually subscribes. So you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to 😉 I really did not do this post for either of these two reasons.

I got some coupon codes from Lip Monthly that you can use if you want to subscribe which I shall list below.

Join using COUPON CODE:
“2FREE” to get 2 months FREE on Annual Subscriptions!
“1STFREE” to get your first month for FREE on 4 Month Subscriptions!
“LIPLOVER” to get your first month for only $5 on Monthly Subscriptions!

This is their link to subscribe

I probably will skip a month or two on subscription since I really want to use the products I have instead of just hoarding them and also I want to invest on a few other makeup products instead.

Since I have never tried any of these brands or products, I really want to know more about them. So if you have used any of them please do share your experience with me. 🙂

Thanks for reading!Xx









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