Is Velvet Teddy Worth The Hype? |Review

Is Velvet Teddy Worth The Hype? |Review

IMG_0867Today’s post is all about the most(if you may allow) famous MAC lipstick in recent times: Velvet Teddy. I don’t know if it’s Kylie Jenner that MAC needs to thank or the other way round, but there’s no denying that this is one excellent produce by MAC.

But perhaps like most others, before I bought myself this lippy in one of my recent shopping sprees, I asked myself ‘Do I really want ‘Velvet Teddy’ or whether I’m just curious of the hype?”. And of course the answer is an obvious yes for both.

Impulse shopping habit took over and I came home a proud owner to a gorgeous tube of MAC’s Velvet Teddy. Two days and a couple of swatches later I came to the conclusion that the hype is real and this lipstick is definitely worth it. Keep reading as I tell you why.IMG_1555

It is the most gorgeous nude shade I’ve ever come across and I absolutely love it.

Honestly, I was a bit apprehensive that the color might wash me out and make my face appear greyish (we all know that can happen) but the coral – pink undertones sort of let’s the color sink in and brings out a beautiful look.


IMG_2591This lipstick has matte finish. This is my third MAC matte lipstick and I really love the finish. As much as we love our matte lips we know how much dry lips can be a problem here. I would always suggest using lip balm before application for a smooth and perfect look.

This is the perfect nude because it compliments all skin tones and is also very versatile where you can pair it up with a natural day look or glam night look. It is a no brainer, safe, neutral and a total must have. My other two matte shades are from the Ruby Woo collection therefore are very bright and daring but velvet teddy was worth splurging on because its soo versatile. I’ve been wearing it continuously since I bought it. It does justice to a no- makeup makeup look or a heavy eye look just the same way.

Have you got your hands on this lipstick? What do you think of it? What is your all time favorite neutral lipstick?

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23 thoughts on “Is Velvet Teddy Worth The Hype? |Review

  1. I love the way the swatch looks, it looks more pink but to me in the tube it seems to have more of a brown tone to it. How does it look on the lips? Is it more pink or does it have that brownish tone to it?

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