A Mini benefit haul | Testing the Waters

A Mini benefit haul | Testing the Waters


And its time for another haul post. Benefit is another brand that I have been itching to try for the longest time so I decided to go for it. I placed a mini order and I received a few complimentary samples with it that let me have me have a sneak of some of their other products.

The two products at the top of my list was the they’re real! push-up liner and the mascara. I’ve read reviews on these two products that were half positive and half not so positive so I was really not sure if I wanted to risk spending all that money.

However I came across this offer pack on their website called ‘Real Tempting Threesome’ for $24 that I felt was a fair deal. I get to try out both the products for the price of one so I got it.
IMG_2437This pack comprises of a:

  • full size push-up liner in black
  • deluxe size mascara in black
  • deluxe size eye makeup remover

On another note, you know how we need to replace our mascaras every 3-4 months right, every time my mascaras start acting weird hinting to be replaced I always feel like there’s all this product left in it and how I can’t use it anymore. I really feel the deluxe size is really great to not waste product.

Back to the haul, I love how this let me test out these products and a full sizepush-up liner is a great deal. The full size mascara and eye liner is individually sold for $24 and the full size eye makeup remover is sold for $18. So getting a full size liner and deluxe size of the mascara and makeup remover for just $24 is pretty awesome.

Benefit had a promotion code for a complimentary push-up liner in ‘beyond brown’ that I used. Although I haven’t tried it yet I really cant wait to. The art of push-up liner is something that needs some practice so I am trying to learn that first.

Along with my order, benefit sent me two samples. One was the POREfessional and the other one was the Puff Off! These are one time use samples and to be honest I was kind of surprised at how they were just enough to be used once so for this reason I really can’t comment on either of them.

I will be reviewing all these products soon except the two samples soon.

Thanks for reading! X (Check out my last haul HERE)







18 thoughts on “A Mini benefit haul | Testing the Waters

    1. I am glad I got the full size too and with the deluxe sized one in brown I am going to be practicing hard. My first few attempts at getting the product out of the tube has been super sloppy so once I start using it make a decent wing I will be reviewing it (which hopefully is soon 😉 ). Thanks so much for reading hun! :*

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      1. You’re very welcome! It’s always a pleasure to stop by and read! 🙂 Good luck with your liner. I’m sure you will get it down! ❤ xo


  1. Awaiting your reviews.
    Grazia magazine here in Dubai has teamed with benefit n is giving 2 deluxe sized, porefressional & they are real mascara, absolutely Free!!!!
    Going out to buy it today, hope to find the magazine still in stock .

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      1. Yup did get the magazine
        But thoroughly disappointed, coz the other magazine where in i saw the ad, said it would be deluxe sized products, but they turned out to be mini samples 😭. Soo much for my excitement 🙈

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    1. I really haven’t made up my mind on the push up liner. I am still trying to get the product out properly LOL.
      Thanks for reading and the comment.
      I am hosting my first ever giveaway too!! I shall check yours out.
      Have a good weekend. X

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    1. This is my first time with Benefit products and so far Ive been enjoying them. I agree the packaging is pretty cute. I just reviewed the mascara, check it out if your interested. Thanks so much for reading! Xx


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