July Favorites 

July Favorites 

According to schedule I should be posting up the July edition of the ‘Beyond Beauty’ series but I forgot to do that so I would be posting that up on Friday (hopefully!).

Instead I am here with a tiny list of my favorites of the month.I’ve been super excited about putting up this months favs because it features products that I knew right away would go into this list. These are products I have been  liking for various reasons and all of them get me on hyper mode.

1. This highlight sample from Sigma Beauty.IMG_2456

The beauty world is being taken over by strobing (although everyone’s been strobing for a while now just with a different name). This was a forgotten sample from Sigma Beauty that I discovered and thought of using. I am not claiming this is the best out there (they don’t even sell it) but I have been enjoying exploring my strobing skills with it. I swatched some product before I photographed it so apologies for that.

2. #GIRLBOSS by Sophia AmorusoIMG_2439

This has been a book I have been wanting to read since early last year. I didn’t make an effort to buy the book until graduation just because of my hectic schedule. Once I had more time in my hands, this book was just sooo hard to find. I got it shipped all the way from the UK via eBay and I am glad I did. It’s an awesome read especially if you like reading carefree yet strong, inspirational stories. I really enjoyed reading this one.

3. Benefit they’re Real MascaraIMG_2592

Finally the infamous benefit mascara! I read countless reviews on this one, some loved it and some didn’t. While I am still trying figure to out my verdict I have to say this one sure impressed me from the first use. It defines your lashes like no other mascara I have tried ever has.

What is in your July favorites? Let me know in the comments below. If you’ve done this month’s favorites post, leave a link I will check it out.

Thanks for reading! X






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