5o Things that make me happy tag| Part 1

5o Things that make me happy tag| Part 1

Do you know that thinking of 50 things that make you happy makes you happy? It makes you reflect on all the good stuff in life. Bronaghs Beauty Blogs tagged me to do this and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have split this tag into 2 parts so that it’s not a long long list of facts.

IMG_3101 At the risk of being judged, misunderstood or understood let me jot down 25 things that make me happy below.

In a vaguely particular order (because putting all 50 into a very precise order is not possible):

50. Pretty Little Liars (p.s. the A reveal really disappointed me and I think I want to make a post on that. *sigh*)

49. Roppongi Hills. Just being there makes me happy.20140619-162030-58830783.jpg

48. Breakfast at Lauderdale.20140331-103712.jpg

47. Caramel popcorn at TOHO Cinemas. They are yum and everyone needs to try them.

46. When karma is very duty conscious.

45. When someone tells me I am a nice person.

44. New clothes

43. Laughing

42. Attention. I am a first-born 😀 *magically hopes that explains it*.

41. Dead mosquitoes.Im very much at peace with all other species except these biased blood-suckers.

40. My room because everything is just as I want and love.

39. Home sweet home because its my safe haven

38. Good and positive people. Seriously why can’t people be more like that.

37. Sleeping in a moving car.

36. Sleeping

35. Burgers

34. Doing crazy stuff with my aunt.

33. Having those weekly update chat (preferably with fries and pizza) with my besties.anigif_enhanced-32174-1406157442-1

32. When my dress fits me perfectly.

30. Doing my own makeup and getting it right.

29. New makeup

28. Good grades

27. Chatting in a pool

26. Writing late in the night which should explain why most of my posts get published in the wee hours. 😉

Does any of these make you happy too?

This is such a positive tag, I would really recommend trying it out for everyone out there however I won’t be nominating anyone in particular though. Trust me by the time you’ve listed 50 things that makes you happy you would feel just really good having reminisced so much good stuff trying to figure out what all made you happy. 😀 X

Thanks so much for reading!X

I post every Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 🙂

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