CHARISMA| My Online Store 

CHARISMA| My Online Store 

UPDATE: VISIT MY STORE HERE I just broke the news on my Instagram and I am super excited to announce my new online store ‘CHARISMA’. I shall be launching the website soon and I will make an announcement when I do so. I couldn’t wait until then to announce,  this has been my baby and I have been working on it for the longest time now and I couldn’t contain my excitement anymore. 😀

The thought behind this store has been my obsession with unique and pretty things (which all of you know by now) and how it’s not always accessible thanks to geographical limitations (again something you hear me complain).

So let me tell you a little about what you’d find in my store.

I believe in styling according to each person’s personality and that is exactly what my effort has been in creating this store. You will find exclusive pieces of accessories to accessorize any occasion, day, time or mood. CHARISMA promotes being yourself and buying what you feel most excited about. From elegant  statement jewelry pieces to funky accessories, you would find them all at CHARISMA. You just need to add cart whatever that makes YOU happy.

We at CHARISMA stand by quality over quantity therefore each of our pieces are of the highest quality, exclusive and are limited in stock.

I will be having several collections launching over the next few weeks including my favorite the LUXE COLLECTION.

Our website will be launching very soon however until then I wanted give my awesome followers a sneak peek into my most favorite piece from our LUXE COLLECTION and an opportunity to purchase it before being launched officially. Pre-ordering will get you $5 off. Also we ship worldwide. I will make sure you get what you order wherever on earth you live. 😉

Sneak Peek:


IMG_2906You can order this from here  now and get $5 off (offer lasts until website launch only). Send a DM for price. You can also email at for order/concerns/questions. 🙂

Hope you all had an amazing weekend.

Enter my giveaway if you haven’t already. Click on picture below to be redirected . You have two more weeks before I announce the winner.







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