Benefit they’re Real mascara| Review

 Benefit they’re Real mascara| Review

IMG_2592I told you guys about my recent benefit cosmetics haul and mentioned how I was trying to make up my mind on their they’re Real mascara. And guess what? I am still on the fence about it so I decided to lay out why and tell you guys what I think of it. This was one mascara I was dying to test out and thought might replace my all time go-to mascara (which didn’t happen). This may have not replaced anything but that does not mean it’s not going into my permanent stash.

Anyways let’s get into some serious reviewing… 😉


I have the deluxe size (which you know about already from my haul post) but I am assuming the packaging isn’t that different to the full-size apart from the size itself. I kind like the grey and silver packaging, it makes it look fuss free and different from most of the other mascaras I’ve come across.

Also I wish they had a fancier applicator (especially keeping in mind its price point) rather than the very drug-store-like plastic brush it comes with.



My first reaction the moment I made a single coat of this mascara on my lashes was OMG I HAVE LASHES. As a result my first impression of the product was it makes the lashes look like they are on steroids. Ladies and Gentlemen the last two sentences were a sneak peek into my naked mind and yes that’s how it works usually. 😀

This product volumizes my lashes in just one coat like no other mascara has ever done with a dozen coats. Its pretty crazy how it can do that. If you’re looking for a mascara that thickens your lashes, make it stand out then this is a must try. The jet black color of the mascara helps in making your lashes look prominent and voluminous like never before.

It is a water-proof mascara and this is something I have happily reserved to be used for heavy eye looks especially on special occasions. It is a bit hard to remove like most water-proof mascaras but since I had the Benefit eye makeup remover it came off okay. My MAC eye and lip makeup remover also worked pretty well too.

My only complain is that it clumps my lashes together because the product has a very thick consistency. This also means I can’t use it in a hurry and I need to take my time to work on my lashes. In my opinion this isn’t an everyday mascara that you can just apply in a jiffy and be out of the door but rather a mascara that needs patience and time.

Have you tried this mascara? What do you think of it?

Thanks for reading! X

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13 thoughts on “ Benefit they’re Real mascara| Review

  1. Yes, I tried this and it was clumpy and it smudged under my eyes – boooo! It does give very volumized lashes, but I actually prefer my drugstore mascara (Cover Girl Lash Blast!) over this one. I can get 3 Cover Girl mascara for the price of ONE Benefit mascara! 😛


  2. Oh I see, you tried the waterproof? I wonder how it differs from the non-waterproof one. I tried this mascara and it didn’t do much for me. I know so many people love it but I really just didn’t love it at all. I had won a contest with Benefit and Birchbox and received some full-size products and this mascara was one of them. I was really bummed that it didn’t work for me. Glad to hear that you like it though! 🙂 xo


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